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10 Best DeepL Alternatives

Scott Brown
Written by
Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Dec 28, 2023

DeepL translator is no doubt a good translation solution. However, it has a few limitations you could get with alternatives. For instance, it doesn’t support as many languages and its free version does not have as many features as some alternatives. Also, although it does a great job at translating texts in general, it does not do as well with industry-specific tools. If any of these problems are a deal-breaker for you, it’s high time you sought an alternative.

10 Best DeepL Alternatives for Better Translation Experiences

  1. HIX Translate - Best DeepL Alternative Overall
  2. Google Translate - Best DeepL Alternative to translate audio & text
  3. Microsoft Translator - Best DeepL Alternative for multiple modes of input
  4. Language I/O - Best DeepL Alternative for customer support operations
  5. Crowdin - Best DeepL Alternative for human-like translations & localization
  6. Amazon Translate - High-efficient DeepL Alternative for E-commerce
  7. Yandex Translate - Best DeepL Alternative for multiple features
  8. LibreTranslate - Best DeepL Alternative for privacy
  9. Lingva Translate - Best DeepL Alternative for easy to use
  10. Language Weaver - Best DeepL Alternative for commercial translation

HIX Translate - Best DeepL Alternative Overall


While DeepL does a decent job at translating texts, that’s all there is to it. HIX.AI gives you more on a budget. To begin with, HIX.AI is more customizable. You can translate text and adjust the output’s tone by choosing any of the available options - standard, professional, creative, or academic. HIX.AI also has options to expand, shorten, rewrite, summarize, or even get more insights into the output’s contextual meaning.

There is a free tier currently offered by HIX.AI. The free-to-use plan provides you with access to all features of the smart translator. However, your activities are capped at 1,000 words a week. There are customizable paid plans available as well, which start from $9.99/month ($4.99/mo on a yearly subscription) and can translate and generate 20,000 words monthly.


  • Tone of voice of output can be chosen
  • Extensive language database
  • Customizable outputs


  • Text is the only mode of input
  • Does not offer real-time conversation translation

Enjoy near human-like translations with HIX Translate. Try it out for free today >>>

Google Translate - Best DeepL Alternative to translate audio and text


Google Translate is Google’s answer to people’s diverse translation needs. It is undoubtedly one of the best tools to look to when there’s a need to communicate in different languages. The best part is you can enjoy translation of up to 500,000 characters/month for free. Beyond that, there’s a charge of $0.08/page.

It has a user-friendly interface and is integrated with many Google products, enhancing its usability across different platforms. These products include Google Chrome, Docs, Maps, Assistant, PlayStore, Mail, and YouTube.

Google Translate, debatably, has the richest language database, supporting 130+ languages. Some of these languages, like English, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and German, have comprehensive support, with features like voice input and output, image translation, and real-time conversation translation. With the latter, tourists and travelers can speak to locals easily.


  • It can be used to translate texts, images, documents, and web pages
  • Users can submit translations to improve the solution and make it more efficient at translating complex sentences
  • Has real-time conversation translation
  • Has an offline mode
  • Can be integrated into several Google products


  • Does not always capture the context of the original text
  • It doesn’t do well at translating idioms

Microsoft Translator - Best DeepL Alternative for multiple modes of input


With Microsoft Translator, on-the-go translation is easy. It supports 100+ languages and offers multiple modes of input. Tourists, students, and business professionals can all take advantage of its image-based translation, speech, and text modes of input to translate emails, documents, road signs, and food menus or speak to locals on trips. Users can hear it aloud, share it, or search Microsoft’s Bing with the translated text.

Microsoft Translator also allows business travelers to save translations of industry-specific terms or common everyday phrases to help them with their daily interactions. Importantly, there is an offline mode. Therefore, users can download language packs and use the app’s translation features even in places with no network coverage.

The translation is free for the first 2,000,000 characters a month and $0.04 a page for anything over.


  • Available on mobile devices
  • Offers offline translations
  • Multiple input modes
  • Translations can be saved, and phrasebooks can be created for quick reference.


