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Home > ChatGPT > Can Teachers Detect ChatGPT?

Can Teachers Detect ChatGPT?

Nicole Willing
Written by
Nicole WillingProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Jun 18, 2024

ChatGPT has been dominating headlines in recent months, with proponents embracing its ability to draft a broad range of written content, from business emails and blog posts to fiction stories, along with writing code. Many students are wondering if it is possible to use this AI tool to write academic essays or codes for school assignments without their teachers’ knowledge. Here is what you need to know about using ChatGPT and AI detection in schools.

Why Are Academic Professionals Using ChatGPT?

First, it is important to understand how ChatGPT fits into academia. Students may be surprised to learn that many of their professors and teachers are already using this technology. While using ChatGPT to generate full academic papers and passing them off as original work is strongly discouraged, some professors are finding it to be a valuable tool for helping to draft their lecture notes, create slides, develop outlines for presenting complex topics, or come up with exercises for students to practice new concepts in class.

It can also help professors find readings that students can use to supplement what they are learning. Some are using it to curate knowledge, instructing AI tools to distill long text sources such as research papers into a concise summary of key points.

However, most teachers who use ChatGPT for these purposes are not simply passing off their work to a tool. They understand the limitations of ChatGPT and take the time to check over its output, verify claims and refine the text so it suits their needs. Reputable academic professionals will not hand over major tasks to ChatGPT and allow it to complete them without their influence.

Why Are Academic Professionals Detecting ChatGPT?

The use of ChatGPT by students to write essays and assignments is considered a form of cheating by many academic institutions. The purpose of assignments such as compositions and essays is to demonstrate the student’s knowledge of the topic at hand. When a machine writes these papers on their behalf, the teacher has no way of knowing how well the student has grasped the material.

While some students may be using these tools as an aid to enhance their original writing, those who use it to write entire documents may not end up learning the material they need to know to succeed in their chosen field. In some disciplines, this could have dire consequences. For example, a medical student who uses ChatGPT to write their papers and has not mastered the material could put patients at risk when they enter the workforce.

Can Teachers Detect ChatGPT in Articles, Essays and Word Content?

The short answer is yes, teachers and professors can detect the use of ChatGPT when students submit articles, papers, essays and other written content. However, it can be complicated to make a fully accurate conclusion.

There are many tools available to teachers that can be used to analyze a written document and determine the likelihood that it was written by a human. However, these tools are very unreliable, and many warn that they should not be used to make disciplinary decisions in academics given their low accuracy rate. Many people have reported that their original work has been falsely flagged as AI, and some popular detector tools have even flagged famous works that preceded AI technology, such as the Bible and novels by Ernest Hemingway, as being AI-generated.

However, generative AI is still very new, and these tools are constantly being improved. There is a pressing need for more accurate detectors, and many companies are investing considerable time and energy in producing reliable tools and creating a better ChatGPT checker for teachers.

Another factor to consider is the human element. Some professors know how to detect ChatGPT without relying on detection tools. Teachers who are familiar with their students’ writing styles may be able to tell that they started using a tool if their submissions suddenly start sounding different than previous works. Many professors have said that AI content is easy to spot because it lacks critical analysis and insight. Some professors will also ask students to briefly defend or explain their essays orally to ensure they wrote them and understand the material.

Students should also keep in mind the fact that ChatGPT sometimes produces inaccurate information. Known as “hallucinations”, there have been multiple incidents of ChatGPT output containing factual errors and sometimes inventing things. A person who is familiar with the topic at hand, such as a professor, would be able to spot these inaccuracies, and if they are blatant, they may suspect that ChatGPT was used.

It is also worth noting that OpenAI has said they will be placing watermarks in ChatGPT responses in the future, which will make it significantly easier to detect content produced by the tool.

Can ChatGPT Be Detected by Teachers and Professors When Used for Coding?

When it comes to coding, the use of ChatGPT can be more challenging to detect. Most of the commercially available plagiarism detectors do not have the ability to analyze code, making it more difficult for professors to identify whether a specific piece of code has been generated by AI.

Nevertheless, there are some signs that code has been generated by AI that professors may pick up on. For example, if the code a student submits is more complex than the teacher expects a student of this level to produce or it contains complicated techniques that have not yet been covered in class, the professor may suspect the student used ChatGPT.

Another factor to consider is similarity to other work. If other students in the same class turn to ChatGPT for the same programming assignment, there is a good chance that all of their code will bear striking similarities. This is something that many professors are likely to investigate further.

HIX Bypass: A Simple, Fast, And Free Solutions to Bypass AI Detection

ChatGPT is often criticized for producing content that is too “robotic.” This is due to the fact that ChatGPT is a language model that takes human-writing samples to learn patterns. If you use the pure ChatGPT output right away, or perform some simple rewrite and modifications, teachers that use AI detectors can easily spot it.


HIX Bypass has the ability to bypass many of the most popular AI detection tools, and it is capable of transferring any of your AI generated text into fully original, human-like written content with the click of a button, enabling output to get the green light from most AI detectors with ease.

The best part is that it does all this while remaining accurate and retaining the text’s original meaning. This ensures that the processed and humanized content you get from HIX Bypass will not be altered or misinterpreted, and it will mean exactly the same as the input text.

Don’t worry, you can surely use this tool for free right away, and the process is just as easy as it gets. Simply enter your AI-generated text into HIX Bypass, and it will provide you with a humanized version of the text that you can use with confidence within minutes.

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What are you waiting for? Try out HIX Bypass for free today without providing a credit card number and no account registration is required!

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