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10 Best Hashtag Generators

Scott Brown
Written by
Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Jun 18, 2024

Listen to a social media expert and they’ll tell you that the average Instagram post should have between five and 30 hashtags. Surely there is a good reason for that. More hashtags mean more people see the post. But how are you going to come up with so many catchy hashtags? That’s where these 10 hashtag creator tools come in.

10 Best Hashtag Generators for Social Media Success

  1. HIX.AI – Best Hashtag Generator Overall
  2. – Best Hashtag Generator for Instagram
  3. Sistrix – Best for Finding Popular Instagram Hashtags
  4. Hashtags for Likes – Best for TikTok Hashtags
  5. #HashMe – Best Hashtag Generator for iOS
  6. RiteTag – Best Hashtag Maker for Android
  7. Influencer Marketing Hub – Best Hashtag Maker From Images
  8. Toolzu – Best Headline Generator Free to Access
  9. Inflact – Best Hashtag Tool for Related Hashtags
  10. All Hashtag – Best for Random Hashtag Suggestions

HIX.AI – Best Overall Hashtag Generator


Tons of hashtags per prompt. That’s what you get with this Hashtag Generator from HIX.AI, which only asks you for three simple things – a selection of keywords, your desired tone, and your preferred language. It does the rest for you, generating up to five collections of hashtags (usually between 10 and 20 hashtags per collection) based on the keywords entered.

Of course, some of the hashtag suggestions are simply the keywords you entered. But the tool does a great job of riffing on those keywords to come up with related terms. Plus, you get to choose between 30 languages – ideal for appealing to a multi-lingual Instagram audience. Try it out and you’ll have more hashtags than you know how to handle.


You get 1,000 words for free per week with HIX.AI, which should be enough to cover the hashtags on most of your posts. If you need more, paid plans start from $9.99 per month ($4.99 if billed annually) for 20,000 GPT-3.5 words, up to unlimited GPT-3.5 words if you pay $73 per month ($36.5 if billed annually).


  • Tons of hashtags per prompt
  • Riffs on the keywords you enter
  • Over 30 languages
  • Create hashtags in multiple tones


  • Limited to GPT 3.5 unless you have a paid plan – Best Hashtag Generator for Instagram

copyai sets out its stall early by ensuring you know its hashtag generator is geared toward Instagram. And to be fair, it delivers on its promise by offering tons of lively hashtags based on your keyword prompts. Combine that with the 90+ copywriting tools it offers, and you can create hashtags, the posts to go with them, and even articles linked to your posts.


Assuming you want to upgrade from the Free tier, has a Pro tier costing $49 per month ($36 if billed annually) or an Enterprise tier with customized prices based on your needs.


  • Great at creating Instagram-ready hashtags
  • Tons of writing tools beyond hashtag creation
  • Cater to a full suite for social media


  • You have to sign up to use the hashtag generator
  • Only offers 25 languages unless you pay to get access to 95+

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Sistrix – Best for Finding Popular Instagram Hashtags


The Germany-based Sistrix keeps things simple by asking you to enter a keyword, after which it’ll dynamically generate 30 hashtags related to that keyword. But the special part is that it gives each of the hashtags it creates a rating, showing you how popular the tag is based on what’s being used on Instagram right now.


The hashtag generator on its own is free to use, with Sistrix only charging for its suite of social tools as a full package. It’s currently in beta, so you can land a monthly subscription for €1 per month (approx. $1.09) rather than the usual €99 (approx. $108).


  • Creates 30 hashtags per prompt
  • You can use multiple keywords
  • Ranks each hashtag created based on popularity


  • No way to set a language other than English

Hashtags for Likes – Best for TikTok Hashtags


Not everything needs to be an IG hashtag generator. With Hashtags for Likes, you get the choice – Instagram or TikTok. As a bonus, the tool can even come up with Instagram usernames, perfect for somebody who has a new account and can’t come up with something. The only downside is that everything’s locked behind a paywall.


Pricing starts at $19 per week, which gives you access to the hashtag generator, as well as tools to grow your follower count on Instagram. Going Pro ups the price to $25 per week and unlocks the TikTok hashtag generator.


  • Creates hashtags for TikTok and Instagram
  • Popularity analysis for each hashtag
  • Performance reports for your hashtags


  • Relatively high price tag for hashtag generation
  • You have to pay more for TikTok hashtags

#HashMe – Best Hashtag Generator for iOS


Sometimes, you just want a hashtag creator that gives you an overview of what’s trending in the palm of your hand. That’s what #HashMe delivers, though only if you have an iPhone. Android users are left in the cold, but Apple users get a tool that’s ideal for highlighting the trendiest tags going on Instagram right now.


