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Meet the Brilliant Minds Behind HIX.AI's Content

About our authors

The HIX.AI author and editorial team includes tech experts, master wordsmiths, marketing specialists, and more. Their extensive knowledge and expertise allows them to excel in crafting diverse types of content, from informative articles on artificial intelligence to email templates, Instagram captions and more.

By following our work, you will not only stay informed about the latest developments in the tech world, but also gain access to a wealth of resources that help you grow personally and professionally.

HIX.AI editors

  • Scott BrownScott Brown

    Professional Tech Writer

    C. Scott Brown is a professional writer and a full-time editor at Android Authority, the largest site on the internet dedicated to the Android operating system. He has been writing professionally for ten years and working in the tech industry for five. His strength is in breaking down complex topics so that the layman can not only understand them but enjoy reading about them. His articles have been shared millions of times on social media, and he regularly appears as a tech commentator on podcasts. He lives in the Bay Area.

    • androidauthority logo
  • Lawrie JonesLawrie Jones

    Professional Tech Writer

    Lawrie is a UK-based content writer that specializes in creating engaging, informative, and inspiring work for some of the world’s biggest brands and exciting start-ups. He’s built a reputation for creating practical guides about all aspects of digital technology and marketing, including email, PPC and SEO.

    • monster logo
    • catapult logo
  • Jessica SheeJessica Shee

    Professional Tech Writer

    Jessica Shee is a professional and skilled content creator with over 5 years of experience in technical writing. She specializes in creating clear and concise documentation, user guides, and tutorials that effectively assist users in navigating and comprehending complex technical concepts.

    • iboysoft logo
  • Soniya JainSoniya Jain

    Professional Tech Writer

    With over 6 years of experience, Soniya is a passionate B2B SaaS Writer and Strategist specializing in creating PLG-led How-to content. When she is not writing, you can find her exploring new AI tools and sharing about them.

    • copy logo
    • videowise logo
  • Aditya RaghunathAditya Raghunath

    Professional Tech Writer

    Aditya Raghunath is a technology and personal finance writer from Mumbai, India. He has a passion for unraveling the intricacies of artificial intelligence and technology.

    • fool logo
    • barchart logo
  • Nicole WillingNicole Willing

    Professional Tech Writer

    Nicole Willing has over two decades of professional writing and editing experience, focusing on technology and finance. She is skilled at producing content that is engaging, and informative and breaks down complex concepts, presenting them to readers in an accessible way.

    • techopedia logo
    • finder logo

HIX.AI contributors

  • Kevin KinaroKevin Kinaro

    Personal Tech Writer

    Kevin is a freelance writer specializing in AI and technology. He enjoys crafting engaging posts that unravel intricate concepts, enabling readers to delve into the fascinating possibilities of our ever-evolving world. When he's not writing, you can find him experimenting with AI software and exploring the latest advancements that shape the future of technology.

  • Gaurav ChaudharyGaurav Chaudhary

    Personal Tech Writer

    Gaurav is a versatile content writer who creates engaging content that effectively communicates messages and values. His work encourages learning and sparks curiosity by breaking complicated ideas into digestible pieces. As a tech writer with a passion for storytelling and a commitment to excellence, he strives to deliver captivating content that engages, informs, and inspires. With his creative abilities, linguistic expertise, and dedication to continuous improvement, he aims to contribute to the world of writing and communication, enriching the experiences of businesses, authors, and readers alike.

  • Khalil UllahKhalil Ullah

    Freelance Tech Writer

    Khalil has been writing SEO-optimized content for over 4 years with a special emphasis on technology trends, tech recommendations, and AI. He became interested in AI ever since he tried his first AI writer in 2018. Since then, he has tested and reviewed all sorts of AI tools, including those that use Artificial intelligence for writing, doing voiceovers, graphic design, video editing, coding, and more!

  • Ayesha KhalidAyesha Khalid

    Personal Tech Writer

    Ayesha is a Computer Sciences graduate, content writer, and SEO manager. She started her career in 2016 and up till now she has written tons of pieces related to AI and SEO. She also runs her own blog where she shares her knowledge regarding blogging, SEO, and WordPress.

  • Leah BuenavidaLeah Buenavida

    Freelance Tech Writer

    Leah Buenavida is a writer specializing in technology and Artificial Intelligence topics. She enjoys turning technology jargon into SEO content for SaaS. Leah got a specialization in Branding and Marketing from Cornell University.

  • Jean SantiagoJean Santiago

    Tech Writer

    With years of experience in the tech industry, Jean is a professional writer dedicated to generating high-quality informative content about all sorts of technologies since 2014. She is currently a full-time freelancer who does professional writing and editing work for various companies, particularly in the tech and IT sectors. When she's not working on content, she enjoys playing with her dogs and binge-reading crime thrillers.

  • Chibuzor UjunwaChibuzor Ujunwa

    Tech Writer

    Chibuzor holds a Bachelor's degree. After 15 years spent in the Tech industry, he committed to using his extensive experience in the IT fields to produce quality informative content with his specialized knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Florie Mae MalapitFlorie Mae Malapit

    Tech Writer

    Florie Mae is a professional Tech content writer from the Philippines. With a genuine passion for writing and years of experience in the Tech industry, she has honed her skills across various high-tech topics and niches. Her writing journey began as a hobby and now turns her knack for words into her profession.

  • Sherine ChebetSherine Chebet

    Tech Writer

    Sherine is a professional writer who specializes in creating informative, engaging, and insightful content centered around Artificial Intelligence. With a keen interest in AI concepts and technologies, she strives to produce high-quality content that educates, informs, and captivates readers. Sherine is known for her self-motivation, ability to multitask, and adeptness at working effectively under pressure.

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Editorial policy

Editorial Guidelines

Clarity, transparency, and accuracy are the three crucial cornerstones of our editorial process. By following these principles, we publish reliable, quality-written content that our users can trust and use for their needs.

The tech experts from our editorial team employ their deep understanding of modern AI applications to thoroughly research for each piece. The information we present is fact-checked in a rigorous process and updated according to the latest developments in the field.

Originality is another key principle that guides our efforts. The content we produce is guaranteed to be plagiarism-free.

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