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Home > Writing > 18 Best Free Paraphrasing Tools Online in 2024

18 Best Free Paraphrasing Tools Online in 2024

Jessica Shee
Written by
Jessica SheeProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Apr 26, 2024

Looking for a clever way to rephrase your text without breaking a sweat? Enter the magical realm of paraphrasing tools! These automated marvels are here to lend you a hand, using their fancy algorithms to analyze your original text and whip up captivating alternatives. Picture this: you get to convey the same meaning, but with a refreshing twist in the wording. They're not just handy; they're your secret weapon against plagiarism too.

Now, this article is about to reveal the top 18 paraphrasing tools that will save you precious time and effort in your quest for captivating content creation. Get ready to embark on a journey that will redefine your approach to crafting compelling content and avoiding duplicate content.

18 Best Paraphrasing Tools

  1. HIX.AI - Best Paraphrasing Tool Overall
  2. BypassGPT – Best Undetectable AI Paraphrasing Tool
  3. QuillBot - Best for Different Modes of Paraphrasing
  4. Humbot – Best Paraphraser for Humanizing AI Text
  5. AIHumanizer – Best Paraphraser for Converting AI to Human Text
  6. Paraphrase Online - Best Sentence Rephraser Tool
  7. Plagiarism Detector - Best for Paragraph Rewriting Tool
  8. Duplichecker - Best for Checking Plagiarism of Changed Text
  9. PrePostSeo - Best Paraphraser for SEO Specialists
  10. Spinbot - Best for the Shortest/Longest Rewritten Text
  11. Editpad - Best for Free Multilingual Paraphrasing
  12. SEOToolsCentre - Best Paraphrasing Tool for Unlimited Words
  13. SearchEngineReports - Best for Exporting Paraphrased Text
  14. SmallSEOTools - Best for Uploading Articles for Paraphrasing
  15. Grammarly - Best for Rephrasing Sentences Separately
  16. Paraphrasing Tool - Best for Basic Paraphrasing Needs
  17. Wordtune - Best for Rephrasing Short Content
  18. - Best for Changing Words Around

1. HIX.AI - Best Paraphrasing Tool Overall

HIX.AI is the most powerful all-in-one AI writing copilot designed to assist with copies for ads, emails, blogs, and more.

The HIX.AI Paraphrasing Tool goes beyond simply rewriting sentences with random synonyms, as its competitors like QuillBot do. Instead, it leverages GPT-3.5 and 4 models and understands the context and essence of the original text the way humans do. As a result, the rewritten content conveys the same message naturally, without sounding awkward at all.


Like other tools from HIX.AI, this paraphraser provides many customization options. 2 creativity levels. 8 target audience options. 9 tones of voice. 50+ languages. These are the figures that describe its versatility.

Better yet, the HIX.AI toolkit comes with an all-in-one browser extension that enables paraphrasing, editing, translating, and more on the fly. This eliminates the need to toggle between different tabs or tools.




  • No offline mode

Try the HIX.AI Paraphrasing Tool Now >>

2. BypassGPT – Best Undetectable AI Paraphrasing Tool

bypassgpt-home (1).jpg

When looking to paraphrase content produced by AI generators like ChatGPT and Gemini (formerly Bard), BypassGPT is a suitable tool for the job. It rephrases and restructures sentences in AI text for a natural flow, like in human-written content.

In addition to paraphrasing content, BypassGPT is designed to make AI text undetectable. Its humanization technology helps you produce 100% human-score content that bypasses popular AI detectors, such as GPTZero,, Copyleaks, and Sapling.

One might wonder if BypassGPT is exclusively meant for AI text. The answer is a definitive no! It can also be utilized to rephrase your own content, delivering top-notch rewrites. Best of all, you won’t need to worry about copyright-related penalties, as BypassGPT produces output that is original and completely plagiarism-free.


  • Retains the original text meaning
  • Makes any AI text 100% undetectable
  • Paraphrases text in over 50 languages
  • Fixes grammar errors and spelling mistakes
  • Offers three powerful undetectable paraphrasing modes


  • Free plan is limited to 125 words

3. QuillBot - Best for Different Modes of Paraphrasing


QuillBot is a paraphrasing website that provides many useful features to help individuals and businesses create or rewrite text content. It offers free online writing services, including a paraphraser, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, summarizer, citation generator, and translator.

Its essential paraphrasing capabilities allow you to rewrite the text in 7 modes - Standard, Fluency, Formal. Simple, Creative, Expand, and Shorten. The last 5 modes require a premium subscription. QuillBot has a Chrome extension and a Microsoft Word extension to let you produce error-free and enhanced content anywhere.