You have a choice between an $8.99 monthly membership or the Premium tier, which asks for a one-off payment of $59.99.


  • Great at finding trending tags
  • Can create hashtags from photos as well as text input


  • Only available for iOS devices
  • Expensive given that it only offers 15 hashtags per prompt

RiteTag – Best Hashtag Maker for Android


RiteTag is a smart AI hashtag generator because it comes up with tags for two things – images and text. The text prompts work as you’d expect. Enter a keyword and you get a selection of related hashtags. But it’s the image-based generator that shines, as it can analyze an image to create context-sensitive hashtags based on what it sees.


RiteTag is free to use, though it’s part of the RiteKit suite that can set you back $65 per month if you subscribe to the whole thing.


  • Creates hashtags for images and text
  • Available on iOS, Chrome, and Android


  • You have to download an app or extension to use it
  • Pushes you toward a subscription to RiteKit

Influencer Marketing Hub – Best Hashtag Maker for Images


Influencer Marketing Hub’s hashtag generator works a little differently. Rather than asking for text prompts, it has you upload an image that it interprets to provide keywords related to what it sees. You pick five of those keywords and the tool suggests a bunch of hashtags.


You don’t pay a dollar for Influencer Marketing Hub’s hashtag generator.


  • Picks keywords for you based on an image upload
  • Get hashtags for up to five AI-generated keywords
  • 100% free


  • You have little control over the suggested keywords
  • Image interpretation leads to lots of irrelevant hashtags

Toolzu – Best Headline Generator Free to Access


Toolzu gives you three options when generating hashtags – keywords, URLs, and images. Though the image interpretation leaves something to be desired, being able to use a post URL is great for creating hashtags for posts about your business or most recent articles.


Toolzu is free to use on browsers and via its apps.


  • Generate hashtags based on keywords, images, or URLs
  • See usage levels for each generated hashtag
  • Has mobile apps for Android and iOS


  • Image hashtag generation isn’t great
  • Suggests existing hashtags rather than creating its own

Inflact – Best Hashtag Tool for Related Hashtags


Inflact lets you generate hashtags using an image, post URL, or text. But where it differs is in the way it displays the created tags. Beyond showcasing those most relevant to your prompt, it also comes up with tons of tags that may be related, giving you more options than almost all other hashtag tools.


Though Inflact’s hashtag generator is free to use, the rest of its tools aren’t. Prices range from $54 per month for the Basic package to $84 if you go Pro. Note – these tools are focused more on building your Instagram profile, so they can be useful if you’re struggling to get followers.


  • Suggests tons of hashtags per prompts
  • Upload images, post URLs, and text prompts
  • Apps for iOS and Android


  • Photo hashtag suggestions are not as accurate as competitors
  • Most extra tools are locked behind a paywall

All Hashtag – Best for Random Hashtag Suggestions


All Hashtag’s “Random” option isn’t actually 100% random. Rather than giving you hashtags that are unrelated to any subject it can think of, it provides random tags related to a keyword you enter. So, they’re relevant, but they’re not checked for popularity. Of course, the tool can also show “Top” and “Live” tags if you want to see what’s trending right now.


All Hashtag is free to use, with no caveats or conditions.


  • Cool “Random” feature can help you find niche hashtags
  • “Top” and “Live” searches show what tags are trending right now


  • Pretty bare bones
  • Tends to create irrelevant hashtags

FAQs About the Best Hashtag Generators

Can hashtag generators predict the popularity of a hashtag?

Generally, no. Instead, they’re really good at telling you what hashtags are currently trending, assuming they draw their tags directly from Instagram or TikTok. If there’s no direct link to a platform, the generators tend to riff based on the keywords, URLs, or images you provide.

How do hashtag generators boost social media engagement?

Simple – they give you more relatable and SEO-optimized hashtags.

Depending on the generator, you may even get information about how popular the hashtag currently is, allowing you to strike a balance between heavy-hitting tags and niche choices. They’re great if you’re a whiz at creating posts but struggle with coming up with tons of tags for your content.

Which is the best hashtag generator?

HIX.AI’s Hashtag Generator stands out for a few reasons.

Beyond using both GPT-3.5 & 4 to create its tags, it offers tone and language options. The latter is great if you have a multilingual audience because you can create hashtags that appeal to everybody and any audience. As for tone, it’s all about context. Professional tags for work-related posts and fun tags for more casual posts, for instance.

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