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30 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024

Scott Brown
Written by
Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Jun 18, 2024

ChatGPT is the hottest AI language model right now. Because of its high demand, its servers may get a little jam-packed sometimes, leading to slower response times. It may also not be ideal if you need information on subjects and events post-2021 or need some industry-specific details. Knowing a few alternatives could bail you out.

Some of these alternatives can help you with coding, quick idea validations, writing content, voice searches, and audio transcriptions. Here are the top 30 alternatives on the market.

Tired of ChatGPT’s outdated responses? Get ready as we explore the 30 best ChatGPT alternatives to try out in 2023.

30 Best ChatGPT alternatives for all your needs

Here’s an outline of the top 30 best ChatGPT alternatives out there, each designed to meet specific needs you may have:

  1. HIX.AI - Best ChatGPT alternative overall
  2. Bing AI - Best ChatGPT alternative for source citation
  3. Google Bard - Best ChatGPT alternative for human-like conversations
  4. GitHub Copilot - Best ChatGPT alternative for developers
  5. Claude - Best ChatGPT alternative for audio transcription
  6. WriteSonic - Best ChatGPT alternative for writing unique content
  7. OpenAI Playground - Best ChatGPT alternative for quick idea validations
  8. INK - Best ChatGPT alternative for SEO optimization
  9. Jasper - Best ChatGPT alternative for copywriting
  10.  YouChat - Best ChatGPT alternative for voice search
  11.  Perplexity AI - Best ChatGPT alternative for browser integration
  12.  Poe by Quora - Best ChatGPT alternative for social media
  13.  DialoGPT- Best ChatGPT alternative for free
  14.  NeevaAI - Best ChatGPT alternative for ad-free searches
  15.  Otter - Best ChatGPT alternative for productivity
  16.  Bold360 - Best ChatGPT alternative for customer support teams
  17.  Amazon CodeWhisperer - Best ChatGPT alternative for debugging codes
  18.  Twain AI - Best ChatGPT alternative for writing emails
  19.  Character AI - Best ChatGPT alternative for fun
  20.  ElsaSpeak - Best ChatGPT alternative for pronunciation learning
  21.  Tome - Best ChatGPT alternative for slide presentations
  22.  Pandorabots - Best ChatGPT alternative for building chatbots
  23.  Socratic - Best ChatGPT alternative for homework-solving
  24.  Elicit - Best ChatGPT alternative for research
  25.  Replika - Best ChatGPT alternative for chats
  26.  QuillBot - Best ChatGPT alternative for paraphrasing
  27.  AutoGPT - Best ChatGPT alternative for self-autonomous response processing
  28.  Tabnine AI - Best ChatGPT alternative for code suggestions
  29.  Koala - Best ChatGPT alternative for writing initial drafts
  30.  Caktus - Best ChatGPT alternative for versatility

Let’s discuss these AI tools one after the other.

HIX.AI - Best ChatGPT alternative overall

It can’t be overstated how much of a game-changer ChatGPT is for writers. However, while ChatGPT makes molding ideas and crafting words much easier, it doesn’t quite go far enough. That’s what makes HIX.AI one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT and one of the best tools out there for writers of all kinds.

This all-in-one AI writing copilot has the writing tools you would expect, including paraphrasing, summarizing, proofreading, rewriting, and more. It also has some special tools that you won’t find with other services.

HIX Chat, the AI chatbot from HIX.AI, is an affordable and versatile ChatGPT-alternative you can try without login. It outshines ChatGPT by providing up-to-date information and high quality images. This is particularly beneficial for regular producers of time-sensitive content.


Another unique feature is a Chrome extension. This gives you access to HIX Chat and other generative AI tools across the web — including social media — eliminating the need to jump between apps.

HIX.AI also helps all manners of writers. It has tools for translation, email writing, copywriting, Instagram captions, video scripts, and much more. It also operates across over 30 languages, making it the best all-in-one writing tool out there.


  • Up-to-date information
  • Chrome extension doesn’t cost extra
  • Helpful HIX Chat tool allows for PDF inputs
  • Enables user access to HIX Chat and ChatGPT without requiring a login
  • Summarizes YouTube videos and webpages


  • Some responses are generic

Try HIX Chat for free now, no login required >>

Bing AI - Best ChatGPT alternative for source citation


Thanks to its large language model, Microsoft’s Bing AI is faster and more efficient than ChatGPT and GPT-3.5. It uses machine learning to analyze user queries. With this solution, you can plan trips and seek advice. It generates highly personalized results by learning from your search history and preferences. It’s also a good ChatGPT alternative to consider if you need to confirm sources for certain responses. Unlike ChatGPT, Bing AI generates sources for its responses, which are provided in footnotes.

