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Best QuillBot French Alternative to Paraphrase Content

Soniya Jain
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Soniya JainProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Feb 20, 2024

QuillBot is a popular tool for rewording content among students, content writers, and social media content creators. It's popular because it does a decent job at this. However, reviews show this might only be true for English content.

Although the company claims its product can translate and paraphrase texts in 30+ languages, it appears their rewrites in other languages, especially French, are not as good. Its rewrites sometimes do not assign the right gender to nouns (feminine, masculine) or use the right addresses (e.g., “tu” for informal and “vous” for formal situations).

Also, rewrites are the only thing you get. With some alternatives, you also get a summarizer, an expander, and an AI content generator.

What Is QuillBot?

QuillBot, now owned by Course Hero, is a tech startup based in Chicago, Illinois, United States, with a flagship product that rewrites sentences and paragraphs. Although the tool, at the start, only had paraphrasing capabilities, it has expanded to include grammar and plagiarism checkers. It also offers suggestions for improving sentence readability and logical flow.

The startup, founded in 2018, is relatively new. However, in less than five years, it has managed to secure up to $4.2 million in funding. It also currently has a workforce of 101-250 employees. In 2023, QuillBot partnered with Course Hero, a company that shares its vision of improving users' writing and enabling them to learn while at it. Course Hero has also recently acquired CliffNotes and LitCharts so we may see QuillBot also offer integrations with these apps soon.

Is QuillBot Worth It?

QuillBot is one of our favorite paraphrasing tools, and the efficiency of the following features explains why.


QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool allows users to spin content to produce unique rewrites. It has seven modes: Standard, Formal, Fluency, Academic, Expand, Shorten, Creative, Custom, and Simple. The mode a user selects would naturally dictate the length and tone of the output.

Although QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool sometimes swaps out words for their synonyms, it doesn’t stop at that. It may also often restructure sentences to look different but present the same idea. This may involve changing the order and position of phrases, sometimes clauses, and other times, complete sentences. It also checks for grammar and style errors and corrects them in its rewrites.


Grammar Checker

QuillBot has a powerful grammar checker that better picks up spelling and punctuation errors than Microsoft Word’s default grammar checker. The feature is accessible via its web app or Chrome extension. When installed on a browser as an extension, it helps detect grammar errors as you write on text editors, online forms, search bars, and messaging platforms.


Plagiarism Checker

QuillBot’s plagiarism checker scans your text or document against sources online to see what parts have been intentionally or unintentionally copied without properly attributing authorship. With a premium subscription, a user can scan up to 20 pages monthly. The tool automatically saves old scans so you can recall if you need them later.



QuillBot summarizer tool can condense sentences and paragraphs into clearer and more concise versions with the click of a button. It extracts key points and phrases using advanced AI techniques and large pre-trained language models like GPT-3.5. The model analyzes the text to understand its content, establish sentence relationships, and assign importance scores to each sentence. The sentences with the highest scores form the summary.


Is It Free to Use QuillBot?

Yes. QuillBot is free to use, and you do not need to sign up to start using the tool. However, the free plan is basic. On the free plan, you can access only two modes and three synonyms settings and only paraphrase up to 150 words. On the other hand, Premium plan users can paraphrase an unlimited number of words and have access to four additional modes, the highest synonyms setting, compare modes, and freeze words.

Does QuillBot Work for French?

Yes, it does. QuillBot paraphrases contents written in French, can review documents written in the same, and can translate written texts in French to any of 30+ other languages and vice-versa. QuillBot’s tools, not available in French, include its plagiarism checker, summarizer, citation generator, and co-writer. These are available in English only.

Better QuillBot Alternative for French: HIX.AI

HIX.AI is a better alternative to QuillBot for texts written in French. Its translator feature supports 50+ languages, including not-very-popular languages like Hmong, Esperanto, Estonian, Kyrgyz, Nepali, etc.`It also has a collection of 120+ writing tools, including a summarizer, rephrasing tool, expander, and paragraph generator, which can translate texts from and into French.

HIX.AI Offers Various Features for French Users

While QuillBot does a good job at paraphrasing texts in English, its outputs aren’t as good when dealing with texts written in French and some other languages. HIX.AI is a better QuillBot alternative in this regard.