  • Doesn’t have as many language pairs as Google Translate
  • Translation for lesser-known languages is not very reliable

Language I/O - Best DeepL Alternative for customer support operations


Language I/O was built especially for international customer support operations. According to its developers, it supports customers in over 150 languages. It also supports real-time translation of messages, emails, and chats with these customers by allowing integration into business CRMs like Oracle, Salesforce, and Zendesk.

The machine translation platform is easy to set up. To help with this, Language I/O provides training resources like documentation, live online, and videos. Language I/O can correctly translate customer support-specific terms in various industries, including gaming, retail, financial services, travel and hospitality, software and technology, and entertainment and media.

However, it may be considered pricey for small businesses, with its pricing starting from $499 a month.


  • Has a free trial
  • It can be integrated into a company’s CRM
  • Supports up to 150 languages
  • Real-time translation of texts and documents


  • Can be expensive for small businesses
  • Integrating into existing customer support workflows may require technical support

Crowdin - Best DeepL Alternative for human-like translations & localization


Crowdin is a little different from traditional translation software. It provides a collaborative environment for distributed teams working on localization and translation projects. The cloud-based translation solution offers several project management tools and tools for glossaries, terminology management, and translation memory.

It offers proofreading, voting, and review of workflows to ensure the quality and correctness of translations. Translations are provided by passionate volunteer translators. Therefore, translations of idioms and industry-specific terms can be more trusted than outputs from many ML-based translation software.

Crowdin has a free version in which users get unlimited translators on public projects, 60,000 hosted words, unlimited public projects, one integration, and one private project. It also has two paid versions (pro and team) for business enterprises which cost $50/month and $150/month on the annual plan and $59/month and $179/month on the monthly plan.


  • Business workflows can be easily customized
  • Allows distributed teams to collaborate effectively
  • Automate content updates and streamline workflow
  • Has a free version


  • Maybe a little complex to use for smaller projects
  • Not as user-friendly as some other competitors

Amazon Translate - High-efficient DeepL Alternative for E-commerce


Amazon Translate is a broader part of the whole Amazon Web Services (AWS). Therefore, it can be seamlessly integrated into a conversation flow if you have a chatbot or virtual assistants for replying to customers.

The cloud-based service can be used to translate user-generated content like social media profile descriptions, comments, and feeds, analyze text in multiple languages to understand sentiments toward a brand, and provide real-time translation to emails, compliant tickets, and chat. Multiple reviews show that its output is more naturally sounding than many of its competitors. Every user also has 200GB of free parallel data storage.

For starters, Amazon Translate has a free plan for users to process up to 2 million characters monthly for the first 12 months. Standard, pay-as-you-go service rates of $15 per million characters apply once free usage expires. Businesses with heavy volume translation needs may subscribe to any of its other plans like real-time document translations at $30 per million characters and active custom translation at $60 per million characters.


  • Supports a very wide range of languages
  • The pay-as-you-go pricing model makes it cost-effective for businesses
  • Users can fine-tune translations using custom terminology to match the industry-specific context
  • Integrates well with other AWS tools, thus, convenient for businesses already using AWS


  • Might not be best for translating technical content that requires deep domain knowledge
  • There might be data privacy concerns where there is a need to translate confidential documents

Yandex Translate - Best DeepL Alternative for Multiple Features


Yandex Translate is an online translation service designed to serve small businesses, startups, and enterprises. It does well at this, too, with a database of 100+ languages to serve brands with cross-cultural communication needs. Yandex is very useful if you need to type a word to translate but cannot remember correctly how it is spelled. It also has a dictionary with transcription and can help you understand contextual meaning by providing context and usage examples, among other features.

You can try it out for free with a cap of 1 million characters per day. However, you may need to subscribe to a paid API service called Translate API if you want to integrate the translation service into your platform. There are also custom plans for businesses starting out at $1.50/month for a VM or $6.74 for an allocated cluster and a pay-as-you-go pricing model.