One major advantage Bing AI has over many other AI tools is its lack of a subscription fee. There are no pricing plans with Bing AI, and Microsoft has announced it is not interested in charging users anytime soon.


  • Zero subscription fees
  • Provides sources for responses
  • Generates responses based on real-time information
  • Can communicate in multiple languages


  • Users can only have 150 chats a day and 15 per session
  • Chat responses are generally short

Google Bard - Best ChatGPT alternative for human-like conversations


Bard is Google’s answer to ChatGPT. But how well does it fare compared to the powerful ChatGPT everyone seems to be talking about? According to Google, Bard is a complementary experience to its search engine. But we found it to be equally conversational, if not better than ChatGPT.

Bard does well when it comes to answering questions on very complex topics. It can also make coding suggestions. Although it is only text-based now, Google has promised we will see future responses with images and videos. You may also be able to feed the chatbot with images and have it analyze them.


  • Accesses real-time information
  • Highly conversational in nature
  • Regular updates to the chatbot’s algorithm
  • May become directly integrated with Google products in the future
  • Users are not charged for this service


  • Does not provide links to its response sources like Bing AI does

GitHub Copilot - Best ChatGPT alternative for developers


Coding just got easier with GitHub’s Copilot. It is an AI tool built for developers to write code using OpenAI’s codex model to suggest snippets and complete lines of code as one writes. You can specify a problem, and it writes the code for you. It supports popular programming languages such as JavaScript and Python, and also supports frameworks and APIs. Copilot is trained using a rich dataset of public repositories, so it bases its responses on real work patterns. This makes it very practical to use.

However, it is only free for the first 60 days. Usage after this brings a subscription fee which checks out at about $10/month or $100/year.


  • Supports several programming languages, including the most popular ones
  • Generates code snippets to test ideas quickly
  • Free for verified students to open-source projects like GitHub
  • Introduces programmers to alternate ways of approaching a problem


  • Responses are generated from publicly available code, which may raise intellectual property concerns

Claude - Best ChatGPT alternative for audio transcription

Claude, a product of Anthropic, is another AI similar to ChatGPT and worth the hype it’s been getting. The AI tool is powered by the natural language model, LLM, which powers websites like ChatGPT. Thus, it can use machine learning algorithms to analyze millions of datasets, learn patterns, and establish relationships.

It can also be used to transcribe podcasts and even summarize the contents of audio files. Thus, it comes in really handy for freelance transcriptionists. Perhaps, its greatest selling point is that it can analyze books (more than 50k words) in under 30 seconds, faster than ChatGPT can.

Claude 2: Anthropic's Latest AI Chatbot That Can Do More Than ChatGPT


The latest version - Claude 2, can handle up to 100K Token (or approximately 100,000 words), and thus allows for processing of longer documents (including PDF) or an entire book. It fares better in coding, math, and reasoning than its predecessor, scoring over 70% in notable coding and math tests.


  • Transcribes audio files
  • Can summarize audio file transcriptions and articles
  • Great user experience


  • Not globally available yet

WriteSonic - Best ChatGPT alternative for writing unique content


WriteSonic is one tool every content writer must have in their arsenal, since it can be used to conduct research, gather data, and auto-generate content based on that data. With WriteSonic, you can create anything from short product descriptions, social media captions, and taglines, to white papers and long-form blog posts. Do you need help creating ads and landing pages? You could get that in a matter of seconds using this cool tool.

Some of its features are an AI blog writer, a text expander, an article summarizer, a landing page copy generator, etc., which can all be used to generate unique, high-quality, SEO-friendly content. With the text expander, for instance, you can add more ideas to an already written piece of content. You can also get up to five alternate content suggestions once you feed its search engine with your content topic, the keywords to include, and a few text prompts with which to work.


  • Simple user interface
  • Several writing tools
  • Versatility for writing different types of content
  • Has a free trial for up to 25,000 words
  • Produces SEO-friendly content


  • Wait times might be relatively long

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OpenAI Playground - Best ChatGPT alternative for quick idea validations


OpenAI Playground is a sandbox for people who want to tinker with multiple AI models. Sound like your thing? Using this platform, you can try out different text prompts to simulate the model’s responses to different situations and scenarios.