Rephrase Sentence in French

HIX.AI rephrases sentences from and into French. HIX.AI, while rephrasing, retains the level of formality in the rewrite and follows the rules of French grammar and syntax to prevent awkward and robotic phrasings.

The results oftentimes still read as natural and native writing. It may involve rearranging sentences, rewording, or synonym replacements. Whichever the case, the goal is to obtain a unique, concise, and clear output.


Rewrite Article in French

With HIX.AI, you can rewrite long-form French blog posts and articles easily. Typically, nouns in French are often assigned masculine or feminine grammatical genders. For instance, table, a masculine noun, is written as (le crayon) while car, a feminine noun, is written as (la voiture).

In rewriting, HIX.AI understands these gender agreements and ensures that rewrites of sentences with gendered nouns or adjectives retain proper gender agreement. HIX.AI also allows many customization options. A user can specify the target audience and tone of voice when rewriting.


Summarize Lengthy Content in French

HIX.AI can also summarize contents in French. Using its GPT-3.5/-4 language model, it reads through the content, understands the topics, gets a general overview of what the content says, extracts key points, and attaches importance scores to each sentence. This scoring system separates the most important points from the not-so-important ones.

A user may now specify if they want the summary in bulleted points or paragraph style. They may also specify the target audience (everyone, shoppers, seniors, college students, fitness enthusiasts, small business owners, new parents, pet owners) and tone of voice (professional, creative, childish, luxurious, friendly, exciting, conversational, and hard-sell).


Swiftly Translate French Between Other Languages

HIX.AI is the ultimate tool for translating from and to French. One reason is because of the number of languages it supports. This tool supports 100+ languages, including not-well-known ones like Georgian or Gujarati. You don’t have to know what language the original text is written in when translating to French. It automatically detects the language and translates it. You can choose the output’s tone of voice and specify whether you want the translated text shortened or expanded.


Expand Content in French

HIX.AI also has an expander tool that one can use to increase the word count of French-written texts and paragraphs. In expanding sentences and paragraphs, HIX.AI only considers and includes relevant information.

Using its language model, GPT-3.5/4, which ChatGPT is based on, it reads and understands the content, so only relevant data might be added. The added content is usually more relevant to the original’s topic than what you get with many alternatives. The output is usually clear and naturally sounding, too. However, the output has a cap of 300 words.


Shorten Your Essay in French

Do you have a French essay you think contains too much fluff? You can shorten it using HIX.AI’s essay shortener. With this tool, you can cut down on your essay word count, making your content clearer and more concise. This tool is useful for students and academics who may have a character limit for assignments and publications. It is also useful for content writers who sometimes have to keep to a word limit for SEO purposes or for words to fit perfectly into a website banner.


Write AI Content in French

Although AI writing tools are a great resource for writing, some of their writings come across as robotic, and it is easy to see that they are not human-written. HIX.AI makes a difference to this. Its AI content in French is human-like and native sounding.

Its suite of 120 writing tools also gives you all you need to easily write social media captions, taglines, short and long-form blog posts, academic journal papers, and emails in French. HIX.AI has access to real-time updates and live sources, so you can expect quoted data and statistics to be current. This isn’t the case with ChatGPT-3.5/4 and some other alternatives.

HIX Chat: French ChatGPT Alternative

HIX Chat is the ideal alternative to ChatGPT when working with texts written in French. You can converse with HIX Chat in French to help it understand your needs and refine your output accordingly.

HIX Chat has access to real-time updates, reports, news, and databases, thus, is able to pull up up-to-date responses to user’s queries. ChatGPT answers to user queries, on the other hand, are informed only by resources available up until 2021.

Also, while ChatGPT cannot handle multimedia formats, HIX Chat is able to analyze PDF documents and engage in natural conversations with a user about the material’s contents.

What’s more? This ChatGPT alternative allows users to generate instant summaries of YouTube videos by sharing the link. This is very helpful for people who need to extract certain lessons from videos but don’t have the time to sit through them.

Similar to what it does with YouTube videos, our recommended ChatGPT alternative can pick out key points from a shared web page. Using the ‘Web Insight Assistant’, a user can share a webpage and prompt the tool to summarize, expand content, translate, or take some action on the page’s contents.

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