  • Has customizable glossaries
  • Provides translations to social media feeds and stories
  • Supports over 100 languages
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Not the most preferred when translating technical content or documents
  • Concerns regarding privacy when dealing with confidential documents exist

LibreTranslate - Best DeepL Alternative for Privacy


LibreTranslate is the best translation tool for users who prioritize privacy over anything else. Being open source means users can host and run the translation service on their own servers. However, to be efficient, the server must be able to handle the translation load effectively. It is simple to use and has an offline mode. LibreTranslate also has an auto-detect feature.

The service is completely free to use. However, hosting service and its associated costs may apply if you want to self-host.


  • Easy to set up
  • Has an offline mode
  • It is open-source
  • Can be self-hosted


  • Supports only text and document upload input modes
  • Self-hosting requires technical expertise and resources that small businesses may not have

Lingva Translate - Best DeepL Alternative for Easy to Use


Lingva is another simple-to-use, open-sourced translation project with support for 130+ languages. The user interface is simple and intuitive. It also has a dark mode that can be toggled on during night use. Multiple customer reviews suggest it is like Google Translate without spying or tracking associated with many Google products

In terms of pricing, Lingva is free to use.


  • It can be installed on a self-hosted server
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Privacy friendly alternative
  • Free to use


  • Audio feedback available for only a few languages
  • No mobile app

Language Weaver - Best DeepL Alternative for Commercial Translation


Language Weaver, the official translator for Coca-Cola EuroPacific Partners, is another DeepL alternative worth mentioning. It is a secure and reliable machine learning API for businesses that need to process high volumes of multilingual content daily. LearningWeaver recognizes that machine learning translations, no matter how good, sometimes need polishing. So, it provides post-editing support, where human translators can polish machine-generated translation.

Customization is one of Language Weaver’s biggest strengths. Custom enhancements allow users to adapt the language software to their specific legal case, industry, or content.

Language Weaver does not currently offer a pricing lineup directly. If you are interested in their services, it is recommended to contact Language Weaver based on your specific needs. They can provide you with detailed information about pricing and help you determine the best solutions for your translation requirements.


  • Human translators can refine machine-generated translations
  • Supports browsers and CRM integrations
  • Supports all common file formats
  • High customizability


  • No free plan
  • Can be complicated to use

Why You May Consider Using a DeepL Alternative?

Although DeepL has some unique strengths, it isn’t always the ideal translator service when you need certain features. For instance, it only supports text and file upload types of input. Thus, it cannot translate real-time conversations like Google Translate or Microsoft Translator. You also do not get near-human-like translations as with Crowdin, customizations with HIX.AI, or multiple features with YandexTranslate.

Which DeepL Alternative is Best Suited to Your Needs?

The short answer is the HIX Translate from HIX.AI. What sets HIX Translate apart, you may ask? The answers are not far-fetched. Here are some of them:


HIX Translate, unlike many machine translators, makes natural and human-like translations. AI-powered tools like HIX Translate are well-known for their ability to learn from new data, to improve their accuracy in translating complex sentences, idiomatic expressions, new language patterns, and terminologies.


HIX.AI is the go-to translator resource for many who need to translate expressions specific to their industry. Its translations stay true to the context and are not watered down. This is very important in corporate environments where communication is usually formal. HIX Translate is able to conduct accurate, localized, and relatable translations of emails and texts that were originally professional and formal.


HIX Translate offers high customizability options. Users can tailor the tone and style of the translations effortlessly to match their desired level of professionalism or bring out their creativity. With unparalleled customizability, personalize and refine your translations to meet the unique needs and preferences of your audience. Whether conveying a polished and formal message or adding a burst of creative flair, HIX Translate can handle them all with ease.


When it comes to choosing the best DeepL alternative, there are many features to consider. Hardly would you find a translator service that scores a 10 on every possible consideration you make. Your specific needs should dictate what features to look out for. However, you should find the perfect solution for you on this list, whatever your needs are.

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