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Home > Writing > 10 Best Free AI Paragraph Generators

10 Best Free AI Paragraph Generators

Leah Buenavida
Written by
Leah BuenavidaFreelance Tech Writer
Updated on:Mar 05, 2024

Sometimes, you need a little help coming up with writing ideas.

An AI paragraph writer can be the ticket. These handy tools write paragraphs for you, which can either serve as inspiration for your own writing, or be used as research material that can then be inserted directly into what you’re writing.

But you’ve got one condition – you don’t want to pay for the tool. And with these free paragraph writer tools, you won’t have to. Read on and explore the 10 best free AI paragraph generators!

The Best Free AI Paragraph Generators

  1. HIX.AI – Best Paragraph Generator Overall
  2. – Best Free Paragraph Writing for Tone
  3. NeuralText – Best for Simplicity
  4. Ahrefs – Best for Multiple Languages
  5. Hypotenuse AI – Best for Multiple Drafts
  6. Simplified – Best for Speed
  7. Anyword – Best for Random Paragraphs
  8. Scalenut – Best for Optimized Paragraphs
  9. AISEO – Best for Using SEO Keywords
  10. HyperWrite – Best for Longform Paragraphs

HIX.AI – Best Paragraph Generator Overall


The great thing about HIX.AI is that it handles everything. As a robust free paragraph writer, it lets you choose keywords, voice tone, and the intended audience for the resulting work. You can even drop in some additional information, giving the AI context to work from when creating your paragraph.

The result? A paragraph that’s contextually relevant and pre-optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

The tool is powered by ChatGPT, and you get 1,000 free words per week, with an option to upgrade to paid packages that give you more. You also get the option to produce multiple outputs from one prompt, up to a maximum of five, which is great if you want a few options from which to choose.


Users can try out HIX.AI's free-to-use paragraph writer and generate up to 1,000 words per week.

Beyond the free version, plans start at $9.99 per month ($4.99/month if billed annually) for 20,000 words generated by GPT-3.5. For extensive uses, you can also consider the higher  $133 per month ($66.5/month if billed annually) for unlimited GPT-3.5 words and 300,000 GPT-4 words.

Note that all packages at HIX.AI are customizable to fit your dedicated content needs. Check out HIX.AI's pricing page for more information.


  • Over 30 languages
  • SEO keyword insertion
  • Powered by ChatGPT
  • Up to five outputs per prompt


  • Free version is limited to 1,000 words per week unless you sign up

Try the HIX.AI Paragraph Generator now >> – Best Free Paragraph Writing for Tone


Nine tone options are the highlight of’s paragraph generator, with the tool being capable of writing in styles ranging from persuasive to professional. You can even throw a little wit into the mix if you’re feeling humorous.

This isn’t a random paragraph generator, either. It allows you to add a description detailing what the generated paragraph should cover, as well as a handful of bullet points to guide the tool in its creation. The results aren’t always perfect (they rarely are with paragraph generators), but you should get something that’s tweakable into an acceptable piece of copy.


The free plan comes with a 2,000 chat word credit. You can upgrade to a $49-per-month Pro package ($36/month if billed annually), which delivers API access and unlimited words. Pricing is usage-based for the latter.


  • Lots of tone options
  • Over 95 languages after upgrading
  • 2,000 words of copy in the free tier


  • No middle-ground tier between Free and Pro
  • Enterprise pricing is unclear

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NeuralText – Best for Simplicity


There’s no fussing around with tons of options with NeuralText.

Its paragraph tool is simple – insert an article title and click generate. The AI paragraph writer does the rest. You’ll get a paragraph that’s contextually relevant and well-written, though it can come off as a little dry.

Of course, there is a downside to this simplicity. The free version of the tool is only available in English and seems to have one tone of voice.


Packages start at $19 per month to generate 20,000 words, with the Pro Plan Monthly going up to $119 for a trio of users who can collectively generate 40,000 AI words.


  • Very easy to use
  • Generates keywords in paid tiers
  • Multiple users at Pro Plan Monthly tier


  • Expensive top tier has a 40,000-word limit
  • You have to pay $19 for additional words at top tier

Ahrefs – Best for Multiple Languages


From English to Afrikaans, Ahrefs' free AI paragraph generator has almost every major language under the sun. Of course, that means plenty of options for creating text that’s relevant regardless of where you come from. But it also means the tool can serve as a handy translator, riffing on what already exists to create something in a different language.

It also lets you determine the length of the generated paragraph, from 15+ words to an unlimited amount. The latter option sometimes results in a long random paragraph, so trimming and editing is often required to create writing that makes sense.


Ahrefs AI paragraph generator doesn’t cost a cent. But if you want access to all of the other SEO tools Ahrefs offers, you’ll pay anywhere between $99 and $999 per month.


  • Customize the writing style
  • Generate paragraphs of any size
  • Lots of languages


  • Ahrefs SEO tools aren’t built into the generator
  • You can only generate one paragraph at a time

Hypotenuse AI – Best for Multiple Drafts


Why get one AI-generated paragraph when you can get several covering the same topic? That’s the approach Hypotenuse AI takes with its tool. It creates several drafts so you can pick and choose between the paragraphs to see which works best.

It does tend to get stuck when dealing with specific instructions, making it more suitable for quick writing prompts than detailed paragraphs that you’d insert straight into your writing.


Individual plans cost $15 per month for 20,000 words, while the team plan bumps that up to 90,000 words for $59.


