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10 Best LinkedIn Headline Generators

Scott Brown
Written by
Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 01, 2024

Distinguishing yourself.

That’s the goal of LinkedIn headlines, and it’s a goal you may not reach if you’re not sure what your headline needs to communicate to the reader.

So, why write the headline yourself? These 10 best LinkedIn headline generators reviewed below can come up with plenty of LinkedIn headline ideas so you don’t have to.

10 Best LinkedIn Headline Generators to Build a Professional Career Image

  1. HIX.AI – Best LinkedIn Headline Generator Overall
  2. Rytr – Best Headline Generator for Tone
  3. – Best & Well-know Free-to-use Headline Generator
  4. Writesonic – Best Cheap LinkedIn Headline Generator
  5. Jasper – Best LinkedIn About Me Generator
  6. Resume Worded – Best Resume Headline Generator
  7. Taplio – Best LinkedIn Headline Generator for Simplicity
  8. WriterBuddy – Best for a Quick Headline on LinkedIn
  9. Media Mister – Best for Highlighting Career Accomplishments
  10. Cohesive – Best LinkedIn Profile Generator

HIX.AI – Best LinkedIn Headline Generator Overall


HIX.AI's LinkedIn headline generator can deliver fully customized LinkedIn headlines based on a handful of prompts. The process is simple: enter your info, choose your target audience and tone, click "Generate", and HIX.AI provides up to five suggestions per request.

You get 3,000 free words per month to check the tool out (more than enough to come up with a profile) and can generate content in over 30 languages. The tone is also important, and HIX.AI has the Professional setting you need to create content for LinkedIn.

It comes up with plenty of adjectives for your headlines if you’re not feeling particularly creative.


Starting with its Free tier, HIX.AI gives you 1,000 words per week powered by GPT-3.5. If you need more, prices range from $9.99 for the Basic tier to $133 monthly with higher word credits, the latter giving you unlimited GPT-3.5 words. Additional discounts are also avalible if you consider opting for the annual plans.


  • Get 3,000 words for free
  • Incorporates keywords
  • Choose from multiple tone options
  • Over 30 languages


  • Only unlocks GPT-4 compatibility with a paid plan

Give this LinkedIn headline generator a try for free to see what HIX.AI can do >>

Rytr – Best Headline Generator for Tone


The sheer number of tone options that Rytr offers makes it ideal for creating LinkedIn headlines. “Assertive,” “Convincing,” “Passionate,” and more are all available, making it a great choice if your headline has to speak to a specific audience.

You can request up to three variants of the headlines it generates, and the variety it delivers across those variants is solid.


Rytr starts everybody with a free plan that gives them 10,000 characters per month. From there, you can pay $9 per month for its Saver plan, upping the character count to 100,000, or get unlimited characters for $29 per month.


  • Tons of tone options to create the best LinkedIn headlines
  • Settable creativity levels
  • Three variants per prompt
  • Text editor built into the tool


  • User interface is a little crowded
  • You have to sign up to generate headlines

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Rytr vs Anyword vs HIX.AI – Best Headline Generator Free


Unlimited projects for free is’s selling point, as its free tier lets you come up with as many LinkedIn headline ideas as you can handle within 2,000 words.

There is a downside, though – you have to sign up and go through a survey to get to's LinkedIn headline generator. A minor inconvenience, but one that may bug you if you’re just looking for something quick and easy.


You get unlimited projects with the free tier of, making it a good choice for basic headline generation. Upgrading nets you more team members, templates, and language options, with the Pro tier costing $49 ($36 if billed annually) per month.


  • Very fast with the right prompts
  • Generates as many headline ideas as you want
  • Very powerful free tool


  • Forces you to sign up and complete a survey before generating headlines
  • Have to pay for brand voices
  • You only get 2,000 words at the Free tier

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Writesonic – Best Cheap LinkedIn Headline Generator


If you need a headline on LinkedIn for a profile or an ad, Writesonic delivers with cheaper packages than most others. It has tons of templates, too, though these can get confusing as you may spend as much time navigating to the template you want as you do actually generating great LinkedIn headlines.


Writesonic has a solid Free tier that gives you 10,000 words of AI-generated content per month. If you want more, its Business tier costs $12.67 monthly for 200,000 words, or you can pay $16 per month for unlimited words.


  • Dozens upon dozens of templates
  • Incorporates emojis into copy
  • Choice of 10 tones
  • Support for most major languages


  • Sheer volume of templates can get confusing
  • Unresponsive customer support

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Jasper – Best LinkedIn About Me Generator


Though Jasper is a solid pick for headline generation, it comes into its own when creating supporting content. “About Me” sections are easy to generate thanks to their long-form content creation abilities. It also does a solid job of touching up the language in your resume, making it LinkedIn-ready.


