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OpenAI Image Generator

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Scott BrownProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Dec 26, 2023

There is currently no such thing as a ChatGPT image generator, but there are several AI generators that you can use to create images, such as OpenAI Image Generator. However, ChatGPT can still be incredibly useful in the text-to-image process by helping you to write stronger prompts that will allow better images to be created.

Read this article to discover how text-to-image synthesis works, how you can use ChatGPT to generate an image prompt, and learn about the range of "image GPT" software that leverages AI to create images.

Text-To-Image Synthesis

One of the main drawbacks to ChatGPT is that its immense natural language processing (NLP) capabilities are limited to the chat. This is where text-to-image synthesis tools come in, pulling the written word out of ChatGPT and into creating images, a completely new capability.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT holds an important position as an intermediary. It simultaneously provides the NLP capacities necessary to create images and can be a powerful tool to help users create better prompts.

How to Use ChatGPT to Generate a Prompt

ChatGPT image generator requires you to follow a clear process to get the best possible images, as outlined in this section.

To begin with ChatGPT images, enter the ChatGPT environment and write a detailed description of the type of image that you would like to generate. The trick here is to not just send one description into your AI chat generator but engage it in conversation. This will help ChatGPT to refine its description to be more precise to your vision. This is a creative process of ChatGPT art.

Next, select an AI image generator tool. We break down some of your options in the section below. Then paste in the prompt that the ChatGPT image generator has created for you. You may need to adjust the prompt so that it fits the requirements of your chosen image generator.

Having entered the prompt, just wait and let the image generator work its magic. It will give you a bunch of downloadable images that you can use for any purpose.

In some cases, you may want to iterate if the image isn't quite what you imagined. Try to work out what you want to change and then communicate with ChatGPT again.

OpenAI's Dalle-e Image Generator

Dalle OpenAI is one of the most exciting developments in AI image development technology. Dalle-e has been taught using GPT-3 with 12-billion parameters, bringing individual words and images together and combining them into a coherent image.

This training of the Dalle Image Generator has allowed two exciting possibilities to emerge. Firstly, the tool can create an image completely from scratch based on your prompt. On the other hand, it can also regenerate any rectangular region of an existing image, ensuring the outcome is simultaneously coherent with the prompt and with the pre-existing image.

Dalle-e AI is also unique in its ability to anthropomorphize objects. For instance, you can use descriptions based on animal imagery to bring a unique perspective to an ordinary object. OpenAI commonly uses the example of "a cube with the texture of a porcupine" to illustrate this feature.

OpenAI continues to innovate in this space. It has recently launched Dalle 2 Image Generator. This sequel to its initial image generator is even more powerful and brings exciting new capabilities for people using AI to generate images.

Alternative Image Generators

Open AI image generators are not the only AI image-generating tools that you have available to use. Alternative options include the following:

  • Human Generator (Free): a tool allowing you to rapidly create AI-generated humans featuring any age, gender, body type, and more.
  • Photosonic (Free trial then from $12.67 a month): a tool that helps with image generation and modification, with capacities for anything that you can describe.
  • Pollinations.ai (Free): a tool focussed on creating images from scratch based on prompts. It helps you to create the image you want with an intuitive user interface.
  • AI Dungeon (from $9.99 per month): a tool designed to help fantasy gaming players to create new characters.
  • Deep Dream Generator (from $19 per month): a tool focussed on helping you create captivating graphic designs.
  • RunwayML (basic version fee, premium features from $12 per user per month): a comprehensive tool allowing for all kinds of image generation based on prompts.
  • ArtBreeder (Free): helping you to be more creative, this tool gives you the chance to blend or evolve images.
  • DeepArt.io (Free): this tool leverages deep learning to always create better quality images based on the inputs.

There are scores of text-to-image tools available on the market. When deciding which one is right for you, you should consider both what you need from the tool and the quality of the tool in creating original images.

Having chosen your tool, it is important to use it as much as possible. You need to learn the kinds of prompts that the tool will respond well to, and over time, the results that you get from the tool will improve as your prompts improve.

How Do AI Image Generators Work?

AI image generators leverage "generative AI," which is the branch of AI focused on leveraging styles, concepts, and other attributes to create image content. AI image generators begin by compiling huge quantities of images from online. The algorithm then learns all about different objects, aspects, and characteristics of various images, becoming capable of creating its own images that share similar characteristics.

The final stage of the learning process happens when the algorithm attaches numerical representations to every characteristic it learns.

Having learned from all this data about images, the AI system is now ready to receive prompts and create images. After receiving your prompt, the AI converts your written words into the numerical representations it has of characteristics and then attaches these characteristics to the new image.

This process of swapping words for machine-friendly languages is the reason why your prompts need to be so clear and why using ChatGPT to help write your prompt is so helpful.

Choosing a ChatGPT Image Generator

It is clear that there is a huge variety of image generators available that leverage ChatGPT to make converting text to images possible. However, each one offers completely unique features, and it is up to you to decide which image generator will best fit your needs.

Whichever image generator you use, it is always sensible to get help from ChatGPT to write an accurate and informative prompt. This will help you to translate your artistic vision into a short prompt that is clear, concise, and effective.

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