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10 Best ChatGPT Apps

Soniya Jain
Written by
Soniya JainProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Nov 21, 2023

What would it be like having a personal assistant available at the touch of a button - always ready to offer tailored advice, provide creative inspiration, or handle professional tasks?

Welcome to the world of ChatGPT apps, where this fantasy becomes a reality.

Join us as we explore the 10 best ChatGPT apps that bring this powerful AI-driven tool to your fingertips, transforming everyday interactions on Android and iOS devices.

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What Are ChatGPT Apps?

ChatGPT Apps are digital tools powered by advanced AI models like ChatGPT. They operate on the premise of understanding, responding, and conversing like humans. They process your input, understand the context, and generate responses, making interaction smoother.

Whether it's answering questions, looking for quick solutions, or creating content, these apps can make your digital life much more efficient and fun.

Now, let's delve into the top 10 ChatGPT apps for Android and iOS that are revolutionizing how we interact with technology.

  1. HIX Chat
  2. ChatGPT
  3. Genie
  4. ChatSonic
  5. ChatOn
  6. Nova
  7. Frank
  8. Alissu
  9. Rapid ChatGPT
  10. AI Chatbot

10 Best ChatGPT Apps for Android and iOS

1. HIX Chat from HIX.AI


The HIX Chat from HIX.AI is an AI-driven web-based real-time chatting application available for both iPhone and Android users, aimed to push AI assistance's boundaries. This advanced tool, powered by the GPT-3.5 and optional GPT-4 models, harnesses the best of AI to make your digital life more streamlined.

HIX Chat brings you up-to-the-minute, unbiased information, providing accurate real-time responses to your queries thanks to the web access feature. Elevating from the original ChatGPT, HIX Chat's responses are nuanced, detailed, and contextual with latest information and data, making it a powerful conversational companion.

Beyond its conversational capabilities, HIX Chat also allows you to chat with uploaded files. Supporting both the DOC and PDF formats, it scans the content presented via the uploaded file and builds a conversation based on it. This feature is perfect for users from all industries to quickly go through long articles, essays, meeting records, presentation copies, etc.

HIX Chat’s abilities don’t end there, as it can also interpret the audio in YouTube videos to create summaries of their content. Simply paste a YouTube link into the tool and it does the rest - generating a near-instant summary from the link. Therefor, users can skip watching length videos and get instant summary, key points, and central information in a timely manner.

Finally, there’s the Chat With Webpage feature. HIX Chat can handle almost any webpage you care to use by fetching and analyzing the text content within the webpage. Simply enter a URL and you can use HIX Chat to tell you the basics of what the webpage contains or you can ask questions about specific aspects of the page, for which the chat assistant provides real-time answers based on its analysis.

The best part is, whether you're on a PC or using your smartphone, HIX Chat's multi-platform compatibility ensures you have access to its exceptional services anytime and anywhere with ease.


HIX.AI offers a free plan with a usage limit of 3,000 words per month. For more extensive use, opt for the premium subscription, starting at just $19.99 per month when billed annually.

2. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is the game-changing AI chatbot that's transforming the way we interact with AI language models. Available on both iOS and Android, it offers a seamless mobile app experience, making AI assistance more accessible and user-friendly. Its clean and intuitive user interface ensures effortless navigation for users of all ages. Plus, the app's cross-device history syncing keeps your interactions in sync wherever you go.

Best of all, ChatGPT is absolutely free, providing instant access to OpenAI's latest model improvements. Whether you need instant answers, creative inspiration, or tailored advice, ChatGPT is here to redefine your digital experience.


ChatGPT provides free access to the GPT 3.5 model, while the advanced GPT 4 model is available for a monthly subscription fee of $20.

3. Genie


Available on both iOS and Android, Genie, a smart AI-powered chatbot assistant has already amassed over 1 million downloads, and it's easy to see why. You get 10 credits to chat with the Genie daily, making it an engaging companion. The AI's responses are impressively on-point and provided at lightning speed, making it a reliable assistant on the go.

Note that the free version of Genie does not offer support for GPT-4. Additionally, the interface design leaves something to be desired: when you ask a question, it covers up part of the text input area, making follow-up queries challenging.

However, Genie is regularly updated and improved, showing its developers' commitment to providing the best experience possible. So, if you're intrigued by AI and love a good chat, give Genie a whirl!


Genie offers a free version with GPT 3.5 access and 10 daily credits. The pro version, providing GPT 4 access, costs $8/week with a 3-day trial, or $46/year.

4. ChatSonic


Chatsonic, now available on Android, has already surpassed 100,000 downloads, demonstrating its growing popularity among users. It provides current, factual information on various topics sourced directly from Google's knowledge graph.

Chatsonic can create digital art and paintings based on conversational cues in a unique twist. Additionally, it responds to voice prompts, delivering verbal answers like many popular virtual assistants, providing a more interactive user experience.

One of the standout features of Chatsonic is its ability to fetch data not only from its internal memory but also from external search engines like Google. This, combined with the option to choose from various AI personalities, greatly enhances its versatility.


ChatSonic provides a free plan with 10,000 words per month. The pro plan ranges from $11.49 for 40,000 words/month to $116 for 500,000 words/month.

5. ChatOn


ChatOn is an intelligent platform featuring a user-friendly interface available on iOS and Android. Already boasting over 1 million downloads, this chatbot application is a game changer.

Powered by OpenAI’s advanced AI language model GPT-3.5 and optional GPT-4, it provides an intuitive interface that allows users to engage in an AI chat effortlessly. Whether you require assistance with homework, need insights for a presentation, or seek answers to queries, ChatOn is primed to offer instant support.


