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10 Best Summary Generators You Should Consider

Lawrie Jones
Written by
Lawrie JonesProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 01, 2024

Summarizing tools transform the time-consuming job of cutting down text to a few clicks of a button. The best summary generators provide reliable and well-written results that are logical, readable, and understandable.

But how can you choose a suitable summary tool? Let us help!

We've tested 10 of the best summary generators, including established names and the latest AI summarizers, to provide you with our list of the top 10 available. We’ve tested them, reviewed the results, and analyzed outcomes to help you choose the best for your business.

Our top 10 summary generators

  • HIX.AI - Best summary generator overall
  • QuillBot - Best big-name summarizer
  • Jasper AI - Best AI summarizer for lengthy articles
  • SEMrush - Best AI Summarizer for SEO
  • Summarizing Tool - Best super basic AI summarizer
  • Resoomer - Best AI summarizer for web scraping
  • TLDR This - Best AI summarizer for academics
  • Writer - Best AI summarizer for basic bullets
  • Frase - Best AI summarizer for Google lovers
  • Scribbr - Best AI summarizer for sentence-by-sentence summaries

HIX.AI - Best summary generator overall

hix summarizer

Looking for the smartest AI summarizer in the world? Meet HIX Summarizer. It’s part of the incredible suite of AI writing tools of HIX.AI, the single most powerful, all-in-one AI writing copilot.

One of the benefits is the functionality, with HIX Summarizer able to incorporate text from a variety of sources. Obviously, you can directly paste text, paragraphs, or full articles. But you can also add documents like PDFs, TXTs, and DOCs. Want more? It can summarize YouTube video URLs or webpage URLs as well. You’re in charge of the outputs, and can select either bullet points or flowing text.

Many of the summarizing tools here require you to access a website, but HIX.AI has a ChatGPT Chrome extension enabling you to summarize as you browse. This makes it a great tool for students or professionals who need a speedy summary.

The AI-powered summary generator uses the powerful ChatGPT-4 model – the most advanced available. That means it’s able to produce clear and structured summaries in seconds, all at exceptional quality. In our tests we bombarded the system with summary requests, including articles, websites, and videos and the results were accurate, reliable, and well-written. Edits were minimal, and much less than many of the other tools we tested.

Want the best news? HIX.AI Summarizer is part of a whole world of AI tools that can supercharge your productivity. As well as summarizing existing articles, it can create new ones, translate content into other languages, and optimize text for SEO.


  • Experty translate text and content from a massive range of sources, including: copy-paste text, YouTube video URLs or webpage URLs, as well as documents like PDFs, TXTs, and DOCs.
  • Summaries read like natural language writers – not automated AI. In a world where trust online is falling, this matter. It’s essential for productivity too, with summaries requiring little or no editing – enabling you to concentrate on the work that needs to be done. In our tests, summaries were produced in seconds without the delays of other platforms.
  • HIX.AI's ChatGPT Chrome extension is a game changer for workflows.
  • It enables you to produce paragraphs and bullet point summaries as you’re browsing.
  • As well as a powerful AI Summarizer, you can access a whole world of life changing productivity tools powered by AI. You’ll create better content faster than ever before. All is perfectly written and optimized for SEO!


  • No lifetime plan

Take advantage of HIX Summarizer to summarize text, video, and PDF today!

QuillBot – Best big name AI summarizer 


QuillBot has a basic interface, but the intelligent summarizer is easy to use and (best of all) it’s free. (OK, so you’ll need to pay to access the advanced features!)

Everyone has heard of Quillbot, right? It’s been around for a few years now, and is excellent at what it does (but is limited when you compare it to more advanced and complete tools, like HIX.AI).

The Quillbolt interface enables you to paste text in and adjust the style (sentences or paragraphs) and summary length (short to long). You can summarize as much as you want, but there’s a 600-word input limit on the free version.

Does it work? QuillBot is an AI-powered summarizing tool that does a great job of producing simple, quick, and clear summaries. It’s perfect for students or those with simple requirements who want a free solution without the extra features.


  • Quillbolt is free, with the cut-and-paste interface easy to use.
  • The sliders make it simple to adjust the complexity of summaries.
  • Basic tool with no advanced features.


  • Summaries are basic and unsophisticated.
  • Can’t manage content from multiple formats.
  • Feels outdated and expensive when compared to new entrants to the market.

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Jasper AI – Best AI summarizer for lengthy articles


Jasper AI’s text summarizer can manage a massive 12,000 characters of text which it can process to generate results. Even better, you can use the summarizer to provide results in 25 languages, so it works as a translator, too!

One of the key benefits Jasper AI claims is that summaries are 100% unique, which is true – but in our tests, they still fail to pass AI checkers which means you’ll need to be careful when using it professionally.


  • Can summarize large blocks of text
  • Results are reliable and engaging
  • Can translate into 25 different languages


  • Expensive
  • Many users will pay for features they never use

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SEMrush - Best AI Summarizer for SEO


SEMrush is one of the world’s favorite SEO writing tools, but did you know it also includes a summarizer? OK, so nobody is buying SEMrush for its summarizer, but if you're already paying for the tool, it’s a handy add–on, if you have it.

Does it work? The SEMrush summarizer uses AI to help break down text into chunks. The summarizer is economical with words, which means you’ll get precise summaries that are great for creating SEO content like page descriptions, meta tags and titles. Paste in your blog text, and you can choose your summary length. When you’re working on SEO, the shorter the better!

