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Top AI Prompt Marketplaces in 2024

Lawrie Jones
Written by
Lawrie JonesProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Jun 18, 2024

In today’s digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an essential tool in a wide range of fields, from the creative work of content creation to the complex field of data analysis. AI has been seamlessly integrated into many modern industries, changing the way we work and interact with information in new and creative ways.

One of the most fascinating and transformative in AI is the increasing need for AI-prompt marketplaces, where users can access and utilize AI-generated content for various purposes. These AI-prompt marketplaces act as virtual assistants that offer a range of AI models and capabilities blending creativity and automation. Users can browse through different types of AI prompts, which are short texts that instruct the AI to generate specific content.

In this article, we will explore some of the differences and innovations. We will also examine the concept of AI prompts themselves, highlighting their multiple uses and the diverse benefits they bring to different industries.

  1. PromptBase - Excellent Prompts for Midjourney and Dall-E
  2. PromptHero - Great Prompts for Stable Diffusion and More
  3. ChatX - Free Generative AI Prompts
  4. PromptSea - Marketplace for Trading Prompts and NFTS
  5. FlowGPT - A Gallery and Community Built Around AI Prompts
  6. - Tailored Prompts for Writing Tasks
  7. - Prompts Centered Around the AI Art World
  8. Lexica Art - AI Image Generation Engine With State-Of-The-Art Prompts
  9. Gumroad - E-Commerce Platform Selling a Range of Items, Including Engineered Prompts

PromptBase - Excellent Prompts for Midjourney and DALL-E


Founded in June 2022, PromptBase is a user-friendly AI prompt management platform that empowers engineers to create, optimize, and collaborate on prompts for AI models. It offers features such as prompt editing, version control, and performance analytics.

It supports various AI algorithms, including GPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion algorithms, covering text and graphical AI generators. The prices per prompt range from $1.99 to $9.99 depending on the algorithm.

PromptBase categorizes prompts into themes like art, logos, graphics, marketing, and more, making it easy to find what you need. You can also search for prompts specific to a language model or a domain.

On the main page, you can discover new, recommended, and popular prompts, along with training content to help prompt developers to get started. It also integrates with Stable Diffusion’s neural network, allowing you to generate images and list requests for sale.

In addition to being a marketplace, PromptBase connects prompt sellers with buyers, offering a vast library of prompts and instructions for various of models. You can also contribute your prompts to the platform, ensuring a continuous stream of new products. However, you’ll need to create an account to do so.

PromptHero - Great Prompts for Stable Diffusion and More


PromptHero is the ultimate platform for managing AI prompts with ease. This user-friendly tool is designed for prompt engineers providing a suite of features such as prompt versioning, A/B testing, and performance tracking. Originally conceived as a side project by Jeff Solomon, PromptHero has since evolved into a thriving online AI prompt library. While it’s not a platform for content monetization, it’s a perfect source of inspiration for your AI projects.

PromptHero serves as an AI discovery engine, curating prompts generated by AI tools like Openjourney and Midjourney, across a wide array of categories from architecture to anime. You can explore the vast prompt marketplace and uncover millions of high-quality prompts tailored for AI models such as ChatGPT, all available for free.

Much like PromptBase, which hit the scene in June 2022 and offers the option to buy and sell prompts for a range of neural networks, PromptHero focuses solely on prompt management and inspiration, without enabling content monetization.

PromptHero distinguishes itself by enabling users to dive into various kinds of AI-generated prompts, providing endless creative ideas for their AI content. You have all the tools you need to bring your AI project to life with. Whether you want to edit, test, or track your prompts, or simply browse through the amazing collection of AI-generated content, PromptHero is your go-to source for prompt engineering.

CHATX - Free Generative AI Prompts


ChatX is a user-friendly AI chatbot platform with a vast library of pre-designed conversation prompts. Developers can harness the power of ChatX to build interactive chatbots quickly and effortlessly.

Its intuitive interface offers simplicity without unnecessary clutter, making it easy to control AI algorithms for tasks like product descriptions, logos, interior design, and illustrations.

Moreover, ChatX empowers prompt developers to monetize their creations by paying $29.99 per approved description added to the catalog, which is accessible to everyone for free. Additionally, custom prompts can be ordered at $29.99 each.

For those who prefer a DIY approach, ChatX features a user-friendly prompt generator for ChatGPT and Midjourney. You can find content easily with the handy search bar on the main page, and the platform's blog keeps you informed with insightful articles on popular neural networks and their applications.

PromptSea - Marketplace for Trading Prompts and NFTS


PromptSea is not your typical AI prompt marketplace, It’s a platform that redefines how AI prompts are created, bought, and sold. What sets PromptSea apart is its innovative approach to prompt management. When you upload descriptions to its library, they undergo a magical transformation into digital NFT tokens, instantly available for trading in tokenized form.

