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Create ANY Content in Seconds, Not Days

AI Writer

Create ANY Content in Seconds, Not Days

The most powerful AI writing generator that writes everything for you in a click.

  • End writer's block

    Get a well-crafted, up-to-date, plagiarism-free blog post, ad copy, email & messages in mere seconds.

  • Over 120 AI tools

    Refine your drafts to perfection with 120+ AI writing tools, from rewriting to summarizing and grammar checking.

  • Support 50+ languages

    Craft or translate your ideas seamlessly in over 50+ languages. Spread your message globally.

  • Write 10x faster

    Boost your productivity with limitless AI-generated inspiration, completing work in a fraction of the time.

Create ANY Content in Seconds, Not Days
Speed Up Your Content Workflow

HIX Editor

Speed Up Your Content Workflow

Simply type // to access AI assistance within our AI text editor.

  • One place for writing & editing needs

    Seamlessly write, rewrite, edit, and export your content in one place, with 120+ AI writing tools always ready to help.

  • A better Notion AI alternative

    HIX.AI outperforms Notion AI with more AI writing capabilities, seamless integration across platforms, and an advanced chatbot.

  • Easy & quick

    Just type // to call out our AI assistance on demand. Save hours of inefficient busywork.

  • Stay productive on the go

    Save your draft as a document and access it wherever you go. Pick up right where you left off across your laptop, phone, and tablet.

Speed Up Your Content Workflow
Craft Fact-Based Blog Posts Instantly
HIX ArticleGPT

HIX ArticleGPT

Craft Fact-Based Blog Posts Instantly

Create fact-checked, up-to-date, and SEO-enhanced blog posts in record time.

  • Get factually accurate content

    Write trustworthy, fact-based content with credible references. Get factually accurate articles you and your readers can rely on.

  • Include latest data and insights

    Fuel your content with the latest information. We draw real-time insights from Google News for news articles, rely on up-to-date customer reviews for product reviews, and more.

  • Master every niche

    Generate unmatched content on a variety of subjects in bulk.

  • Rank higher and drive more traffic

    Drive increased traffic and engagement with search-ready, SEO-friendly AI blog content.

The Most Intelligent AI Chatbot

HIX Chat

The Most Intelligent AI Chatbot

It works just like ChatGPT, but BETTER!

  • Stay up-to-date effortlessly

    Unlike ChatGPT, stuck in 2021, HIX Chat taps into the freshest data sources to generate credible content, answer questions, and more.

  • Summarize Youtube videos

    Don't read the lengthy YouTube video yourself. Let our tool extract key points from the videos and provide an instant summary.

  • Chat with PDF

    HIX Chat can process PDF documents and respond to any requirements you may have about the material.

  • Chat with webpage

    Enter a webpage URL and prompt our chatbot to summarize, rewrite, translate, or take some action on the page's contents.

ai chatbot
ai chatbot
ai chatbot
Craft Long-form Blog Posts Instantly
HIX Email Writer

HIX Email Writer

Type // to Write Emails & Replies in Seconds

Compose emails and respond to emails at the click of a button.

  • Draft email content effortlessly

    Just type // and watch as our AI crafts personalized emails & responses tailored to your needs.

  • Level up your email marketing

    Write more engaging emails for any campaign. Improve your open and click-through rates and generate more leads.

  • Simplify email summarization

    Summarize long emails in a snap, so you can quickly get the gist of the conversation.

  • Wide availability

    Available through our web app and Chrome extension. Enjoy maximum flexibility & convenience.

HIX.AI All-in-One ChatGPT Chrome Extension

HIX.AI All-in-One ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Bring HIX.AI to Wherever You Write & Work

Tap into our AI toolkit for new ideas, phrases, suggestions, and more as you write in Google Docs with the HIX.AI ChatGPT extension for Google Docs.


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Save up to 33%

  • Free
    / month
    • 3,000 words (GPT-3.5)
      • 120+ AI Writing Tools
      • HIX Chat (ChatGPT-like chatbot)
      • HIX Editor (Notion AI-like editor)
      • AI Email Writer
      • Grammar Checker
      • Browser Extension
      • 30+ Languages
    • Save 33%
      $29.99 / month
      • 300,000 words (GPT-3.5)
      • 10,000 words (GPT-4)
      Everything in Free, plus
      • Chat with Documents
      • Chat with Webpages
      • 1-Click Google Docs Export
      • 1-Click WordPress Export
      • Test out Newest Features
      • Standard support
    • Save 33%
      $59.99 / month
      • 600,000 words (GPT-3.5)
      • 20,000 words (GPT-4)
      Everything in Basic, plus
      • ArticleGPT (Beta)
      • Article Rewriter
      • 10,000 Plagiarism Check words
      • Priority support
    • Save 23%
      $129.99 / month
      • UNLIMITED words (GPT-3.5)
      • 50,000 words (GPT-4)
      Everything in Pro, plus
      • 20,000 Plagiarism Check words

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