ChatOn provides a free version with an unspecified message limit. For unlimited messaging, get the pro version at $8/week with a 3-day trial, or $36/year.

6. Nova


The Nova AI Chatbot Assistant, available on both iOS and Android platforms, has amassed an impressive 10M+ downloads, and for good reasons. This versatile application offers multi-language support across 140+ languages and cross-compatible device support, extending its functionality to Android phones, Wear OS, tablets, and even web interfaces.

Although there's a minor hiccup with shifting from a weekly to a yearly subscription after the trial, the level of detail Nova provides is impressive. You'll appreciate how it responds swiftly, cutting to the chase and serving clear, concise answers.

Whether you need assistance in your native language or want an efficient, versatile AI assistant, Nova is definitely worth considering.


Nova offers a free version with 3 daily credits. The pro version, for unlimited access, is priced at $5/week with a 3-day free trial, or $46/year.

7. Frank


Meet Frank, an AI chat assistant that prioritizes your convenience. Available on both iOS and Android, this AI-powered chatbot lets you save your own prompt templates for quick access to your most frequently asked questions. Frank is designed for efficiency, from creating written content and images in mere seconds to modifying, rewriting, or recreating any response instantly.

However, the experience isn't flawless. Despite the useful information it provides, some links offered by Frank for additional information are outdated. Moreover, image requests often miss the mark.

Despite these shortcomings and occasional inaccuracies, Frank has been appreciated as a great research tool by its user base, accumulating over 10,000 downloads. Its quick and customizable responses make it a worthy companion for your day-to-day tasks.


Frank offers a free version with 10 free credits. There's also a $16.99/month plan that allows for 15 requests/day. For unlimited access, a subscription is available at $179.99/year, which comes with a 3-day free trial.

8. Alissu


Alissu connects you to the excellent AI models from OpenAI on your Android device. With this AI-powered app optimized for mobile uses, you get awesome features like voice-to-text and saving conversations for faster and more convenient AI access from your smartphone.

While Alissu does a pretty solid job with short answers and mini-essays, increasing the AI's “memory” and introducing higher token limits could enhance the user experience. Notably, Alissu is committed to respecting data privacy and does not require credit card details upfront.

All in all, Alissu is an exciting tool to have in your tech toolbox!


Alissu is available free of charge with minimal ads for user convenience. To remove ads altogether, you can use your own GPT 3.5 or GPT 4 API keys. Currently, there are no subscription plans offered, making Alissu accessible to all.

9. Rapid ChatGPT


Rapid ChatGPT, now available for Android users, already boasts over 100K downloads. It offers multi-language support, catering to a diverse user base across linguistic backgrounds.

One feature that stands out is the unique coin system, where you use one coin per question and gain five coins every hour. This encourages sustained engagement, turning your interactions with the AI into a rewarding experience.

On the flip side, while the app offers a rich user experience, there's a substantial amount of ads you might need to navigate through. Nonetheless, Rapid ChatGPT is intuitively designed, ensuring even first-time users can easily find their way around.


Rapid ChatGPT provides a free version that replenishes 5 coins every hour. Paid plans include a $3/month option for 100 coins and a $7/month plan for 500 coins along with access to long-form detailed answers.

10. AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot, an advanced tool on iOS, delivers a superior conversational experience tailored to your needs.

This ChatGPT app employs cutting-edge AI models to enhance your interactions, facilitate voice communication, and assist in drafting eloquent emails.

With AI Chatbot, engaging in AI-powered searches, text completion, and other AI functionalities becomes effortless. This intelligent assistant is committed to providing instant, impressive answers to all your inquiries.

Whether you're seeking solutions to specific issues or wishing to delve into a new topic, AI Chatbot has got you covered. Its intuitive and user-friendly design ensures that you can kickstart meaningful dialogues with the chatbot immediately.


AI Chatbot offers a variety of pricing options, ranging from a $6.99 weekly plan to a $69.99 yearly plan. A lifetime access option is also available at $99.99.

Why Should You Consider ChatGPT App Alternatives?

Despite the official ChatGPT app's undeniable power and versatility, there are still some limitations that exist, and there are always some good reasons to consider alternatives. Let's take a look at some of the most common ones:

Stay Up-to-date with the Latest Data

Unlike the official ChatGPT app that is stuck in 2021, the listed ChatGPT alternatives leverage the latest databases and information sources, ensuring you always have the most relevant and recent data at your fingertips. It's about enhancing your knowledge and keeping you updated in real time.

Navigate Around Use Restrictions

Various ChatGPT constraints, from response lagging to account country blocks, can be circumvented using these alternative apps. Our list of ChatGPT alternative solutions eliminates the restrictions and amplifies your AI experience, letting you interact without limitations and ensuring seamless accessibility all the time.

A Greater Range of Features, Greater Versatility

Often, ChatGPT app alternatives can offer you more than the original App. Whether it's generating unique textual, and visual content, or catering to a broad array of device platforms, these alternatives take versatility to another level. They are built on the robust foundation of ChatGPT and then expanded, making them more powerful tools for diverse usage.

ChatGPT at Your Fingertips, Regardless of Where You Are

If you are looking for a faster, smarter, and easier-to-use ChatGPT alternative, we recommend exploring the brand-new HIX Chat from HIX.AI. This web-based online AI chatting platform stands out for its Android & iOS support, robust functionality, versatility, and user-friendly design with affordable pricing packages, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a best-value enriching AI chatbot experience.

With HIX.AI, accessing ChatGPT has become simpler than ever, right from the comfort of your mobile phone. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the move, HIX.AI can make sure to bring the power of AI to your fingertips at any time, providing you with a powerful AI assistant to cater to all your chatting needs.

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