  • Paraphrases and translates text in 18 languages
  • Allows exporting rephrased content to DOCX format
  • Provides content statistics, including word count, character count, syllable count, readability, etc.
  • Intuitive word changer tool to flip synonyms and phrases of similar meaning easily


  • Free paraphrasing feature is limited to 125 words upon signup

Read More About QuillBot

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4. Humbot – Best Paraphraser for Humanizing AI Text


Humbot excels in paraphrasing content to make it more readable and error-free while preserving the original meaning of the input text. As a result, rewritten content retains contextual accuracy.

Far surpassing the role of a simple paraphraser, Humbot positions itself as an undetectable AI paraphrasing tool capable of humanizing AI text. It helps convert AI text into human-written content that achieves a 100% human score across AI detectors, including GPTZero,, ZeroGPT, and Content at Scale.


  • Humanizes AI text produced by popular generators like Gemini, ChatGPT, and GPT-4
  • Output is original and plagiarism-free
  • Paraphrasing content to help bypasses AI detection


  • Free plan has a small word limit
  • Sign-up is required to test how the tool works

5. AIHumanizer – Best for Converting AI to Human Text


AIHumanizer is a user-friendly undetectable AI paraphrasing tool that helps rewrite any content while maintaining the original meaning and enhancing the readability.

Another notable feature of AIHumanizer is the ability to convert AI-generated content to human text. It uses cutting-edge humanization technology to generate human-like output that bypasses AI detectors such as GPTZero, Turnitin, and

Additionally, the output is unique to prevent plagiarism issues. It also ensures that the paraphrasing results are free from grammatical and spelling errors. As a result, you end up with polished content ready for publishing or submission.


  • Multilingual paraphrasing
  • Guaranteed 100% human score on every AI scan
  • Prevents content from being flagged as spam by search algorithms
  • Generates SEO-friendly text
  • Maintains contextual accuracy


  • Does not offer paraphrasing history records
  • No customization options like the ability to select your audience and tone

6. Paraphrase Online - Best Sentence Rephraser Tool


Paraphrase Online, as its name implies, is an online paraphrasing platform that helps students, teachers, bloggers, media marketers, researchers, and other content writers to change words and rephrase sentences. It provides 5 rewriting options -Word changer, Sentence Rephraser, Academic, Creative, and Shorten.

It has a clean dual-pane interface that makes it straightforward to use. You can type or paste the text from a Word, PDF, webpage, or TXT file into the input box. With a single button click, Paraphrase Online will generate a paraphrased version of the original text shortly.


  • 100% free paraphrase tool
  • Changes words around accurately and allows customization
  • Fast processing speed


  • English is the only supported language
  • It is not ideal for paraphrasing an essay because it has a 125-word limit

7. Plagiarism Detector - Best for Paragraph Rewriting Tool


Plagiarism Detector focuses on checking plagiarism in your text to avoid duplicate content penalties in SEO, but it also offers many other practical utilities such as Reverse Image Search, Paraphrasing Tool, Article Rewriter, Grammar Checker, and Word to PDF converter.

The AI-based paraphrase tool supports a minimum of 50 words and up to 2,000 words. 3 paraphrasing modes are available - Smart Spin, Ultra Spin, and Replace Manually.


  • Easy-to-use rephrase interface
  • Convenient grammar and plagiarism check
  • Paraphrases content in 9 languages
  • The result is downloadable


  • This paraphrasing website supports ads
  • The rewording process is relatively slow, especially for longer texts

8. Duplichecker - Best for Checking Plagiarism of Changed Text


Duplichecker is a paraphrasing website that contains many useful tools. In addition to text-related tools such as grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and image-to-text converter, Duplichecker comes with a wide variety of online utilities like IP tools, password manager, binary translator, and many more.

The paraphrasing tool by Duplichecker is basic but works well. You can paste up to 2,000 words for rewriting. It offers 3 rewriting modes - Smart Spin, Ultra Spin, and AI Rephrase.


  • Allows uploading DOC, DOCX, TXT, PDF, CVS, and other file types
  • Paraphrases articles and sentences in 9 languages
  • Enables you to check plagiarism and grammar of the changed text


  • The free edition offers very limited features in languages and AI technology
  • Supports ads

9. PrePostSeo - Best Paraphraser for SEO Specialists


Another best paraphrasing tool lies in PrePostSeo. PrePostSeo is a comprehensive tool hub designed for webmasters and SEO experts. Its 95+ free online tools are also handy for multiple personal and professional requirements. It can paraphrase words in 4 modes - Standard, Fluency, Creative, and Smarter.


