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10 Best AI Book Writers

Nicole Willing
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Nicole WillingProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Dec 20, 2023

You fancy yourself as a book writer but you don’t have time to come up with tons of ideas. You need a helping hand, which you can get if you use AI to write a book.

But not just any old tool will do. You need software that understands structure, narrative flow, and characterization if you’re going to create a cohesive story. That’s where these 10 best AI book writers come in, with each offering something different to the aspiring novelist.

The Top 10 AI Book Writers

  1. Sudowrite – Best for Character Generation
  2. HIX.AI – Best AI Book Writer for Genre Options
  3. Jasper – Best Free Trial
  4. Rytr – Best for Novel Illustrations
  5. NovelAI – Best AI Fiction Writer
  6. Sassbook – Best Creative Writing AI for Ease of Use
  7. Shortly AI – Best for Rewriting
  8. Copy.ai – Best for Branded eBooks
  9. ClosersCopy – Best for Marketing Books
  10. AI Dungeon – Best Fantasy Novel Writing AI

Sudowrite – Best for Character Generation


Characters drive stories, and it’s in creating characters that Sudowrite excels thanks to its Character Generator tool. Think of this as a writing prompt that gives you character ideas and potential backgrounds you can build into your stories.

It works automatically, too. Sign up and the tool starts using AI to write a book. You can dip in at any time to edit and write alongside it, with AI-powered suggestions along the way. Think of it as a collaborative process.

The AI starts writing, drawing from its own language models to come up with ideas and characters. You read as it writes, and can stop the generator at any time to build on the AI’s concepts or tweak them to align with your own.

A word of warning though – Sudowrite doesn’t have a built-in plagiarism checker. As such, it’s always worth researching the character names and backstories it creates just in case it uses something that’s already in another novel.


Plans range from $10 to $100 per month, with the latter giving you 300,000 words – more than enough to draft and redraft a book.


  • Character generation tool
  • Automatically writes along with you
  • Can rewrite your text
  • Useful brainstorming tool


  • No plagiarism checker
  • Somewhat experimental and derivative

HIX.AI – Best AI Book Writer for Genre Options


Powered by GPT 3.5 (with GPT 4.0 being an option for more complex text), HIX.AI’s book writer covers everything a novelist needs. That starts with the range of book genres it has on offer. The tool covers romance, science fiction, autobiographies, and many more, with each being adaptable based on the nine tones on offer.

As for prompting, you need to be a little more detailed. HIX.AI gives you 500 characters in which to write your prompt – more than enough for a basic story synopsis.

The free version of the tool gives you 3,000 words to play with, providing enough for a first chapter or the skeleton of a short story.


You can use HIX.AI's book writer for free, with a 1,000-word limit per week. There are also customizable paid plans available. Prices vary from $9.99 to $133 per month. You will also get 23% - 33% off if you subscribe annually, making it possible to experience the AI magic with just $4.99 per month with 20,000 GPT-3.5 words.


  • Choose from 15 book genres
  • 30+ languages
  • Choice between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 generation
  • Plenty of characters for prompts


  • Limited to 3,000 words at the free tier

Give HIX.AI's book writer a try to see what unique takes on your ideas it offers >>

Jasper – Best Free Trial


With 10,000 words on offer with its free trial, Jasper is a good choice if you want to give an AI novel writer a spin. The problem – Jasper is geared toward marketing ahead of novel writing. That doesn’t mean it can’t come up with decent creative writing, given the right prompt.

And with 10,000 words to test, you quickly get an idea of whether it can produce the type of story you want to tell. But it’s generally better for autobiographies and self-help books than it is for fiction.


Starting at $39 per month for its Creator tier, up to $99 for the Teams version, Jasper is reasonably priced. Custom pricing is also available in its Business tier.


  • 10,000 words in free trial
  • Select a brand voice
  • Good for business-oriented books


  • Struggled with narrative storytelling
  • Research isn’t Jasper’s strong point

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Rytr – Best for Novel Illustrations


Rytr already has a lot going for it as an AI book editor. It has its own plagiarism checker, meaning no accidental stealing from other writers, and you can choose from over 30 languages and 20 writing tones.

But where it excels is in creating visuals to go along with your story. Its built-in AI image generator creates five images per month (free plan) – perfect for children’s books or novels that require some illustrations.


Rytr has three tiers, starting with a Free package that generates 10,000 characters per month. Upgrade to Saver for $9 per month to get 100,000 characters, or Unlimited to get as many characters as you want for $29 per month.


  • AI-generated illustrations
  • Has its own plagiarism checker
  • Over 30 languages
  • Interesting community


  • Very limited character count at Free and Saver tiers
  • Can be repetitive when expanding existing paragraphs

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NovelAI – Best AI Fiction Writer


Where many AI writing tools try to do it all, NovelAI sets out its stall early – it’s focused on fiction alone.

That makes it a great choice for a story writer AI, as the tool does a great job of tracking narrative threads and keeping up with characters. It also gives you two modes. Storyteller is all about you writing from scratch, with the AI chiming in with suggestions.

