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10 Best AI Story Generators

Scott Brown
Written by
Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Dec 13, 2023

How many times have you scratched your head and walked miles in your room with frustration to create a good story that really clicked?

The struggles are real. Writer’s block. The pressure of creating multidimensional characters. Creating a coherent narrative. Or even setting up the right tone and keeping it consistent throughout the story is tedious!

But as you know, AI can help you to ease this tussle. In this article, we’ll list 10 of the best AI story generators you can use to come up with the idea for your next bestseller. Maybe you’d create something fresh and new AI stories with the help of technology.

Let’s show you some tools then.

HIX.AI's AI Story Generator - Best AI Story Writer Overall

The AI story generator of HIX.AI is the best AI you can find as an author.

The tool allows you to select your story’s genre, language, and tone of voice for your story. You can also input additional information to help the tool create a more coherent and compelling story.

GPT-3.5 and GPT 4 are the backbone technologies that power HIX.AI. It generates plagiarism- free, SEO-friendly long-form articles that will rank in Google searches. Also, you don’t have to be concerned about infringement, as these generated stories are 100% unique.

What's more, HIX.AI comes with other powerful writing abilities. It has over 120 integrated writing tools, including a potent paraphrase tool, headline generator, summarizer and, proofreader And their long-form article writer uses cutting-edge algorithms to find current and accurate information from reliable sources, and help you create fact-based and SEO-friendly articles.


The AI story generator of HIX.AI belongs to HIX AI Writer, which offers a free plan with 1,000 words per week for free, and a paid plan that starts at $4.99/mo if billed annually.


  • High-quality and original story generation
  • Supports story genre selection
  • Supports story writing in most of the major languages.


  • The free plan comes with a word limit
  • Has problems coming up with sophisticated sentences.

Create compelling stories with the help of the HIX story generator!

Jasper - AI Story Writer With High Content Quality


Jasper's AI Story Generator is a great AI story generator in the market, with over one million users. It produces realistic and compelling narratives that inspire and improve the creative writing process.

You can control the voice of your content using a function that is part of the platform. And with Jasper's keyword input tool, you can make sure that your material contains the right keywords to improve its SEO. As a result, you can sell more of your stories!

Furthermore, Jasper has a Chrome extension and API to make it a more feasible story writer AI tool in today's world. It also allows you to use custom commands and repeatable formulas to assist with all phases of the story-writing process.


Plans Free Creator Teams Business
Pricing $0/month $39/month $99/month Customized


  • Includes a 7-day free trial with extensions for Chrome and Edge.
  • With no cancellation fees, customized packages are available.
  • Give you more than 60 content templates with various story writing styles.
  • Write stories in English, German, Spanish, French, and more than 20+ languages.


  • Sometimes the fact-checking system is wrong.
  • Niche content issues and extensive editing are required.

Sudowrite - Best for Novel and Screenplay Writing


Sudowrite assists you with brainstorming, writing, and editing stories. It is powered by OpenAI's massive language model GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4. Sudowrite gives you feedback for sentences and alternative words to make your stories more engaging and appealing. As a result you get a high-quality, non-plagiarized story in a few clicks.

Further, their inbuilt formatting feature maintains the readability of your stories. You can also import any other story or long-form content and rewrite it numerous times till you find the right fit.


Plans Hobby & Student Professional Max
Pricing $10/month $25/month $100/month


  • Ideal for novels, book writing, and long-form writing.
  • Affordable for students and beginners and has a Chrome extension.
  • Demo video for first-time users. Also comes with a free trial.


  • Not suitable for short-form writing like emails, blogs, or product descriptions.
  • Lack of plagiarism and grammar checker tools.

Writesonic - Compelling Short Story Generator


Writesonic's story generator has the ability to write stories as per your brand voice in less than five minutes. As they claim, their users have generated more than 22,800 stories until now.

And currently, they are using OpenAI's GPT-4, the advanced version that allows them to generate enhanced, human-written stories to boost engagement. It also provides you with ideas for stories in various genres, whether you're creating a mystery, a fantasy, a romance, or any other type of short story.

In addition, their team has also introduced ChatSonic, a live chatbot that can generate text and images by analyzing prompts. Use it to break writer’s block or to create great premises for your story.


Plans Free Unlimited Business Enterprise
Pricing $0/month $16/month $12.67/month Custom


  • Generate stories up to 10,000 words per month under the free plan.
  • Create stories in 25+ languages.
  • Easy integration with WordPress, Zapier, and SurferSEO.


  • There is no built-in plagiarism or style checker.
  • Sometimes it takes a little longer for a response than usual.

DeepStory - AI Writer Built Specifically for Script and Story Writing


With more than 15,000 stories and 10 million texts generated, DeepStory stands out as one of the AI tools good at creating stories.

DeepStory allows you to decide on the genre, length, plot, characters, and tone of your story, so that you get the desired results in a few clicks. And with their inbuilt editor, you can tweak the output as per your requirements.

Furthermore, you can import a script or generate any story from a script with DeepStory. They also provide you with a video tutorial where you can learn how to use the maximum of their AI story writer.


