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GPT-4: Cutting-Edge Language Model From OpenAI

GPT-4 is the latest language model developed by OpenAI and launched on 14 March 2023. You can generate text, write creative and engaging content, and get answers to all your queries faster than ever.

Whether you want to create a website, do some accounting for your firm, discuss business ventures, or get a unique recipe made by interpreting images of your refrigerator contents, it's all available. GPT-4 has more human-like capabilities than ever before.

How Does A GPT-4 Powered Chatbot Differ From ChatGPT?

When comparing GPT-4 and GPT-3/3.5, you may think they have similar functionality. But GPT-4 has been trained on a massive amount of the latest data, so it has extended capacities to answer more questions in more detail.

What's more, a chatbot powered by GPT-4 can answer your questions more accurately than GPT-3.5, less likely to fabricate information in their responses. Another extra bonus is that you can now give an input of up to 25,000 words in GPT-4, six times more than what you could in ChatGPT.

Here's What GPT-4 Can Do

GPT-4's extensive data makes it a more robust, bias-free, and intelligent chatbot. The tech is more collaborative and reliable than its predecessor due to it drawing from a wider dataset. Its capabilities, at a glance:

Answer Your Queries Accurately: GPT-4 comes with optimized accuracy, as if you're getting insight from an expert on the topic you're discussing. It can also understand multiple languages and comprehend different prompts and respond to your queries instantly.

Perform Human-Level Results On Complex Subjects: You can now generate human-level answers to complex questions from fields like law, science, and mathematics. The answers are generally factual, like they were created by human experts in those fields.

Image Input Compatible: One of the most exciting features of GPT-4 is that it processes your images as prompts. It can understand your image as information to return an answer. For instance, input an image of different craft items and ask about the craftwork you can make with them — it'll present different options and instructions as if it were an art teacher.

Use Cases of GPT-4


You can use GPT-4 for research, writing projects, or even for learning complex topics in easy language and with examples. It's almost like having a tutor 24x7 with you who knows the topic like the back of their hand.


Coding is a complex job. Sometimes, it can become hard to find a bug or test a complex piece of code. Thanks to GPT-4, it can read between the lines when it comes to coding languages and see what human eyes easily couldn't.

You can use it for generating code, testing, designing, or finding that undetectable bug in your codes to create better digital products.


Whether you're drawing blanks for your next blog post topic or need help proofreading a colossal wall of words, GPT-4 can help. It'll assist writers in developing concepts, creating outlines, and revising content. It makes writer's block a thing of the past.


From content creation to A/B testing ideas, marketers, too, have many use cases with GPT-4. The tool can help you do market research, optimize your campaigns, write ad copies, create customer avatar profiles, and much more.

Use GPT-4 Today. Here's How:

There are several ways you can get a taste of the power of GPT-4:

Plug Into GPT-4 API

One way to try it is to integrate GPT-4 into your program using the GPT-4 API. With this method you can enjoy the convenience on your own platform. Creating text, getting answers, and translating various languages becomes hassle-free GPT-4.

OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus

You can enjoy GPT-4 through the ChatGPT Plus paid subscription offered by OpenAI.Simply log into ChatGPT and upgrade your account. Then you'll have access to the advanced GPT version with a smoother connection.


GPT-4 is available on HIX.AI, a safe and secure tech platform that provides easy access to the GPT-4 features. If for some reason you can use the official way to access GPT-4, or you want to try it for free, this is your savior.

Why HIX.AI is a Better Choice For GPT-4

No Login Is Needed

You don't need to log in or set up an account to use the GPT-4. But remember, there's a cap on usage without needing a login.

Free To Try

GPT-4 on HIX.AI is free to try. You don't need to spend a dime to try out this amazing tech. So go ahead, explore the capabilities of this tech, and see whether the chatbot is suitable for you.

Reliable Connection

GPT-4 on HIX.AI has a steady and consistent connection to ensure easy and continuous results. A big thanks to the chatbot's hosting on a reliable server for making it possible.

Curious To Know More About ChatGPT and GPT-4? Read These Resources

Since its launch, ChatGPT has been on fire. You can read these resources to know more about its capabilities.


  • Can GPT-4 handle queries in several languages?

    Yes, GPT-4 can handle queries in different languages. Some major languages it supports are English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian.

  • Can GPT-4 produce images?

    No, as of now, GPT-4 doesn't output images. There's a rumored version of GPT-4 that can give images in output, but it's publicly unavailable at the moment. It does allow you to input images, however.

  • Is there a usage cap on the GPT-4 on HIX.AI?

    GPT-4 on HIX.AI comes with a free plan with limited word options. However, if you want to increase your limit, you have to go with their premium plan, which is affordable too.

  • Are there any restrictions on GPT-4?

    This language model has some restrictions. First, GPT-4 is not free to use. And even though it is a strong language model, there may be some instances where it fails to give 100% accurate or comprehensive answers in a lot of fields.