Packages range from $39 per month for a single creator up to $99 for a Teams package. Jasper also has a Business tier, though you have to speak to a rep to get specific pricing.


  • Simple user interface
  • Incorporates keywords into generated copy
  • Capable of creating structured content


  • Short-form content (such as headlines) can be a little iffy
  • Poor fact-checking
  • No built-in plagiarism checker

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Resume Worder – Best Resume Headline Generator


Resume Worded isn’t strictly a LinkedIn headline generator. Rather, it’s a tool created by recruitment specialists that allows you to insert your existing LinkedIn resume so you get feedback about it from its AI. Great for making tweaks to what you already have. Perhaps not so great if you just want a tool to do it for you.


Though it has a free option, Resume Worder comes into its own in its paid tiers. Prices vary from $19 per month to $49 per month, depending on if you pay yearly, quarterly, or monthly.


  • Detailed feedback on resumes and LinkedIn profiles
  • Creates by recruitment specialists
  • Over 50 metrics judged
  • More than 250 resume lines to start you off


  • Not so great at providing original content
  • More of a feedback tool than a resume or headline generator

Taplio – Best LinkedIn Headline Generator for Simplicity


Simplicity is the biggest plus of Taplio. You tell the tool what you do (i.e., content writing) and it generates a pair of headlines automatically formatted for LinkedIn. If you don’t like its suggestions, the handy “Try Again” button gives you a couple more.


Taplio’s LinkedIn headline generator is free, but you’ll pay money if you want more advanced content. It has three tiers – Starter, Standard, and Pro. Pricing starts at $39 per month, up to $55 for Standard and $149 for Pro.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • “Try Again” button allows for multiple attempts at getting the right headline
  • Creates two headlines per prompt


  • No way to tweak tone in the free tool
  • Headlines can be a touch generic

WriterBuddy – Best for a Quick Headline on LinkedIn


Speed, thy name is WriterBuddy. You’ll have a trio of headlines in a matter of seconds after entering your prompt, which can be up to 500 characters. The results are simplistic (usually only one line long), but you can run the tool as many times as you want until you find a headline that sticks.


The WriterBuddy LinkedIn headline generator is 100% free forever. The main tool gives you 2,000 writing credits per month for free, with paid plans ranging from $29 monthly for the Basic tier up to $97 for its Unlimited content generator.


  • Very fast results
  • Multiple headlines per prompt
  • Prompts can be up to 500 characters


  • Headlines are a little simplistic
  • Short prompts produce very limited results

Media Mister – Best for Highlighting Career Accomplishments


Media Mister’s LinkedIn headline generator may be an afterthought in its effort to get you to pay for likes and follows, but it does a surprisingly solid job. It asks what you do, who you work for, and, crucially, what your accomplishments are. Everything you enter gets incorporated into a headline formatted for instant use.


You don’t have to pay a dollar for good LinkedIn headlines from Media Mister. But there’s a catch – the site constantly pushes you to buy its other services, such as buying followers or shares.


  • Uses proper LinkedIn headline formatting
  • Incorporates your accomplishments into headlines


  • Can take up to two minutes to create LinkedIn headlines
  • Geared more toward getting you to pay for more followers

Cohesive – Best LinkedIn Profile Generator


As an all-in-one tool for creating LinkedIn profiles, few are better than Cohesive. It has templates and AI-powered content generators for cover letters, “About Me” sections, headlines, and even resignation letters. It’s all powered by GPT too, with the free tier offering unlimited words from GPT 3.5, while the paid tiers upgrade you to GPT 4.


Beyond its Free tier, Cohesive offers a Creator plan for $25 per month and an Agency plan that costs $45 per month. Pay yearly instead of monthly and you get a substantial discount.


  • More than 200 templates across different writing disciplines
  • Generates LinkedIn headlines and “About Me” sections
  • Unlimited words on all tiers


  • Templates can be tough to navigate

FAQs About the Best LinkedIn Headline Generators

Can I pick from multiple languages with LinkedIn headline generators?

It depends on the generator. Some are just free tools offered to tempt you into paying for a larger suite of products, meaning they usually only offer English headline generation. Others, like HIX.AI, give you a choice of over 30 languages.

What data does a LinkedIn headline generator use to create personalized headlines?

It’s a mix of two datasets – what you tell it and the data used to train the generator.

In the latter case, the data that trains the generator helps it come to grips with formatting and general outlines. For the former, you’re usually asked to write a prompt or give details about your occupation, your career history, etc., which the generator works into its output.

What is the best LinkedIn Headline generator?

HIX.AI is the clear winner for three reasons – you get 3,000 words per month, you can select the tone and target audience of the generated headline, and you can choose between 30 output languages.

Getting 3,000 words per month to play with is the kicker because it means you can try and get headlines in various styles based on your needs without paying any charges at all.

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