Plans Premium Pro Power
Pricing €12.99/month (~ $16.5) €29.99/month (~ $38.1) €49.99/month (~ $63.6)


  • The user interface is friendly and clean.
  • Suitable for screenplay writing, story, and scripts
  • Download generated content to pdf or share directly to social media


  • Only limited to story and script writing with fewer templates
  • No refund policy. Also, generates unusual content a few times.

NovelAI - GPT-Powered AI Storyteller


You can write tales, scripts, and several other types of creative content with NovelAI, an AI writing tool. It uses a large language model (LLM), like GPT-3, trained on an enormous amount of text and code.

The tool produces stories in every genre, including science fiction, mystery, and romance. Give the AI as specific prompts as possible — for example, including info about a character, place, or plot —and it’ll create an AI-generated story based on that information.

The best part? It’d feel like a real novel. You can also alter the prompt for your narrative to manage the output's tone, style, and content.


Plans Tablet Scroll Opus
Pricing $10/month $15/month $25/month


  • It uses XSalsa20 to encrypt the story to keep it safe on its servers.
  • You can edit stories as per your needs right from their dashboard.
  • Unlimited text generations in each plan.
  • Image generation and text-to-speech are available.


  • The free plan has limitations.
  • Occasionally produce illogical or incoherent stories.

Rytr - Creative Story Plot Outline Generator


Rytr was founded in April 2021 and has quickly gained a large international user base of 60,000+. Among their 24 supported use cases, there is a story plot outline generator that allows you to high-quality story ideas and structures with little to no need for human editing.

It allows you to set the tone, output language, and the ideas you want to cover for the story. So you can easily produce compelling and distinctive stories you want for your books or games with this tool.


Plans Free Plan Saver Plan Unlimited Plan
Pricing $0/month $9/month $29/month


  • Allows you to write stories in 30+ languages.
  • Has an in-built plagiarism checker, grammar, and formatting options.
  • 20+ voice tones let you express anything with the appropriate emotion.
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs, as plans are quite reasonably priced.


  • Only create story plot outlines, not the whole story.
  • Its user interface might be made better for users.

Sassbook AI Story Generator - Best for Rapid Authentic Story Generation


The next on our list of story AI generator tools is Sassbook. It's an AI story writer that gives you the ability to write a story like a professional storyteller with a variety of creativity levels.

The tool can also create stories in seven different genres. You can browse between them to select one, then decide on your approach, tone, and uniqueness. The quantity of words you wish to produce for each question is likewise configurable.


Plans Standard Premium
Pricing $39/month $59/month


  • Can write a story from scratch with minimal prompts.
  • Offer various tones like classic, humor, sci-fi, romance, and thriller.
  • The UI is easy to use, especially for beginners.


  • The price is a little bit on the higher side.
  • Editing is required in the final generated content.

ShortlyAI - Easy-to-Use AI Story Assistant

shortlyai has recently acquired ShortlyAI. With the help of this tool, authors of all experience levels can enhance their writing abilities.

You can use ShortlyAI to get ahead of your writer's block, generate fresh ideas, and create unimaginable stories — fast and easy.

And their “Write For Me” feature is capable of producing a variety of content that you can use to build a great story. Also, the command feature provides you the option to shorten, expand, or rewrite any story in the tonality you want.


Plans Monthly Yearly
Pricing $79/month $65/month


  • The generated output is original and plagiarism free.
  • Unlimited number of words generation in each plan.
  • There are tutorials and guides about how to use the software.


  • Only one package is available, which can be difficult for big enterprises.
  • Sometimes generate low-quality texts.

Plot Generator - Infinite Story Plot and Idea Generator


The last tool on our list of AI story generators is Plot Generator.

It is a text-based AI tool that enables you to produce arbitrary plots for novels, films, and other works of fiction.

Its AI-generated stories are quite engaging and attention-grabbing, a rare feature. And the best thing about it is that it is a free AI story generator that requires no login or signup.


This short story generator tool is free to use.


  • No signup or login is required to generate stories.
  • Can generate unlimited stories with one click.
  • Numerous short and long-form templates are available.


  • A lot of information is required to get the required output.
  • Still struggles with long-form content generation.

FAQs About the Best AI Story Generator

Is there a free AI story generator?

Most of the above-mentioned AI-generated story tools are free to use. HIX.AI is our recommended option. It allows you to select a story's genre, plot, characters, language, and tone of voice to help you create good-quality stories. Also, some AI story writer free tools like Jasper, Writesonic, Sudowrite, Rytr, and NovelAI are also worth trying.

How did you pick these AI story writers?

We have picked these story-writing AI tools based on various factors, including ease of use, affordability, output quality, genres of stories, and customization abilities.

What is the output quality of these AI story writers?

The above-mentioned tools produce excellent original, interesting, and error-free stories. It also ensures that you get the desired results. However, you must note that the output quality mainly depends on the input and plot you describe.

Is the story written by AI original?

Most of the tools claim to be 100% original content without plagiarism. However, we suggest you check generated content for grammar, plagiarism, and readability. A final human editing would never harm but improve your story’s quality.

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