Although it’s a great ChatGPT alternative, it is not very versatile, as it may not offer all the functions needed to integrate AI models into real-world applications. However, it is a helpful resource if you need to validate ideas quickly by testing some prompts and evaluating the responses derived.


  • Can assist in generating content and code snippets
  • Good resource for understanding an AI model’s capabilities and impact
  • It is free to use


  • May not be suitable for solving problems that require custom data

INK - Best ChatGPT alternative for SEO optimization


INK is another AI writing tool you must try if you need a lot of SEO content in a short period of time. With INK, you won’t need to shuffle between different SEO tools as it combines AI images, keyword research, keyword clustering, and more into a single subscription.

Brimming with ideas for that eBook but exhausted from typing? Why not just verbalize your thoughts using INK’s voice-to-eBook function so it can do the writing for you? You can even sell that eBook on INK’s built-in marketplace.


  • SEO-friendly
  • Offers grammar and spelling checks
  • Has a speech-to-text feature


  • Its pre-trained models may not cover some specialized niches

Jasper - Best ChatGPT alternative for copywriting


Jasper is a brilliant copywriting assistant that brings out the creativity in you. Imagine having help crafting attention-grabbing headlines and irresistible sales copy when you are experiencing writer’s block. That’s what you get with Jasper. Just feed it with a few prompts and it will give you exactly what you need.

Jasper is more than just a wordsmith. It tries to understand your target audience, analyzes successful marketing campaigns on the subject, and then writes you engaging and persuasive copy with a high chance of conversion.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Great for short copy
  • Has over 50 templates for email subject lines, social media captions, and video descriptions


  • Cannot generate long form blog posts without a Boss Mode plan

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YouChat - Best ChatGPT alternative for voice search


ChatGPT competitors like YouChat have made searches easier and more convenient than ever. On YouChat, you can search out any topic like you do on Google. The difference is you are allowed to interact with the search engine like you would with another human and it generates responses in easy-to-understand sentences. The responses are contextual and support follow-up questions, too.

YouChat also provides citations for the generated points, which makes it easy to fact-check.


  • Provides citations to responses
  • Accepts voice and text inputs
  • Can be integrated with messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
  • Fast online searches


  • References may be outdated sometimes

Perplexity AI - Best ChatGPT alternative for browser integration


Perplexity AI is like ChatGPT but with more concise answers to your questions. Like a few others on this list, it provides references to its query responses and can be asked follow-up questions to keep the conversation going. Since it is available as a Chrome extension, it’s easy to explore its benefits on the fly.

Perplexity AI isn’t just a search engine, however. It can also help with writing blog posts and articles.


  • Supports a Chrome extension
  • No subscription fee
  • Results include citations
  • Query results can be shared through links and tweets


  • Not as conversational as other sites like ChatGPT

Poe by Quora - Best ChatGPT alternative for social media


Poe is Quora’s attempt at creating a text-generating AI system similar to ChatGPT. It taps into the resources provided by powerhouses like Anthropic and OpenAI, making it highly intelligent. It currently allows users to talk with numerous AIs like ChatGPT, DragonFly, Claude+, and Sage.

Poe’s special touch is making provisions for users to create profiles and follow others, as with social media apps. A user may then choose to publish the model’s output on their profile for their followers to see, learn from, and engage with.


  • Includes social components
  • Can be integrated with popular writing tools like Google Docs
  • Provides grammar and spelling recommendations
  • Users can talk with multiple AIs


  • Only available on iOS and iPadOS

DialoGPT - Best ChatGPT alternative for free


DialoGPT is one ChatGPT free alternative you can communicate with to get answers to a few questions when experiencing long wait times with more powerful alternatives. Maybe not as powerful, but it can make human-like conversations and has a predictive feature that helps it make word predictions based on a sequence of words given.


  • Can be integrated with Telegram
  • It is free to access
  • Has a predictive text feature


  • Can make controversial responses on gender and a few historical biases

NeevaAI - Best ChatGPT alternative for ad-free searches


NeevaAI is more of a search engine than a chatbot. It has the capability to sift through millions of web pages to generate accurate, factual, and contextual responses to questions. This is special because ChatGPT can only access data it’s been trained with, while this can access real-time information online to produce answers.


  • Does not serve ads or track users
  • Mentions sources and references


  • The free version only offers 50 ad-free searches a month

Otter - Best ChatGPT alternative for productivity


Scheduling and productivity apps are great, but Otter is even better. Rather than spend time setting up different apps, Otter can help you do all you need automatically and simultaneously. It can capture slides, take notes, summarize discussions, and record audio feedback in meetings.