It’s great if you’ve already got a subscription, but it’s not worth it on its own.


  • Fee if you already have a SEMrush subscription (expensive if you don’t!)
  • Results are readable and checked for plagiarism to ensure they’re original
  • Content summaries are optimized for SEO


  • Not worth the massive subscription fee unless you’re using all the tools

SummarizingTool – Best super-basic AI summarizer


Sometimes simpler is better, and the Summarizing Tool certainly is basic. The interface and icon may look like it’s part of the Office 95 suite of tools, but it’s a free summarizer that’s got some style.

You can copy and paste the text into the box or use it to extract text from a variety of formats (including TXT, DOC/DOCX, and PDF). Once you’ve added your text, use the slider to adjust the summary length.

The resulting AI summaries are pretty basic, but they’re fast, efficient, and (didn’t we say?) free!


  • It’s free
  • Interface is super simple and the typewriter-style font is cool


  • Results are average
  • Only translates into 8 languages

Resoomer – Best AI summarizer for web scraping


Resoomer is a powerful AI summarizer that can scrape pages and provide a summary. Instead of having to extract text, you can add the URL into the box and let the system do the work.

We tried Resoomer on several web pages, including news sites, blogs, and more and it performed well. While the results weren’t up to the standard of HIX Summarizer, the free version delivered passable results without much personality. You’ll need to pay for the pro version for more features and better results.


  • A free, and easy to use summarizer that can access web pages
  • Results are fast and reliable


  • While the content is clear, summaries produced by the free version lack personality

TLDR This – Best AI summarizer for academics 


The TLDR This boasts a client list of some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious colleges all of whom are using the project. The article summarizer is a specialist tool that can quickly and accurately break down academic papers into essential parts.

We’re not scientists or academic experts, but the results of our trials were fascinating. TLDR This comes with a range of browser extensions making it easy to add to your study sessions.


  • Designed for academics and provides razor-sharp summaries of studies and academic papers
  • Can save students and academics huge amounts of time!


  • Limited appeal for general users

Writer – Best AI summarizer for basic bullets


We’re not talking about bullets you fire from a gun, but bullet points – it’s what Writer does best. The free summarizer takes your text and summarizes it into a number of bullet points. How many? That’s up to you.

The summarizer is pretty limited, but if you want something to create some basic bullet points, then this AI summarizer is for you.


  • Creates bullet point lists of all types of content
  • You control how many bullets
  • Results are OK, but not inspirational


  • Not as sophisticated or advanced as other AI summarizers

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Frase – Best AI summarizer for Google lovers


Frase's business model is all about beating the Google algorithm, so as you’d expect its summaries are SEO-friendly. But are they of any use to real readers? In our tests, the bullet point lists provided a passable approximation of the key messages but would require some work if we were ever going to publish them.

Frase has made its summarizing tool freely available on its site, so why not check it out yourself?


  • Free AI summary generator that’s built around the demands of Google search
  • Bullet point lists are logical and easy to read


  • Frase keeps all the good stuff for its paying customers!

Scribbr – Best AI for sentence-by-sentence summaries


Scribbr is another free AI summarizer that uses AI to generate error-free and intelligent responses. We found that it was a great tool for working sentence-by-sentence or paragraph-by–paragraph because of its 600-word limit.

The team at Scribbr also promises that none of the summaries are ever saved, which means they’re 100% safe to use for documents such as contracts.

You can choose to condense text into key sentences or paragraphs. The system is speedy and the results are effective. It’s our choice for the security-conscious document summarizer!


  • 100% secure with no summary ever saved
  • Can upload documents


  • Can’t access PDF documents or other sources
  • Has a limit of 600 words

Your FAQs On The Best Summarizing Tools

Got a question about online summary makers? Here's where we answer them!

What are summary generator tools?

Summary generator tools take information (text, PDF, video, audio) and analyze it to pick out the most important points. The results are a summary of the key points. Systems use artificial intelligence (AI) to perform the analysis and create summaries.

What is the best summary generator?

In our tests, we found the HIX Summarizer outperformed the other AI summarizers. As well as generating crystal clear summaries in seconds, it can manage data from multiple sources, including text, PDF, and Youtube videos. The free browser integrations make it easy to incorporate the HIX summarizer into any workflow.

What is the best AI tool to summarize articles?

Articles can be complex to summarize, and free tools simply aren’t up to the job. In our tests, HIX Summarizer created the most accessible and accurate summaries for articles. The results generated provided an accurate summary of all the key points delivered in the correct order.

Is there an AI summarizing tool that summarizes PDFs?

Several of the free and subscription-based AI summarizers support the PDF format. If this is a core requirement, always read the small print! If you're considering summaries from multiple sources, the choice is HIX summarizer. It’s able to manage multiple formats, including text, PDF, and Youtube videos. It’s a single solution for all your summarizing requirements.

Why is it necessary to use a summary maker to create a summary?

Sometimes, you don’t have the time to read an entire article, document, or report – you just want the headlines. Summarizing tools do the hard work for you, delivering a simple breakdown of the key messages from the text. Advanced summarizers like HIX Summarizer can also be used to analyze PDFs and Youtube videos. Why waste time when technology can do the work for you?

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