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Influencer Program

Influencer Program

Earn Big With Your Social Media Presence

Earn Big With Your Social Media Presence

Get Paid for Your Social Media Influence

Think your followers will love to use HIX.AI? Join our influencer program, and make fast money by promoting HIX.AI to your audience on social media.

Get our marketing banners & videos to promote HIX.AI:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NtlecMtXb0O7aFkYRnLd1qV1ro-WFLNJ

Earn With HIX.AI's Diverse Product Range

HIX.AI comes with multiple products and features. You can get paid by promoting any of them.

Get $1 for Every 1000 Views

Get $1 for Every 1000 Views

The more people see your post, the more money you can earn. Cash out at as low as $20 (20k views).

Post and Make Money

Post and Make Money

Just post about HIX.AI, tag us and include #hixai. Then let us know how many views it gets. Once it's verified, you'll get paid. No signup required.

Earn on All Hottest Platforms

Earn on All Hottest Platforms

You can make money by posting on all popular social media likeTikTok,YouTube Shorts,Twitter,Facebookand many others.

Get Paid in Your Preferred Way

Get Paid in Your Preferred Way

Want to accept payment the way you like? No problem! We support payout methods such as PayPal, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, Bitcoin and Amazon Gift Cards.

Bank Transfer
Promote with Various Assets

Promote with Various Assets

Promoting HIX.AI is made easy with our well-designed marketing assets. We offer product banners, demo videos, and more to help you show how helpful HIX.AI is and succeed in your promotional efforts.

Get Assets

How It Works

  • 1

    Create content for your audience, tag us and include the hashtag #hixai.

  • 2

    Post the content and share it with your followers.

  • 3

    DM us on TikTok/YouTube/… or email us at [email protected] with your post link.

  • 4

    We verify the post views and if it's okay, you receive the payout.


  • Try out HIX.AI for yourself and know our features

  • Tell your followers what we're truly capable of doing

  • Use the hashtag #hixai and tag us

  • Share your post with real humans and get genuine views


  • Get fake views with bots, paid views, view exchanges, click farms, etc.

  • Make false or exaggerated claims about HIX.AI

  • Post inappropriate or offensive content

  • Publish posts/videos with "product/tool list" content (e.g. "10 best AI tools", "top 10 AI writers", etc.)

Want to Join Our Affiliate Program?

We also offer a tiered affiliate program perfect for website owners, bloggers, influencers, etc to monetize their content. You earn 30% on sales made through your link, and 10% on your sub-affiliates' sales.

Explore our affiliate programWant to Join Our Affiliate Program?

Have Questions? We've Got You Covered!

  • Who is eligible for HIX.AI's influencer program?

    As long as you have a large audience on popular social media like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, etc, you can recommend HIX.AI there and make money.

  • How can I promote HIX.AI?

    Let your followers know how HIX.AI can help them, be honest about what HIX.AI can do, and abide by the do's and don'ts mentioned above.We also offer marketing assets to help with your promotion. Check them out here!

  • Why will my followers love HIX.AI?

    HIX.AI is an all-in-one AI writing copilot powered by the cutting-edge GPT-3.5/4. It allows you and your followers to enjoy the powers and convenience of AI, and revolutionize how you write, communicate, and get work done.

  • How can I let you know about my post about HIX.AI on social media?

    Simply direct message us on the platform you posted on, or contact us at [email protected] and with your post link.

  • How do you count the post views?

    We count all the views your post receives within the 14 days of its publishing. They should be all authentic, and not generated by bots, paid views, view exchanges, click farms, etc.

  • How long will I receive the payout?

    Once we verify your post content and views are valid, and the view number reaches the payout threshold, we'll start processing the payout promptly. The payment will be sent to your account within 30 days after the 14 days of the post publish date.

  • How will I get paid?

    You'll be paid 1 US dollar for every 1000 views the post gets. And the minimum payout threshold is $20. We can send the payment via PayPal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin and Amazon Gift Cards and more.

Monetize Your Social Media Presence Now
Monetize Your Social Media Presence Now

Monetize Your Social Media Presence Now

Earning with our influencer program is easy. Just create posts about HIX.AI and tag us, and you'll have a chance to get paid.