Create fact-based, SEO-friendly, and up-to-date blog articles that rank high on Google.

Check ArticleGPT
Check ArticleGPT
Article Types
News Articles

Engage more readers with up-to-date & fact-based news articles.

Amazon Product Roundups

Earn more commissions with credible Amazon product roundups.

Single Amazon Product Reviews

Drive more sales with fact-based single Amazon product reviews.

General Product Roundups

Attract more traffic with well-researched general product roundups.

Single Product Reviews

Craft a single product review that's reliable and SEO-friendly.

How-to Guides

Provide valuable solutions to your readers with practical how-to guides.

Product Comparison Articles

Help your readers make informed purchases with honest product comparisons.

Article Tools
Video to ArticleComing soon

Convert YouTube videos into unique, SEO-friendly articles.

Podcast to ArticleComing soon

Easily transform spoken content from podcasts into written articles



Explore the most powerful, all-in-one ChatGPT copilot for the web.

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Google Doc

Type // to enjoy our AI assistance as you write on Google Docs.


Type // craft compelling emails and personalized replies.


Explore a more powerful Bing sidebar alternative for Chrome.

Search Engine

Find HIX.AI's comprehensive responses among typical search results.

Quick Lookup Bar

Select any text online to translate, rewrite, summarize, etc.

Social Media

Type // to compose concise yet powerful Twitter posts that trend.


Type // to create engaging captions for your Instagram posts.


Type // to draft interactive Facebook posts that engage your community.


Type // to provide valuable, upvoted answers on Quora.


Type // to craft Reddit posts that resonate with specific communities.


Summarize long YouTube videos with one click.

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About HIX.AI

// HIX.AI, the most powerful all-in-one AI tool on the market, aims to redefine how you write, communicate, and get work done. Driven by GPT-3.5/4, we even push the boundaries further. //

Check Out What We Can Do

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    AI Writer

    With our AI text generator, you can write plagiarism-free, up-to-date, and SEO-oriented web content, blog posts, or marketing copies at an incredible speed and hassle-free.

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    HIX Chat

    Bring your ideas to life with HIX Chat, an AI chatbot designed to provide instant writing suggestions and respond to queries in a flash.

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    HIX Editor

    A better alternative to Notion AI, HIX Editor is an AI-powered editor with 120+ integrated writing tools to improve your content.

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    HIX.AI Chrome Extension

    Seamlessly access myriad AI writing features on your favorite platforms with our all-in-one Chrome extension.

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    Effortlessly craft keyword-optimized blog posts, data-backed product reviews, and news articles that are based on the most up-to-date information.

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    HIX Email Generator

    Create emails and replies & refine email copy with just a click, saving time and enhancing your email marketing.

Who Is HIX.AI Built for?

Who Is HIX.AI Built for?

Marketing professionals

Create irresistible headlines, compelling calls-to-action and high-converting marketing copies. Boost click-through rates and sales leads.

Business owners

Streamline content creation with SEO-friendly and top-performing articles fast. Reclaim valuable time to focus on more important business priorities.

E-commerce entrepreneurs

Craft attractive content that turns browsers into buyers and repeat customers through enhanced product descriptions, customer reviews, and content marketing.


Quickly engage readers and viewers with captivating, shareable blog posts or video scripts tailored to your audience.


Efficiently refine, review, and edit articles into professionally polished content that moves readers.


Produce plagiarism-free essays, papers, and presentations with precision and coherence. Focus on your education while excelling at assignments.


Revolutionize content curation for your publications. Create or edit articles efficiently to engage your audience.


Develop compelling content for clients across industries. Diversify your portfolio and win new contracts.

Even More Reasons To Choose Us

Even More Reasons To Choose Us
  • Level Your Content Game

    Over 120 writing tools to improve your content including rewriting, summarizing, expanding and more.

  • Scale Your Content

    Effortlessly generate high-quality content in bulk and speed up your content creation process.

  • Reach More Audiences

    Write and translate text in 100+ common languages to access new markets and share ideas internationally.

  • Automate SEO Tasks

    Produce keyword-optimized blog posts that rank in search engines, increase traffic, generate leads, and boost sales.

Our Team

HIX.AI is a Singapore-based company with operations in both Singapore and Shenzhen. We're transparent with our users and don't sell or use your data.

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Get in Touch With Us
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