As for Text Adventure, the roles are reversed as you join a story in progress that you influence with your prompts.


Subscription tiers range from free to $25 per month, though all have memory limits. At the top tier – Opus – you can generate about 32,500 characters that the AI remembers.


  • Two fun ways to write stories
  • Four AI models with different writing styles
  • Able to create cross-genre content


  • Limited character memory at all tiers
  • Minor logical inconsistencies between prompts and generated content

Sassbook – Best Creative Writing AI for Ease of Use


Simplicity is the name of the game with Sassbook – you type a short prompt and the tool does the rest of the work for you. It even advertises an “AI Story Writer” tool, though it’s limited to generating a maximum of 100 words per prompt. While that’s a definite limitation for AI book writing, it’s useful as a story prompter or for tidying up existing text.


Sassbook has two paid tiers, with Standard costing $32.50 per month, while Premium costs $49.16. You’re billed yearly, meaning an upfront charge of up to $600.


  • Three creativity levels ranging from Conservative to Inventive
  • Up to six chunks of text per prompt
  • Unlimited generations per day at top tier
  • Can paraphrase existing content


  • Very limited word output
  • Doesn’t offer as many creative tools as other AI novel writing software

Shortly AI – Best for Rewriting


Refined rewriting commands are the order of the day for Shortly AI, which gives you a handy tool that not only allows you to rewrite generated text but also lets you specify how you want it rewritten. Combine that with unlimited document creation and you get a story-writing AI that keeps trying until it gets it right.


Shortly keeps things simple with pricing, as you pay $79 per month for access. That drops to $65 per month (with two months free) if you subscribe to the annual plan and pay for the entire year upfront.


  • Excellent rewriting setup
  • Straightforward user interface
  • No limits on document creation


  • Sometimes inserts parts of your brief into the story
  • Not great for sales-related books

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Copy.ai – Best for Branded eBooks


Copy.ai isn’t the best novel writing AI tool available. It struggles with creative copy and isn’t much use for fiction, either.

But where it excels is in brand-related copy, making it a good choice for creating eBooks that are heavy on brand voice without needing to get too creative. It has some useful tools, too, including the ability to use several brand voices and a prompt improver for refining output.


You can upgrade from the Free tier to Pro for $49 per month ($36 per month if billed annually), or engage the Copy.ai team directly at the customized Enterprise tier.


  • Automatically improves prompts for better results
  • Create multiple brand voices
  • Over 95 languages


  • Not ideal for creative or fiction writing
  • Often creates copy with basic errors

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ClosersCopy – Best for Marketing Books


The clue is in the name with ClosersCopy – it’s great at writing long-form content designed to close sales. Use it for marketing eBooks, whitepapers, and even brand-based storytelling and it produces solid results. Granted, that means it’s not so hot at fiction.

But if you’re running a business and want to write books related to your company, ClosersCopy can help you do that with the right balance of informative and salesy language.


Power and Superpower are the two main tiers on offer, with the former costing $49.99 per month and the latter setting you back $79.99. There’s also a team-based version of the Superpower tier, allowing you to add several members for $99.99 per month.


  • SEO auditing and planning
  • Over 700 writing frameworks
  • Longform copy generation
  • Solid email support


  • Struggles with fiction and narrative
  • Results get more erratic for longer copy

AI Dungeon – Best Fantasy Novel Writing AI


Delve into AI Dungeon and you’ll find a tool that is as much a text-based videogame as it is a novel writing AI. That’s not a bad thing, though, because the text adventures it generates based on your prompts can be formulated into a fantasy novel with a little extra input.

The tool’s also solid for generating “choose your adventure” novels, though it’s restricted to the fantasy genre.


AI Dungeon offers five tiers, starting from the free Wanderer tier and going up to the $29.99 per month Legend tier. Becoming a Legend nets you 1,650 monthly credits you can use to create more complex stories.


  • Gamification makes world-building more interesting
  • Free tier for testing the software
  • Can collaborate in story creation
  • Infinite world and character possibilities


  • Restricted to the fantasy genre
  • Some may not like the gaming elements

FAQs About the Best AI Book Writers

1. What is the best AI book writer?

That depends entirely on what you need from your AI novel writer. Some focus on specific genres, as you see with AI Dungeon, whereas others are good for creating sales-related copy that you can translate into a brand-related book. Yet others can come up with chapter-by-chapter stories or plot skeletons, which is where HIX.AI stands out.

2. How do AI book writers work?

Combining the use of natural language processing and complex algorithms, AI book writers can generate creative novels and books. The trick lies in the large language model (LLM) that powers the tool.

AI novel generator creators feed “text data” into the LLM, usually in the shape of existing stories, to teach the tool the basics of story creation, plot, syntax, and character development. From there, the AI book writer creates original content based on what it’s learned.

3. How to use AI to write a book?

As great as it would be to have an AI that can write an entire book, that’s not possible yet. An AI story writer can be great for coming up with plot points and characters, but you’ll often find mistakes and logical inconsistencies along the way. So, the best way to use AI to write a book is to use the AI-generated content to inform your own writing, tweaking along the way in a collaborative process between human and machine.

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