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10 Best Free AI Tools for Business

Jessica Shee
Written by
Jessica SheeProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 05, 2024

As of 2022, about 35% of businesses say they use AI in some form, with that number only likely to go up as AI tools for business develop and become stronger. For you, business AI may be an alien concept. But these 10 tools run the gamut of AI uses in business, with each offering something that may help you save time or money.

Read on to explore the 10 best AI tools for business and find the right one for your needs!

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Business

  1. HIX.AI – Best All-in-One AI Writing Solutions for Business
  2. ChatGPT – Top AI Tool for Professional Writing
  3. Midjourney – Best AI Business Image Generation
  4. Jasper – Best AI Tool for Brand Voice
  5. Descript – Best AI for Business Video Transcription
  6. Grammarly – Best for Content Editing
  7. Notion AI – Most Useful AI Tools for Business Meetings
  8. AgentGPT – Top AI Tool for Developing Your Own AI Agent
  9. – Best for Voice Conversation Analysis
  10. SaneBox – Best Business AI for Email Management

HIX.AI – Best All-in-One AI Writing Solutions for Business


HIX.AI, the most powerful all-in-one AI writing copilot, gives you almost all of the AI software tools your business needs for content creation under one roof thanks to its array of software.

With the HIX AI Writer, you get 120+ dedicated tools for every writing need, ranging from rewording and creating ad copy to brainstorming blog post ideas.

Long-form articles aren’t a problem, either, thanks to its ArticleGPT, which mirrors your brand voice and has bulk processing capabilities. Expect SEO-friendly, fact-based, and up-to-date product reviews, how-to guides, news articles and many other types of content with this innovative AI article writer.


Need an AI chatbot? HIX Chat, a more versatile and affordable ChatGPT alternative, covers that need, offering full web access along with summarizing tools for YouTube and webpages.

The all-in-one package also comes with an AI text editor, which combines the 120+ tools (which can be accessed by simply typing "//") and the chatbot and uses AI to check your documents for plagiarism and suggest search optimization improvements.


The one-stop solution wraps up with a Chrome extension – allowing you to edit as you write via your browser by simply typing "//" – and you get an unbelievable collection of some of the top AI tools around for companies that don’t want to spend tons of money on copy.


HIX.AI is divided into four apps, each having its own pricing plans

  • HIX AI Writer: Its Free plan offers 1000 words (GPT-3.5) per week for free, and a Pro plan that starts at $4.99/month if billed yearly.
  • ArticleGPT: Its Free plan offers 1 article (GPT-3.5) per month for free, and a Pro plan that starts at $4.99/month if billed yearly.
  • HIX.AI Browser Extension: Its Free plan offers 1000 words (GPT-3.5) per week for free, and a Pro plan that starts at $4.99/month if billed yearly.
  • HIX Bypass: Its has a 300-word free trial, and a Pro plan that starts at $4.99/month if billed yearly.


  • All-in-one copywriting and editing tool
  • HIX Email Writer is great for drafting messages to colleagues and clients
  • The chatbot can generate images and read PDF documents
  • The Editor supports 1-click export to Google Docs and WordPress
  • GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 integration
  • 50+ languages supported
  • Free access to HIX Chat and a login-free ChatGPT


  • Wide range of features and tools can be overwhelming initially

Give HIX.AI a try to see how it can improve your writing >>

ChatGPT – Top AI Tool for Professional Writing


ChatGPT is the heavy-hitter in AI writing tools, and it’s certainly the most popular AI tool around at the moment. It justifies that with exceptional writing output, with copy written at near-collegiate levels.

Granted, the generated content isn’t always accurate. The tool has a habit of citing sources that don’t exist and hallucinating information that you have to verify manually, and it’s operating on datasets from 2021. But in terms of structuring content and coming up with ideas, there are none better.


  • Free Tier - $0 per month
  • ChatGPT Plus - $20 per month


  • High-level and professional writing tool
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Excellent for coding advice


  • Working from a 2021 dataset
  • Poor or non-existent citations
  • Sometimes refuses to generate content

Read also: Jasper vs ChatGPT vs HIX.AI

Midjourney – Best AI Business Image Generation


Write a description. Generate an image. That’s the modus operandi for Midjourney and it does an excellent job at creating imagery that can mimic certain styles. It’s an excellent tool for populating websites with unique pictures, though it’s not perfect.

Like many AI image generators, it tends to mangle hands, but it’s getting better. And if the generator doesn’t understand your prompts, you won’t get even close to the image you tried to create.


  • Basic Plan - $10 per month
  • Standard Plan - $30 per month
  • Pro Plan - $60 per month
  • Mega Plan - $120 per month


  • Generates exceptionally realistic images
  • Four images per prompt
  • Every image has a professional look


  • May struggle with more complex prompts
  • Often messes up human hands

Jasper – Best AI Tool for Brand Voice


With four brand voice options, including the odd (but fun) pirate voice, Jasper does a great job of writing in whatever tone your business needs. Its output is solid, too, always sounding natural.

The tool is fast, too, as Jasper sets its stall as one of the best AI productivity tools for the pure speed of its writing. Unfortunately, a lack of built-in fact-checking means you’ll need a copy editor to ensure everything it generates is accurate.


