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10 Best Title & Headline Generators

Nicole Willing
Written by
Nicole WillingProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Dec 20, 2023

Sometimes, you just need to create title ideas.

Title ideas can get you started on a piece, or even help you spruce up a title you’ve already created but you feel is boring or doesn’t convey the purpose of a piece accurately.

That’s where these 10 best title generators come in. Each can generate creative titles that catch the eye and draw readers in, though each also has its own specializations and drawbacks to consider.

List of 10 Best Title and Headline Generators

  1. HIX.AI – Best Title & Headline Generator Overall
  2. SEOPresser – Best WordPress Plugin Title Generator
  3. Semrush – Best Free Title Generator
  4. Ahrefs – Best Title Generator for Tone
  5. The HOTH – Best Outcome-Focused Article Title Generator
  6. DemandJump – Best Title Generator with Outlines
  7. HubSpot – Best Headline Generator for Scheduling
  8. FatJoe – Best Volume Headline Creator
  9. CoSchedule – Best Headline Analysis
  10. BlogAbout – Best Blog Title Generator

HIX.AI – Best Title & Headline Generator Overall


HIX.AI keeps things simple with a title tool that can pop up to five titles per search, each with varying character lengths so you get some nice variance between suggestions.

Your job is simple – enter a keyword, pick a language (from over 30), and select the tone of the title. HIX.AI does the rest, near-instantly generating a selection of titles based on your instructions.

The title generator is powered by GPT-3.5, though you have the option of moving up to the more advanced GPT-4. These are separate, too, so using words from GPT-4 doesn’t affect the amount of words you have left for GPT-3.5-generated titles.

Moreover, a quick click of the Generate button also provides more options, if you need further title ideas.

It’s quick, clear, and creates great titles and headlines, with HIX.AI being available to try for free before you subscribe.


HIX.AI delivers a free-to-use title generator, though you’re limited to 1,000 words per week if you want to use the tool for free. Subscription tiers range in price from $9.99 ($4.99 if billed annually) for 20,000 GPT-3.5 words to $133 ($66.5 if billed annually) for unlimited GPT-3.5 words and 300,000 GPT-4 words per month.


  • Up to five titles/headlines per generation
  • Easy regeneration based on existing prompts
  • Incorporates keywords
  • Nine voice tones


  • Titles can sometimes be too similar

Try HIX.AI and Get Creative Title Ideas in a Flash >>

SEOPressor – Best WordPress Plugin Title Generator


As a WordPress plugin, SEOPressor integrates directly into your blog so it can suggest titles on the fly as you write.

Just type in a keyword and it’ll do the rest for you, with each title addressing audience relevance from a different perspective so you can start writing based on the idea you like. The tool also provides keywords relevant to the suggested titles – ideal for optimizing content.


You can get SEOPressor for just $9 per month, which gives you its headline maker and various SEO control and analysis tools to use on your blog or website.


  • Generates headlines from keywords
  • Titles vary to match the audience’s needs
  • Keyword suggestions when optimizing content based on generated titles


  • Only available as a WordPress plugin
  • There’s no free tier

Semrush – Best Free Title Generator


You won’t have to pay a dollar to create a title (or several) using Semrush. And better yet, the tool offers a surprising amount of complexity, with its suggestions being split into categories including “Questions,” “Listicles,” and “How-Tos.”

Each one nets you several suggestions, which are ideal for coming up with content ideas. Unfortunately, you have to pay to get more advanced SEO features.


Though Semrush’s title ideas come with no charge, the rest of its SEO features do. Expect to pay between $129.95 and $499.95 for its full suite, depending on if you’re an individual user or own an agency.


  • Generates titles across several styles
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Offers “related topic” ideas


  • You have to pay for any other SEO tools
  • No control over the tone

Ahrefs – Best Title Generator for Tone


Ahrefs delivers 14 pre-set tone options with its title tool, along with the ability to create a custom writing tone if what it offers isn’t what you need. As for the tool itself, it’s fairly limited in that it only generates one title per search, though the “Load More” link attached to each lets you generate another based on the same prompt.


Like Semrush, Ahrefs offers its blog title generator for free, though you get a barebones tool for that “price.” A subscription to Ahrefs costs between $99 and $999, giving you access to keyword tools and a full SEO dashboard.


  • Custom tones
  • 14 pre-set tones
  • Create titles in every major language


  • Barebones output compared to other title generators
  • Only outputs one title at a time

The HOTH – Best Outcome-Focused Article Title Generator


The HOTH takes you through title creation in stages. Rather than asking for a single keyword, it takes the keyword and then asks a bunch of other questions about your desired outcome and the challenges in your industry. Pulling together the information you provide, it’ll create a headline that’s contextually relevant to your desired outcome for the article.