Unlike other platforms that focus on quantity, PromptSea prioritizes quality. Here, you'll find a carefully curated selection of prompts tailored for various AI models, such as DALL-E 2, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Jasper, Novel AI, NightCafe, and Niji Journey. These prompts cover a wide spectrum of domains, including digital art, photography, graphic novels, social media posts, and textual content.

Tokenizing prompts within the blockchain offers a slew of additional benefits. It serves as an indisputable proof of authenticity, making it nearly impossible for prompts to be copied or manipulated. Effectively, PromptSea transforms prompts into digital artworks.

Here's another aspect: buyers can resell prompts on NFT marketplaces at higher prices, thanks to the increased value conferred by their NFT status. And yes, PromptSea facilitates this by charging only a modest 10% commission. Free accounts generously allow up to 200 MB of content uploads, while paid accounts provide unlimited space and waive transaction fees, ensuring that you can fully immerse yourself in this revolutionary AI prompt marketplace.

FlowGPT - A Gallery and Community Built Around AI Prompts


FlowGPT stands as a remarkable achievement in the world of AI. This advanced model excels in delivering coherent and contextually relevant responses, making interactions feel more natural and engaging. It achieves this feat through a meticulously crafted prompt system that guides its output generation. FlowGPT is your gateway to a rich and diverse prompt library, thoughtfully tailored to cater to a wide range of content types, conversation styles, and user interactions. Here are some of the key features that make FlowGPT a standout choice:

- Enjoy free access to a wealth of prompts within the library, enriching your AI experiences.

- Streamline your prompt selection process with built-in prompt testing, allowing you to gauge their effectiveness swiftly and efficiently.

- Dive into a thriving community within FlowGPT, including a lively forum, hackathon of requests, and a rewarding bounty system, enhancing your engagement with this AI ecosystem.

- Find comprehensive insights and guidance in the extensive knowledge base, ensuring you make the most of FlowGPT's capabilities. - Tailored Prompts for Writing Tasks

prompti is a revolutionary, user-friendly AI prompt marketplace set to redefine the way user approach their creative side. This new platform is carefully prepared with high-performance motivators to meet a wide range of content generation needs.

What makes unique is its commitment to access, its platform is thoughtfully designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that you can access its website for inspiration at any time and anywhere, making it an essential tool for artists on the go. offers a number of key features that elevate the productivity experience. The platform’s curated prompt collection is endless, and focused on their quality, ensuring users have access to prompts that inspire their creativity. - Prompts Centered Around the AI Art World

arthub is a unique platform for those seeking inspiration in the art of AI. This user-friendly website opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to create and share a wealth of AI art collections. Navigating through is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive design and easy-to-access functions.

A unique aspect of is its variety of prompts, neatly arranged in categories. Whether you like the exotic, architecture, cooking, or fashion, has it all. Through categories, caters to a wide range of artistic interests.

What makes different is its emphasis on community and accessibility. While it doesn’t support the monetization of content, it provides a safe and inclusive environment for artists to showcase their work. Creating an account is a hassle-free process, requiring only an email address. Once registered, you can freely share your AI-generated photos and join a vibrant community of artists.

Lexica Art - AI Image Generation Engine With State-Of-The-Art Prompts


Lexica Art is a platform that specializes in Stable Diffusion prompts. It acts as a seamless scrolling finder, giving users millions of artworks to search. You can easily export images or click to explore similar variations.

The best part? Lexica Art images are free for everyone to use, and users can create, share, and recommend prompts. However, you should keep in mind that you are only allowed to sell works downloaded from this platform if you created them there in the first place, and you are not allowed to make minor alterations.

Additionally, Lexica Art gives you access to thousands of Stable Diffusion images and accessories. These prompts can be copied and used in your AI generator platform, especially if you are working with Stable Diffusion.

For those who want more control, Lexica Art offers a paid subscription that allows you to create images directly on the platform. This subscription ensures faster server response times and higher-quality results.

Gumroad - E-Commerce Platform Selling a Range of Items, Including Engineered Prompts


Gumroad is a creative marketplace and an all-in-one platform that connects content creators with their audience effortlessly. Whether you’re an artist, writer, musician, or developer, Gumroad offers a hassle-free way to sell your digital products, e-books, music tracks, artwork, or software.

The beauty lies in its simplicity. You set your prices and customize your store to match your style, and Gumroad handles the rest, from secure payment processing to automatic product delivery.

You can also engage your audience through newsletters and updates, experiment with pricing strategies, and gain valuable insights through analytics. It’s your digital launchpad for reaching a global audience, all with a mobile-friendly interface. Gumroad is where your creative aspirations turn into thriving online businesses.


As we soon step into 2024, the AI prompt marketplace is filled with continuous change, offering increasingly sophisticated AI models. Whether you identify as a writer, marketer, business owner, or creative professional, you can enhance your productivity by using top-tier AI-generated content.

Each AI prompt marketplace highlighted in this article has its unique strengths and features. When making your selection, it’s essential to consider your specific content requirements and personal preferences. Dive into these platforms, experiment with AI prompts, and discover how they can change your content creation process in today’s digital age.

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