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Why Is ChatGPT So Slow?

Nicole Willing
Written by
Nicole WillingProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Dec 26, 2023

Why is ChatGPT so slow? If you are someone facing this issue today, you are not alone. Many users have found it to take longer than usual to respond on different occasions. From stopping mid-sentence to a throbber running incessantly, you may encounter several issues. This article highlights the various reasons to help you understand the root cause and also guide you in fixing them.

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Why Is ChatGPT Slow?

The answer to why ChatGPT is slow lies in the many reasons as discussed below:

High traffic

ChatGPT has been facing a high number of users since its launch. This massive rush can sometimes overwhelm the platform and cause it to crash. This is a common occurrence for many online services when their servers cannot handle high incoming traffic. Therefore, if you encounter the ChatGPT not working error, don't panic. It's likely a temporary issue that will be resolved soon.

Slow internet connection or outdated device

If your wifi or ethernet is slow, ChatGPT is slow, too. Your query will take time to reach the server, and the result may be delayed. Likewise, if your device is old or outdated, it doesn't have enough resources ChatGPT requires.

This means that the ChatGPT, being a computationally expensive program, requires a lot of processing power to run smoothly. The devices that have passed their prime are incapable of doing so.

Using free account

On ChatGPT, you can either use a free account or go for a paid account with multiple subscriptions. When using the former, you have limited bandwidth and resources. It is the paid accounts that offer faster response time and access to new features, even making the results better.

VPN issues

A VPN (virtual private network) encrypts the internet data and re-routes it via multiple servers. But by doing so, it slows down the response time, and hence makes ChatGPT slow.

Browser issues

Browser cache stores website data temporarily to speed up page loads, however, too much cached data can make ChatGPT slow.

Ambiguous questions

The answer to "How long does ChatGPT take to respond?" is a few seconds. But if it fails to do so, then one of the reasons may be its inability to interpret the complexity of the question or its lack of knowledge about it. Note that ChatGPT is unaware of events that have taken place after 2021.

How To Fix The Problem 'ChatGPT Is Slow'?

Now that you’ve become aware of the reasons, it’s time to discuss the possible solutions.

Log out and log in

One of the preliminary things you should do to fix the issue is to log out of the tool. After some time, log in again. If this does not help, try the following.

Have patience

When your screen displays this message "ChatGPT is at capacity right now", wait for some time before asking your query again.

Improve your internet connection

If ChatGPT is slow, shift to a reliable internet connection that is not only fast but also stable. You may move to a new plan with higher bandwidth if moving to another connection is not an option.

Use ChatGPT Plus

Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus when slow ChatGPT turns into a frequent concern. With it, you get early bird access to premium features and faster processing speed.

Disable VPN

VPNs are known for causing latency with tools like ChatGPT. It is suggested to disable the existing VPN to improve the response speed of the AI model.

Clear browser cache

When using Chrome, too many cached files hamper the processing time of the AI model on the browser and make ChatGPT slow. To fix it:

Step 1: Go to Chrome and click on the three dots placed at the upper right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can click Ctrl + H using your keyboard.

Step 2: Select Clear Browsing Data option.

Step 3: A new tab opens up. Select Advanced and then hover on the Time Range, select All Time: select boxes and click on Clear Data.

This removes the files, improving the internet speed on your system and, hence ChatGPT.

Ask simple questions

Do not enter too many questions or make complicated entries on ChatGPT. This is also why ChatGPT is slow. Break your queries into simpler ones. This, in turn, enables the chatbot to process the answer faster and with higher accuracy.

Use another tool

If all the above fail, consider using another tool, such as HIX Chat, an AI chatbot smarter than ChatGPT by HIX.AI.


It provides various features, including but not limited to the following:

1. Accessible via web app & browser extension: One can use HIX Chat on both web app and Chrome as well as Edge extensions.

2. Answers queries on any topic: Irrespective of the complexity of the query, HIX Chat delivers accurate answers in just a few seconds. As displayed below, we asked the bot ‘What is the relationship between consciousness and qualia?’ and received the following response:


3. Web Access: This chatbot can process information from the real world, and it gives you accurate and updated information. With this, it is capable of writing different types of articles with accuracy.

4. Chat with PDF: It can read PDFs and answer any questions based on it. For example, we asked HIX Chat to provide me with some blog post topic ideas from the World Economic Forum report Adopting AI Responsibly: Guidelines for Procurement of AI Solutions by the Private Sector, and here's what we got:


It provided us with 10 ideas (sharing only five) along with what we should discuss in each.

5. YouTube Summarizer. It can quickly deliver a concise summary of a YouTube video by analyzing the YouTube URL.

6. Chat with Webpage: It can work alongside a web page when a URL is provided. You can ask the bot to summarize, rewrite or take some other action. Here's an example: we entered the URL of a World Bank article: "The Challenges of Food Insecurity: Ensuring people have enough today……and tomorrow" and asked it to summarize the content in 100 words. Below is the result.



Though a helpful tool for copywriters and marketers, ChatGPT is slow in responding when it faces heavy traffic and server failure, or other such issues discussed in detail in this article.

However, those are only a few examples of slow ChatGPT and there are many more possible reasons for the occurrence. One can fix them quickly, but moving to a new tool such as HIX Chat is helpful when you have no time to waste.

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