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Home > ChatGPT > How to Fix ChatGPT's "Too Many Requests in 1 Hour. Try Again Later."

How to Fix ChatGPT's "Too Many Requests in 1 Hour. Try Again Later."

Scott Brown
Written by
Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Dec 26, 2023

Since ChatGPT appeared, its growth in popularity has been unprecedented. Just two months after the launch, it reached 100 million monthly active users, thus setting the record for the fastest-growing user base.

Given how useful artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are, this surge in popularity shouldn't come as a surprise. But while breaking records is an amazing feat, this massive number of users has also caused quite a lot of problems for ChatGPT.

If you tried to use ChatGPT and were met with the infamous "Too many requests in 1 hour. Try again later."; error message, you know precisely what this article refers to. But why does this error occur, and how can you fix it? That's what this guide is here to teach you.

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Why Does ChatGPT Display the "Too Many Requests in 1 Hour. Try Again Later."; Error?

This error message is pretty self-explanatory -- you've sent too many requests to the ChatGPT server within an hour, and now you're "locked out."; You might wonder, "How many requests are too many for ChatGPT?"; Unfortunately, there's no way to know this, as ChatGPT doesn't publicly disclose its specific request limit.

Basically, the only way to know you've done so is through the error message. Besides the typical "Too many requests in 1 hour. Try again later.";, ChatGPT might also display the "Too many requests, please slow down."; error message. Take this message as a warning and (as the chatbot suggests) slow down before losing your access to ChatGPT.

Now, you might think that the solution to this problem is quite simple -- just try again in one hour. And that's perfectly understandable (and should fix the problem!). But this error can sometimes appear even if you haven't made too many requests, which is where this troubleshooting guide comes to your rescue.

How to Fix ChatGPT's "Too Many Requests in 1 Hour. Try Again Later"; Error

If you're adamant about using ChatGPT but keep getting this annoying (and unwarranted) message, here's what to do.

Refresh the Page

Though this solution might seem too simple, sometimes it's enough to resolve the issue. So, the first thing you should do when met with the "Too many requests in 1 hour. Try again later."; message is hit the refresh button on your browser. If this error has been nothing but a glitch, you should be able to continue using ChatGPT hassle-free afterward.

Start a New Chat

If you've been working within the same chat for some time, you might see another variation of the error message: "You've reached our limit of messages per hour. Please try again later."; If you haven't sent that many messages, try switching to a new chat and trying there. To do so, simply click the "New chat"; button in the top-left corner.


Re-Login to ChatGPT

Anyone who's somewhat tech-savvy won't be surprised by this solution. After all, logging out and back in is a tried and tested way of resolving connectivity issues across the internet. So, if ChatGPT is giving you trouble, try this method. If you're lucky, it will clear the error and let you continue using the chatbot freely.

Check the ChatGPT's Server Status

Sometimes, the "You've reached our limit of messages per hour. Please try again later."; message has nothing to do with you. Instead, it has to do with ChatGPT's servers. If the chatbot's servers are down due to maintenance or downtime, you won't be able to use it without glitches, bugs, and errors.

Luckily, it takes one click to know whether this is the case. Visit OpenAI's status page, and you'll immediately know if all systems are operational. If yes, you'll need to look for another solution. If not, the only viable solution is to wait for the ChatGPT team to fix the issue.


Clear Your Browser's Cache

If ChatGPT continues to display the "You've reached our limit of messages per hour. Please try again later."; error even after it should've been resolved, your browser might be at fault. Your browser's cache might've become too cluttered with files to fetch fresh data from ChatGPT. If that's the case, clearing your cache should do the trick.

The exact steps depend on your browser. However, they are similar across platforms, so the following method based on Google Chrome should give you a clear idea of how to do it:

  1. Click on the three dots in the top-right corner to open the settings menu.
  2. Scroll to the "More tools"; option.
  1. Select "Clear browsing data…";
  1. Check the box next to the "Cached images and files"; option.
  1. Click "Clear data"; to confirm the action.

Use Another ChatGPT Account

If ChatGPT is still giving you trouble, you might have to switch to another account. Use an existing account or open a new one and try again. If the error was truly on your end, this should take care of the problem.

Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus

Do you want to avoid seeing the "You've reached our limit of messages per hour. Please try again later."; error altogether? If so, subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. This will allow you to access ChatGPT even during peak times and increase the number of requests you can send hourly.


Use a ChatGPT Alternative

Suppose none of the listed solutions works for you. Or, you simply don't want to go through so many steps every time ChatGPT decides to display a new error message. In that case, the best thing you can do is switch to a different AI chatbot.

If you're looking for a chatbot that can rival this powerful tool, let us do you one better -- present you with a ChatGPT alternative that can outperform ChatGPT. Enter HIX Chat.

This chatbot, based on ChatGPT and GPT-4, has all the same functionalities as ChatGPT (without all the errors) but also allows you to access real-time data. In other words, its knowledge isn't as capped or limited as ChatGPT's. Also, using HIX Chat, you'll be able to work with much more than text prompts. PDF files or links; you name it, HIX Chat can read it (and work wonders with it!).

You can access this incredible chatbot below, via the web app (free, no-login required) or HIX.AI's Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions.

Have a Chat With AI Hassle-Free

With all the solutions outlined in this guide, you should have no issues resolving the pesky "Too many requests in 1 hour. Try again later."; error message. If not, there's nothing to worry about. HIX Chat will give you everything ChatGPT was supposed to (and much more!).

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