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The Best QuillBot Swedish Alternative

Soniya Jain
Written by
Soniya JainProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Feb 20, 2024

When it comes to paraphrasing, we often think about the QuillBot tool. Since it’s considered one of the most famous language models for paraphrasing.

Founded in 2017 by Rohan Gupta and acquired by Course Hero in 2023, QuillBot is an online writing tool that has several functionalities. It is well-known for its paraphraser because, in addition to providing synonyms of the original words, it is able to penetrate the context and rephrase it based on contextual knowledge.

QuillBot is easy to use. Its minimalistic interface allows its users to either type or paste content and with a click, transformation begins. The only thing users need to do is leave the content in the input box and let QuillBot take care of the rest.

Features of QuillBot

Even though QuillBot is primarily known as a paraphrasing tool, it also has other products. The tool provides grammar and plagiarism checkers, as well as a summarizer.

Now let’s dive into each of these products and see how you can benefit from them.

Paraphrasing Tool

With a free version, QuillBot provides you the ability to paraphrase only 125 words by using 2 modes: standard and fluent. A paid version unlocks all of the app's features, including all modes and products. In this instance, you may paraphrase up to 6,000 words of text. Various tones of voice are available for customization, such as standard, creative, formal, simple, and even Academic.

QillBot Paraphraser

Grammar Checker

We are all aware of how it’s helpful to see spellcheck, and grammar errors in our writing. QuilBot provides a grammar checker tool as well. The main functions of this tool are to identify errors in grammar and fluency, and provide a one-click solution so that users can get improved text by simply clicking the "Fix Errors" button.

QuillBot Grammar Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is another of QuillBot that helps detect plagiarism. This tool is backed by billions of sources like research papers, news and web pages, With a paid subscription, you can ask this tool to scan 20 pages on a monthly basis. It sensitively detects omitted words, identical matches and other modifications, which will be marked with different colors in the scored similarity report.

QuillBot Plagiarism Checker


Another incredible product in QuillBot is Summarizer. If you don’t have time to read and consume long articles then Summarizer will save you tons of time. All you need to do is simply copy the article, paste it into the field, and press the Summarize button. The tool will Summarize and provide essential parts of the article within seconds.

However, the summarizer has limitations as well. You can’t summarize the article by providing a link. And unlike HIX.AI, it’s impossible to summarize YouTube videos by just providing links.

QuillBot Summarizer

Does QuillBot Support the Swedish Language?

With all these incredible features, Swedish is only supported in two of its products - paraphraser and translator. So if a user wants services like textual reviewing, summarizing and plagiarism-checking in Swedish, what will help you here is HIX.AI.

Better QuillBot Alternative for Swedish: HIX.AI

HIX.AI is an all-in-one AI writing assistant that supports more than 50 languages. Whether you’re a student, a fiction writer, or a copywriter, HIX.AI has solutions for almost any case.

We are proud of our ubiquitous long-form article writer which is capable of generating long-form, plagiarism-free, fact-based, and SEO-Friendly articles and the Chrome extension that enables you to use HIX.AI on any webpage you use. HIX.AI has many more advantages and essential features yet the purpose of this article is to introduce HIX.AI to Swedish users. Here’s where the Swedish audience can take advantage.

HIX.AI’s Features for Swedish Users

In this section, we’ll delve into these 6 potent tools HIX.AI provides for Swedish users. You can use HIX.AI to paraphrase, expand and translate content, and even access Swedish AI chat. Does it sound like an opportunity and effectiveness? So let’s discover each of them.

Paraphrasing Tool in Swedish

As you can see in this screenshot, the paraphrasing tool aims to avoid generating robotic and generic content. Here you gain the advantage of generating quality customizable paraphrase outcomes by setting the appropriate filters such as language, target audience, tone of voice, and 2 levels of innovative content.

HIX Swedish Paraphrase

Sentence Expander in Swedish

When it comes to expanding a simple/basic sentence, HIX.AI’s Sentence Expander comes for help. To generate more appropriate results, this tool offers multiple languages, eight tones of voice and nine target audiences. Users need to fill in the text on the field, choose language, tone and audience, and then get a detailed and engaging sentence.

HIX Swedish Expand

Translate to/from Swedish

HIX Translate is a time-saving smart online translating tool powered by AI technology. With HIX.AI's comprehensive solution, including but not limited to handling technical terms and idiomatic expressions, we believe that it can be the only online translator that suits all your needs.

Our Swedish AI translator also provides 7 types of tones, from standard to academic, to generate tailored target texts.

HIX Swedish Translate

HIX Summarizer in Swedish

The summarizer in the Swedish language is another tool HIX.AI brings to the table. This tool summarizes complex articles on the web, or files like DOC, PDF, and TXT. The summarizer is also available on Google Docs, Gmail, and social networking platforms thanks to our Chrome extension.

HIX Swedish Summarize

HIX Chat - Swedish ChatGPT Alternative

The last tool introduced here on our list is HIX Chat, which works in multiple languages. Backed by updated data, it generates answers on any topic, and has the ability to summarize web pages and YouTube videos.

Not only this, HIX Chat can also summarize YouTube videos, and chat with PDF files and web pages, which efficiently saves users' time in reading and comprehending.

However, it’s worth mentioning that though the dashboard displays in English, it is capable of answering any queries in Swedish. Swedish-speaking users just need to put in the Swedish content and then get answers within seconds. The performance in Swedish chat is equal to that of English.

HIX Chat Swedish

To Sum Up

QuillBot is a renowned paraphrasing tool that offers features like grammar and plagiarism checks, and summarization. However, due to the limitations of QuillBot, such as unnatural content requiring manual intervention and feature restriction in the free plan, we recommend HIX.AI as the best alternative for Swedish users since it supports over 50 languages and offers tools like paraphrasing, sentence expansion, translation, and an AI chatbot that works in Swedish.

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