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Is ChatGPT Down Right Now?

Nicole Willing
Written by
Nicole WillingProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Jun 18, 2024

Whether you’re a business that relies on ChatGPT for marketing content or a student working on a research paper, you often need the tool urgently. You know exactly what input to provide, but can you even use the app in the first place? You can’t if the software is down.

So, is ChatGPT down?

Navigating ChatGPT: An AI Tool That's Always Ready for You

Before diving into the topic of ChatGPT's accessibility, take a first-hand experience of the flexible, no-login required AI conversationalist, ChatGPT.

Is ChatGPT Down?

To answer your question, is ChatGPT down right now, the immediate answer is no. The platform isn’t down. As of October 7, 2023, you can use the platform without any issues. There seem to be no problems logging into your account, entering input, or generating content.

How Can You Tell if ChatGPT Is Down?

The most reliable way to determine if there’s a ChatGPT outage is straight from the horse’s mouth. Open your browser and go to the official OpenAI server status page. Here, you’ll know for sure if the platform is experiencing any problems.


What’s great about this page is that it gives you insights into all the previous outages. There haven’t been any major issues recently, but this doesn’t mean the tool is immune to malfunctions.


On the contrary, it can have a variety of bugs. Elevated error rates might be the biggest problem.

Admittedly, producing 100% factual content is hard, which is why an error rate of up to 5%-6% is tolerable. But if it soars to 20%-30%, it negatively impacts the customer experience. You start questioning everything the software generates, making it less reliable.

Whenever such spikes occurred, the developers reacted promptly and mitigated the jumps. There can be several reasons for the heightened error frequency:

  • Developers’ bias
  • Training the software on incorrect data
  • The fact that ChatGPT only uses information available up to 2021

Another reason that ChatGPT got down a few times in the last couple of months is latency. Many users experienced sluggish responses, and it often took the software several minutes to answer simple questions. Consequently, the app underwent technical maintenance to resolve the problem, which rendered the software unusable during this period.

Is There Another Way to See if ChatGPT Is Down?

If, for some reason, the ChatGPT status website doesn’t work, don’t hit the panic button. Many other pages monitor the status of this AI tool and provide timely updates.

ISDOWN is one of these websites. Like the official website, it reveals the ChatGPT server status in the upper part of the page, where it says whether the software is operational or not. Additionally, you get a timeline of previous malfunctions, including when they took place and their causes.


You can even make the website notify you about outages. Keep in mind that this requires a subscription.

However, ISDOWN isn’t foolproof either. It tends to go down itself from time to time, preventing you from checking the ChatGPT status. What do you do in this case?

You head to Twitter (or X, which is the new name of the social media platform). Go to the homepage and navigate to the search box, where you’ll type in “#ChatGPT” or “#OpenAI.” Chances are, someone will have posted an update.

What if ChatGPT Is Down for You Only?

The main reason you’d even check the ChatGPT server status is to see why the tool isn’t working. You can’t use the software, but you want to determine if it’s down for everyone else. If any of the two websites tell you there’s an outage, at least you’ll know it’s down for everyone and the administrators are working on a solution.

What if ChatGPT servers are fine, but the app still isn’t working on your end? You can try a few workarounds:

Clear Your Browsing Cache and Cookies

Websites use cookies to streamline your experience, but they can wreak havoc on certain pages. In some cases, they can interfere with ChatGPT, keeping you from using the AI tool.

You can see if this is the case by clearing cookies and emptying your browsing cache. Here’s how to do so on Google Chrome:

1. Launch Chrome and navigate to the top-right part of the screen.

2. Click the “More” button represented by the three dots.


3. Choose “More Tools,” followed by “Clear browsing data.”


4. Select the timeframe or “All time” to be safe. If you pick “All time,” you may be logged out of your social media and all other websites that require an account.


5. Check the fields next to the “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data” sections.

6. Press “Clear data,” and you’re good to go. If cookies were the culprit, you should now be able to access ChatGPT without any issues.

Change Your Browser

You’ve used an outage detector to answer your central question: “Is OpenAI down?” All systems seem operational, so you deleted your cache and cookies, but the tool isn’t responding.

You can try a simple workaround – using a different browser. Like cookies, various extensions integrated into your current browser can interfere with ChatGPT. Uninstalling them is rarely an option, so why not switch to a different browser?

Turn Off Your VPN

Security-wise, browsing via a VPN is a great call. It keeps malicious parties from tracking you down and stealing your information.

However, some VPNs might be incompatible with ChatGPT. Deactivate your version and switch to a standard connection for a few seconds to find out for sure.

ChatGPT Still Down? Skip All the Troubleshooting and Rely on a Different AI Tool

Although relatively rare, ChatGPT crashes are a major problem. If you’re in the middle of your project, an outage may reverse all your progress and make you start from scratch. And it doesn’t matter if the ChatGPT status is green or the issue is on your end only. The inconvenience might be too much.

Rather than waste more time troubleshooting ChatGPT, switch to HIX Chat, the finest ChatGPT alternative on the market. Featuring unprecedented speeds, HIX Chat is less prone to latency and other issues that plague similar apps.

HIX Chat’s dependable nature reduces the need for recurring technical maintenance. It lets you work comfortably, knowing interruptions are unlikely.

Another great thing about HIX Chat is its versatility. You can access it as a no-login-required web app or browser extension, whether you’re using Chrome or Edge.

And you don’t have to type in your questions. If there’s a PDF, web page, or even a YouTube video you’d like the software to work with, simply upload the file or copy the URL and let the AI engine do the rest.

Speaking of engines, you can choose between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, giving you more freedom.

All these features translate into a seamless AI chat experience.

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