  • Allows exported paraphrased content in DOC format
  • Supports paraphrasing text in 5 languages
  • Enables users to upload files from a local folder or Google Drive


  • Restrictive 500-word limit
  • Aggressive and intrusive advertising in the free version

10. Spinbot - Best for the Shortest/Longest Rewritten Text


Spinbot is a paraphrasing bot that can generate a rewritten version of certain words. It offers 3 rewriting styles - Find Shortest Available, Random (Default), and Find Longest Available. The paraphrasing feature is quite simple, and its advanced paraphrasing function is provided by the QuillBot paraphraser.


  • Generously offers a free 10,000-word limit
  • Allows you to select words to avoid before rephrasing
  • Free paraphraser Chrome extension is available


  • Paraphrases English content only
  • No word highlighter or word changer

11. Editpad - Best for Free Multilingual Paraphrasing


The paraphrasing tool by Editpad is a free online paraphraser that helps anyone who needs content creation and improvement to reword sentences, articles, essays, and other texts. It has 5 paraphrasing modes to suit most writing cases - Smooth, Reworder, Formal, Smart, and Improver.


  • Unlimited free paraphrasing
  • Supports text file import for paraphrasing
  • Allows download paraphrased text in DOC format
  • Rephrase in 17 languages


  • Doesn't provide alternate words for replacement
  • Can't rephrase the entire text more than once

12. SEOToolsCentre - Best Paraphrasing Tool for Unlimited Words


SEOToolsCentre is another SEO-oriented paraphrase tool alongside a plagiarism checker, backlink checker, and social signal checker. By clicking a colorfully highlighted word, you can restore it or use another suggested alternate word. However, the single display window is not very convenient for comparing the original text and the paraphrased version.


  • Allow downloading the rewritten text in TXT and HTML formats
  • Best essay paraphraser as there is no word limit
  • Rewrite words in 7 languages


  • No rewriting modes available
  • Can't rewrite the whole text multiple times

13. SearchEngineReports - Best for Exporting Paraphrased Text


SearchEngineReports is a website that paraphrases for you and provides many other writing and SEO tools. Its paraphrasing feature uses a four-step approach to generate rewritten words. The whole process is reasonably fast. You can use it to rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and articles up to 2,000 words for free.


  • Support paraphrasing and translating text in 5 languages
  • Allow importing documents from a local drive or Dropbox
  • Download the report in Text, PDF, or Word formats


  • The website is heavily loaded with ads
  • No support for paraphrasing styles

14. SmallSEOTools - Best for Uploading Articles for Paraphrasing


SmallSEOTools is an online SEO tools hub featuring a diversity of programs for optimizing content. Its paraphrasing tool lets you paste or import files from your computer, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can change your original content with alternate expressions up to 2,000 words at no cost with it.


  • Translate paraphrased content in 9 languages
  • Download the result in PDF
  • Printable


  • Limited AI paraphrasing modes for the free version
  • Processing time is slow

15. Grammarly - Best for Rephrasing Sentences Separately


Grammarly is known as a virtual writing assistant that helps users provide instant suggestions for grammar and spell corrections and content polishing. It also offers a paraphrasing tool that rewords your content sentence by sentence.


  • Multiple paraphrased sentences available for selection
  • Powerful AI algorithms from Grammarly


  • Limited free support for 500 characters
  • Doesn't support importing or exporting files

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16. Paraphrasing Tool - Best for Basic Paraphrasing Needs


With a large 10,000 words limit, Paraphrasing Tool is a good option for paraphrasing long essays, assignments, articles, and other text-intensive tasks. However, this paraphrasing bot is very basic and the more sophisticated paraphrasing capabilities are integrated with QuillBot.


  • Exclude certain words for paraphrasing
  • Simple to use
  • Free Chrome extension available


  • No specific word changer feature
  • No file import and export options

17. Wordtune - Best for Rephrasing Short Content


Wordtune gives you multiple rephrased versions of the content after you copy and paste it into the input box. You can conveniently compare the versions and pick the most satisfying one.


  • Free Chrome extension
  • Multiple rewritten text options


  • A very small 280 words limit
  • The free plan allows for only 10 rewrites per day
  • Not editable result

Read More About Wordtune

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18. - Best for Changing Words Around

paraphraser is a simple paraphrasing tool that lets you easily generate rewritten text to improve clarity and quality. It offers two paraphrasing modes, Word Changer, and Creative, but the latter needs a premium plan.


  • Downloadable result in DOC file
  • Rewrite and translate content in 4 languages
  • Highlighted words that have been alternated


  • 500 words limit
  • Not editable result

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Final Words

You can choose one of the best paraphrasing tools in this article to help you bypass the plagiarism check and improve the efficiency and quality of the content production. However, paraphrasing tools are not foolproof. The quality of the paraphrased output may vary. You should review and edit the results to ensure accuracy and appropriateness for your specific context or purpose.

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