  • Creator Tier - $49 per month
  • Teams Tier - $125 per month
  • Business Tier - Variable pricing


  • Multiple brand voice options
  • Generates natural copy very quickly
  • Excellent for brainstorming ideas


  • Doesn’t conduct any fact-checking
  • May struggle with niche topics
  • Editing almost always required

Read also: Jasper vs Notion AI vs HIX.AI

Descript – Best AI for Business Video Transcription


Combine video editing, podcasting tools, and AI-generated (and editable) transcriptions and you get Descript. Its editing tools, including simple multi-track audio editing and instant screen capture, are great for shooting videos. But its standout feature is the tool that brought it to the game – AI-generated transcripts.


  • Free Tier - $0 per month
  • Creator Tier - $12 per month
  • Pro Tier - $24 per month
  • Enterprise Tier - Variable pricing


  • Super audio transcription tools
  • Simple doc-based video editing
  • Built-in video hosting


  • Confusing user-interface
  • Struggles with non-native English speakers when transcribing

Grammarly – Best for Content Editing


Beyond offering one of the best free AI tools for basic grammar and spellchecking, Grammarly has a “Premium” tier that takes copy editing to a new level. It still checks spelling and grammar.

But it also checks your writing against the tone and audience you hope to reach, offering sentence restructuring suggestions so you create a tidy piece of copy that’s free of common errors.


  • Premium Annual Plan - $144
  • Premium Monthly - $25 per user
  • Enterprise - Variable pricing


  • Excellent for checking spelling and basic grammar issues
  • Suggests sentence rewrites for clunky passages
  • Adapts suggestions based on intended tone and audience
  • Supports American, British, Canadian, and Australian English


  • Tends to get stuck on making the same suggestions for word replacements
  • Only supports English
  • Occasionally makes incorrect suggestions

Notion AI – Most Useful AI Tools for Business Meetings


Though it offers solid performance as a content generation tool, Notion AI really stands out when it comes to your meeting notes. It can analyze the notes taken during a meeting, suggesting action steps you can implement inside your business based on the presented content.

Simplification is its strength – it’s ideal for creating summaries and simplifying complex writing.


  • Free Tier - $0 per month
  • Plus Tier - $10 per month
  • Business Tier - $18 per month
  • Enterprise Tier - Variable pricing


  • Summarizes meeting notes and uses AI to generate takeaways and next steps
  • Handy content editing and simplification tools
  • Can write an entire blog post
  • Useful translation into over 13 major languages


  • Has a steep learning curve
  • Only has content-related business AI tools

Read also: Notion AI vs ChatGPT vs HIX.AI

AgentGPT – Top AI Tool for Developing Your Own AI Agent


Do you want to get your own AI agent up and running without any coding? AgentGPT is the tool for you, as it allows you to create AI agents based on your company’s needs using text-based prompts rather than complex programming.

The generated agents run from the GPT framework and do an excellent job of scouring the web for information based on your prompts.


  • Free Tier - $0 per month
  • Pro Tier - $40 per month
  • Enterprise Tier - Variable pricing


  • Create AI agents without any coding experience
  • Generated agents follow specific instructions you create
  • Get up to 30 agents per day with the “Pro” tier


  • Agents are tied to the GPT framework – not ideal if you don’t like GPT
  • So-so customization – Best for Voice Conversation Analysis


Let’s say you’ve just come out of an hour-long recorded call. You don’t want to parse through that audio to get to the best bits – it takes too long. Enter The tool transcribes and summarizes your voice calls while also giving you the option to search through them for the most pertinent information.


  • Free Tier - $0 per month
  • Pro Tier - $10 per month
  • Business Tier - $19 per month
  • Enterprise - Variable pricing


  • Uses AI to transcribe and summarize business calls
  • Handy search features to find the most important parts of your calls
  • Integrates with your Zoom calendar


  • Transcription accuracy could be better
  • Doesn’t handle video recordings

SaneBox – Best Business AI for Email Management


The biggest challenge with business email is simple – clutter. You get so many emails that are completely pointless beyond clogging up your inbox. SaneBox offers a solution by sorting emails before they arrive, ensuring you only see what you need to see.

It does this by creating several folders, to which it sends your less important messages so your inbox is free for business emails.


  • Snack Tier - $7 per month
  • Lunch Tier - $12 per month
  • Dinner Tier - $36 per month
  • Appetizer Tier - $0.07 per day


  • Automated email folder creation and sorting
  • Integrates with most major email clients
  • You train the algorithm as you go by dragging and dropping emails into folders


  • Training can go awry, leading to you missing important emails
  • Tends to keep resending emails if the recipient doesn’t reply

FAQs about the Best AI Tools for Business

1. What is the best AI tool for business?

There’s one question you need to answer before you can answer this one – what do you need?

If it’s content creation and editing, the clear winner is HIX.AI thanks to its huge suite of tools that cover everything from editing to content creation. Midjourney is a good choice for those who need images, and SaneBox is great for email inbox management. Often, you’ll need a suite of some of the top AI tools for business rather than a single product.

2. What are the best free artificial intelligence tools for business?

Most of the tools in this list offer a free tier, which at least gives you a chance to experiment with the tool even with some features being limited. HIX.AI’s free tier is especially generous. It offers 3,000 words of GPT 3.5-generated content per month.

3. How can AI help businesses?

There are so many ways that AI software tools can help your business.

Need content? There are at least three tools in this list alone that can help you generate and edit written content. Images aren’t a problem either, thanks to tools like Midjourney, and you’ll also find plenty of AI productivity tools that do things like sorting your inbox or transcribing meeting notes.

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