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Jessica Shee

Jessica Shee

Professional Tech Writer

Jessica Shee is a professional and skilled content creator with over 5 years of experience in technical writing. She specializes in creating clear and concise documentation, user guides, and tutorials that effectively assist users in navigating and comprehending complex technical concepts.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Security
  • Apple Products
  • Computer Software
  • Operating Systems

Why You Can Trust Jessica to Provide Top-notch Content


Jessica Shee has been writing about technology and lifestyle both as a freelancer and a staff blogger for over 5 years. She continues to create reader-focused and SEO-driven content. Jessica's broad knowledge extends to various domains including macOS, Windows, iOS, data security, disk storage, artificial intelligence, and lifestyle. She has contributed hundreds of high-quality, in-depth, and informative articles to mainstream tech publications such as MakeUseOf, TheWindowsClub, OXSDaily, LifeWire, and iBoysoft.

Education Background

Master of Business Administration and Management

Saint Vincent College, The United States


As Featured on

Articles Written by Jessica Shee (29)
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