The HOTH has a complicated pricing setup with over a dozen tools, each charged at different prices. The title generator itself is free to use, though you may want to pay the $60 for HOTH’s web copy service if content optimization matters to you.


  • Asks for context related to your keyword
  • Suggests 10 titles per search
  • Easy to use


  • Annoying captchas pop up with every search
  • Sometimes mixes your article purpose and keyword up

DemandJump – Best Title Generator With Outlines


DemandJump takes a more “all-in-one” approach to generating titles compared to other tools. As well as the titles themselves, you get SEO suggestions for the article you end up writing, and even an AI-generated outline linked to the title.

That makes it as much a heading generator as a title generator, though that comes with the catch of there being no free version of the tool.


DemandJump is expensive. Though it offers a free trial, you have the opportunity to spend up to $12,000 per year on its array of tools.


  • Creates stellar titles and headlines
  • SEO suggestions for each created title
  • Generates outlines to make article writing easier


  • You have to sign up to DemandJump to use the title generator
  • Massive price if you only need to create headlines

HubSpot – Best Headline Generator for Scheduling


HubSpot has an interesting gimmick – it creates seven title suggestions per prompt to give you an entire week’s worth of article titles/ideas. Combine that with its noun suggestion tool, which lets you add up to five nouns to a prompt so you get better suggestions, and you have a great tool for scheduling blog posts about the same subject.


HubSpot’s title generator is free, with its paid tiers incorporating that into a ton of SEO tools. For instance, its Professional marketing plan sets you back $800 per month.


  • Extremely fast title generation
  • Seven titles per prompt
  • Up to five nouns for each prompt


  • Barebones beyond the prompting
  • Title suggestions can be generic when you only use one noun

FatJoe – Best Volume Headline Creator


Volume is what FatJoe’s title generator promises – it delivers over 100 titles per keyword prompt. The catch is that you have to give FatJoe your email address if you want to see anything past the first 10, making you part of a mailing list. Still, the sheer number of ideas it comes up with means you’re bound to find something that suits your keyword.


You only have to send an email address to use FatJoe’s headline generator to its full capacity.


  • Generates over 100 titles per keyword search
  • Simple to use


  • You have to give FatJoe your email address to get all of the titles
  • Generated titles often have little relevance to the keyword used

CoSchedule – Best Headline Analysis


CoSchedule takes a different approach to title creation. Instead of coming up with titles based on keyword prompts, it asks you to type a headline you already have and analyzes it. That analysis is in-depth, too, covering everything from the headline’s emotional content to its sentiment – ideal for ensuring your title captures your reader’s intent.


You get a 24-hour free trial of CoSchedule’s headline analyzer before it forces you to upgrade to a paid package. You get five Premium Headlines for $99 per year, with the price going up substantially to $499 for 40 Premium Headlines annually.


  • In-depth analysis of existing headlines
  • Premium headline suggestions when on a paid tier
  • Matches titles to reader intent


  • Very limited free trial
  • Doesn’t generate headlines until you pay for it

BlogAbout – Best Blog Title Generator


As the name suggests, BlogAbout is great for quickly coming up with ideas for blog articles. You enter a keyword, clue the tool into what that keyword is (i.e., a product or industry), and let it do its thing. The result is five suggested titles per search, with each slotting into a different article category to ensure variety.


It’s free to use BlogAbout and there are no charges for additional searches.


  • Save and download the titles you like
  • Titles divided into categories
  • Tell BlogAbout what your keyword covers for more relevant titles


  • Limited “About” categories often mean titles aren’t relevant
  • Saving a title only lasts until you leave the page

FAQs About the Best AI Title & Headline Generators

1. What is the best title generator?

There isn’t a “right” answer to this question because every tool delivers something different. With some, you get keyword suggestions, and even article outlines, making them as much content generation tools as title generation ones.

Others are simpler. They give you as many titles as you need based on a suggested keyword, as HIX.AI does, which is great for speed and getting ideas.

2. Why would you need an AI headline generator?

Volume and efficiency are the answers.

Coming up with headlines on which to base copy takes up tons of a writer’s most valuable resource – time. With title generators, you get a bunch of ideas at once, all centered on the same keyword, that you can tweak until you get something that works. Often, a headline creation tool can approach a topic from a perspective you didn’t consider.

3. What types of titles and headlines can AI make?

Almost anything, within reason.

A newspaper headline generator creates titles that stand out in bold print on the page, for instance. Some tools make great Twitch stream title generators because they can inject some humor or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) into the title. Then, there’s a clickbait title generator – perfect for grabbing attention even if the title is sometimes misleading.

That’s just a small sample of what a generator can do, dependent, of course, on the prompts you provide.

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