  • Real-time and simultaneous note-taking and audio transcription
  • The basic form is free to use
  • Integrates with meeting applications like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet


  • May struggle with accents and background noise when transcribing audio

Bold360 - Best ChatGPT alternative for customer support teams


Bold360 is a live chat tool designed and developed to assist sales and customer support teams engage customers and quickly reply to queries. From just one interface, a user can manage chats, emails, salesforce integrations, routing, etc.


  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Improves customer support teams’ productivity
  • Has great third-party integration with messaging and marketing management apps


  • May be unsuitable for small businesses and brands

Amazon CodeWhisperer - Best ChatGPT alternative for debugging codes

Amazon CodeWhisper.png

Amazon CodeWhisperer is an Amazon AI-based solution to help programmers with writing and debugging code. Thanks to its language processing technique and the complex machine learning algorithms used for its development, it can recognize patterns and errors and suggest corrections.


  • It is free to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integrable with several developer tools like GitHub


  • Fewer programming languages compared to CoPilot

Twain AI - Best ChatGPT alternative for writing emails


Writing and replying to emails isn’t exactly easy for everyone. Sometimes, you just don’t have enough time to dedicate to this task. Twain AI can do the dirty work for you. It helps you present your thoughts in the style and tone you want. You also get direct, concise, and grammar-error-free emails with it.


  • Perfect for outreaches and email marketing
  • Polishes and edits existing email drafts
  • Provides response suggestions when replying to emails


  • Missuggests words sometimes

Character AI - Best ChatGPT alternative for fun


Character AI is an AI-powered friend you can engage when you are bored. You can pick from a wide range of characters - from Socrates to Kanye West - to chat with and get replies fitting their personalities. For instance, you can expect the Kanye character to give egotistical responses to your questions and Socrates to be philosophical in his replies.


  • Wide range of personality options
  • User can create their own character
  • Holds really interesting conversations


  • Sometimes slow in responding

ElsaSpeak - Best ChatGPT alternative for pronunciation learning


Want to improve your English pronunciation? Ask ElsaSpeak for help. It is an educational resource for non-natives who want to learn or improve their English pronunciation. It allows you to speak words, then provides instant feedback, helping you identify pronunciation errors and making suggestions on tongue and mouth movements.


  • Provides assessments to help track user’s learning progress
  • Structured customized lessons to help users learn quickly
  • Suggests right mouth and tongue positionings
  • Fast, easy, and correct translations


  • Repetitive practice exercises

Tome - Best ChatGPT alternative for slide presentations


Beautiful templates make beautiful slides, but not necessarily great presentations. Tome can help you achieve the latter. Choose your presentation option and enter the topic you want to discuss. Then Tome analyzes it, sources information, and makes a presentation containing relevant content. You may also include additional images, videos, and live content.


  • Automatically adds images and other relevant media to a presentation
  • Embeds live content
  • Real-time collaboration


  • Its AI images can be confusions ng sometimes

Pandorabots - Best ChatGPT alternative for building chatbots


Pandorabots is a chatbot developer for building and deploying artificially intelligent chatbots. Using this tool, you can create conversational bots to chat with your customers and clients, then publish your bot on Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or your website.


  • Content can be customized
  • Platform is cloud-based
  • Developed chatbots can be integrated with several third-party apps


  • It might be a little difficult to use

Socratic - Best ChatGPT alternative for homework-solving


Socratic, powered by Google, is an educational resource for kids who need help with their homework. All a student needs to do is take a picture of their homework and upload it. Socratic looks up the questions and provides study materials to help with solving the questions. Photos, however, are not the only input method. The app also supports voice and text input


  • Great resource for solving complex schoolwork
  • Available on iOS and Android devices


  • Doesn’t cover all subjects

Elicit - Best ChatGPT alternative for research


Elicit is primarily used by students and researchers to find papers, extract key claims from the papers, brainstorm ideas, and research concepts. The workflow answers the user’s research questions using information from published papers, highlighting the objectives and methodology used in concise language. It is an AI tool tailored to research which ChatGPT doesn’t do great with.


  • Free to use
  • Ideal for getting help with research questions
  • Provides correct citations to research arguments


  • Limited to academic work

Replika - Best ChatGPT alternative for chats


Replika is quite similar to ChatGPT in conversational uses. See this chatbot as an online buddy you can discuss everything with, from your love life to academics and work. Its replies are human-like rather than generic, giving you the feeling that you are being heard and listened to.