  • Create multiple drafts from one prompt
  • Full access to tool in free trial


  • No permanently free version of Hypotenuse
  • Trips over more specific prompts

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Simplified – Best for Speed


Generate copy “lightning fast” is the claim Simplified makes, and it’s one it backs up with its paragraph creator. Type in a prompt and you get a paragraph generated in a matter of seconds (assuming you sign up for Simplified first).

Interestingly, the tool takes you into a text editor upon generating your paragraph, perhaps recognizing that you may want to make some tweaks to the copy. It’s a solid, if unspectacular, editor that allows you to add some basic formatting, such as bolding and underlining. You can even add to the generated paragraph, essentially creating a full piece from the output.


Upgrading to the Pro plan costs $18 a month and gives you 35,000 words.


  • Direct publishing to Shopify
  • Paid plan integrates Grammarly
  • Generated paragraph is easy to edit


  • Text editor is fairly limited
  • Have to upgrade to Pro plan for brand voices

Anyword – Best for Random Paragraphs


Anyword has the prompting tools you’d expect from a paragraph-writing AI. You can set a topic and elaborate on specifics that you want to see in the output. But where it really stands out is in its “Surprise Me” feature.

Click the “Surprise Me” button and Anyword generates a paragraph about a random topic. Why might that be useful? Beyond the fun factor of simply seeing what the AI comes up with, “Surprise Me,” is also a great feature for coming up with writing prompts for your own work.


Anyword features three tiers. Starter costs $39 per month, Data-Driven Teams is $49, and Business has custom pricing. All offer unlimited words.


  • Fun “Surprise Me” random generator
  • Six pre-set tones and a customization option
  • Incorporates your selected keywords


  • Feels complicated to generate a paragraph
  • Limited number of pre-set tones

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Scalenut – Best for Optimized Paragraphs


Scalenut is as much an optimization tool as it is a paragraph tool. Yes, it’ll write simple paragraphs based on low-level prompts at the free level. But if you upgrade to one of its paid packages, you get a tool that suggests keywords and optimizes your content as it writes.

A special mention goes to its editing tools, which support your optimization efforts by helping you integrate the keywords it generates. Jump up to the “Growth” tier and it’ll even optimize the paragraphs for you.


Packages range from $39 per month to $149, though Scalenut often has 50% off sales if you pay annually.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Keyword planning
  • Useful topic research


  • Free tool takes a long time to generate content
  • Auto-optimizing is locked behind a paywall

AISEO – Best for Using SEO Keywords


Tone and language options are par for the course with AISEO, but it’s the “SEO” part of the name that takes center stage. The tool allows you to add keywords you’d like to incorporate into your paragraph, even going so far as to suggest keywords based on what you enter to further optimize the piece.

As for the generation tool itself, a few points about what you want to cover is all it needs to come up with your paragraph.


AISEO’s paragraph generator is free to use.


  • Powerful paraphrasing tool
  • Incorporates your keywords into its writing
  • Several tone and language options
  • Produces two paragraphs per prompt


  • Only has three voice tones
  • Locks other optimization features behind paywalls

HyperWrite – Best for Longform Paragraphs


HyperWrite’s paragraph generator gives you two options for paragraph length - shortform and longform. The latter is especially useful for technical pieces, which often require more detailed examination of a subject.

The “Smarter” option is interesting, too. Rather than instantly creating a paragraph, it types the paragraph out as you watch, creating a more informed opinion than you get from its “Faster” option.


Beyond its free paragraph generator, HyperWrite AI offers a Premium tier ($19.99 per month) and an Ultra tier ($44.99 per month). The latter supports more character inputs and gives you priority-level customer support.


  • Option between “Faster” and “Smarter” copy
  • Writes drafts live if you choose the “Smarter” option
  • Great for longform paragraphs


  • Output quality varies and can be quite generic
  • No options for tone or language

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FAQs About the Best Paragraph Generators

1. How do AI paragraph makers write a paragraph for me?

An AI-driven paragraph maker takes your input and transforms it into natural language text using artificial intelligence. Results can vary depending on the tool. But you’ll usually get a fast output that’s usable for most purposes. Some tools even let you select a tone of voice or target market, making them useful for blogging, marketing, and even education.

As for how that works, paragraph generators are powered by large language models (LLMs) – models that have learned from thousands of words of existing text data so they understand what human-generated writing looks like.

2. Can a free AI paragraph writer produce a high-quality output?

Yes, it can, assuming the AI behind it is advanced enough. The more complex the LLM behind the tool, the better its output will be. Of course, that also means that tools with less-powerful LLMs may struggle. It’s similar to human writing in that respect – a more educated writer tends to produce better content.

3. How do I choose the best AI paragraph generator for my needs?

Start by figuring out what type of content you want to create.

Each tool has different specialties. Some are great for fun blogging because they can riff on a subject, whereas others provide additional tools related to voice tone and market type, allowing you to create content for a specific audience.

Next, test the tool to see what the quality of its output looks like. This is where you’ll see the most variance, as each tool has a different LLM behind it. Beyond the obvious (proper spelling and grammar), you’re looking for a tool that creates an engaging tone and is free of plagiarism, something that HIX.AI guarantees.

Finally, the factor that has the biggest impact on most buying decisions – pricing. Most tools that can make a paragraph come with free versions, though some are just free trials that give you a brief taste of what they can do.

Once you know what each tool can do for free, read reviews, check user feedback, and compare the features versus the prices charged to find the right tool at the right price.

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