  • Can give some therapeutic relief to users
  • Shares media and visualizations in responses
  • The pro version is affordable


  • May raise some ethical concerns

QuillBot - Best ChatGPT alternative for paraphrasing


QuillBot is an AI writing tool built to improve users’ writing. However, its focus is on paraphrasing existing content pasted in it. It also has tools for citation generation, summarizing, writing, and grammar and plagiarism checks. Courtesy of its extensions, you can now include it as an add-in in your Chrome and Microsoft Word applications.


  • Saves time required to develop entirely new content
  • Improves grammar and vocabulary


  • Sometimes makes revisions to technical words and makes the sentence less meaningful

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AutoGPT - Best ChatGPT alternative for self-autonomous response processing


AutoGPT is a more modern, developed, and semi-autonomous variant of ChatGPT. Unlike ChatGPT, where you have to fine-tune results by putting in prompt after prompt, AutoGPT can self-prompt and highlight your goals. You can build an application with it too.


  • It is semi-autonomous
  • Can be used to build applications


  • Setting up needs some Python know-how

Tabnine AI - Best ChatGPT alternative for code suggestions


Tabnine AI was one of the first developed AI solutions for auto-suggesting code snippets in an IDE. It was trained on a large database of open-source programs and thus makes suggestions based on your project’s content. One interesting thing about Tabnine AI is that it does not run on IDEs alone. It can also run on your computer, in the cloud, or offline.


  • Can be accessed through code editors
  • Runs on multiple environments
  • Has a free version


  • Code suggestions are sometimes incorrect

Koala - Best ChatGPT alternative for writing initial drafts


Its developers describe Koala as a free ChatGPT alternative for creating long-form, SEO-friendly articles in one click. But its responses are not as refined as ChatGPT and, thus, may need some editing. One edge it has over ChatGPT is the inclusion of sources and real-time data in its responses.


  • Can be integrated with Google Sheets
  • Has a Discord community where users can learn how to leverage the tool better
  • Generates unique content


  • The content may need some editing

Caktus - Best ChatGPT alternative for versatility


Caktus is a productivity app, personal assistant, language tutor, and coding expert rolled into one. This AI-powered tool has a wide range of features to improve your productivity and help you learn. It can assist with summarizing books into concise notes, writing codes, writing songs, and improving language skills, among others.


  • Very versatile and powerful tool
  • Has a text summarizer feature
  • Helps with writing codes faster
  • Love letter generator and songwriter feature to help with crafting romantic messages and songs


  • User must enter card details even for the free plan

Why do you need alternatives to ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, though a powerful AI, has limitations. Trained on pre-2021 data, it lacks real-time access and offers inflexible pricing. Frequent system overload makes it slower. Hence, users seeking faster processing, flexible pricing, and better user experience explore alternatives. These alternatives surpass ChatGPT in speed, pricing flexibility, and overall user satisfaction. They are user-friendly, support more languages, and offer advanced capabilities.

What factors should you consider when choosing an AI tool Like ChatGPT?

When shopping for an AI solution, it is important to consider its natural language capabilities, customization options, ease of use, pricing plans, customer support, and how easily it can be integrated with your existing systems. If you do not get a better deal on all or a few of these with a particular ChatGPT alternative, this alternative is probably not worth trying.

What is the best ChatGPT alternative for content creation and marketing?

Several content writers and creators have identified ChatSonic and Jasper AI as the most reliable solutions for their craft. While ChatGPT was designed as a general-purpose generative AI, JasperAI and ChatSonic were built specifically for marketing content. They allow you to generate text and images and integrate with leading content editing tools.

What is the best ChatGPT alternative for coding?

GitHub Copilot is a favorite among many programmers and techies for its ability to learn a user’s coding style conventions and adapt to their suggestions. It is also integrable with different coding IDEs, making it more efficient for real-time coding.

How much do ChatGPT alternatives cost?

Some are free, some have a premium of up to $1,000, and others are somewhere between. You can find several good AI solutions for under $100. Hypotenuse.AI, HIX.AI, Jasper, and are a few to consider. Of these, HIX.AI is the most affordable. For a modest monthly subscription, you get access to 30+ languages, 120+ AI writing tools, a blog post wizard tool, etc.


As the demand for AI language models grows, numerous ChatGPT alternatives have emerged. These options cater to various needs, offering faster response times, industry-specific knowledge, and enhanced functionality. Exploring these alternatives can enhance your AI experience, whether you're a developer, writer, marketer, or simply seeking engaging conversations. Surf through this list and find the AI tool that best suits your needs.

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