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10 Best Questions to Ask ChatGPT

Soniya Jain
Written by
Soniya JainProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Jun 18, 2024

Welcome to the world where artificial intelligence meets human curiosity. is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) program and it’s been on everyone’s lips since it first appeared. Ever wondered what it's like to converse with a machine that thinks?

With its vast dataset as its arsenal, you can ask ChatGPT a wide range of questions… and the platform can deliver some very handy answers. In this article, we will show you the 10 best questions to ask ChatGPT.

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Best Things to Ask ChatGPT

1. Ask ChatGPT for a Recommendation

If you ever have to plan an itinerary, you know how overwhelming that can be. For example, you want to create a 10-day European trip itinerary starting from Paris. From finding the perfect restaurant, hotel, or landmark to visit, there are so many things to do.

Why not ask ChatGPT? From a romantic dinner by the Eiffel Tower to a historic landmark in Rome, it can tailor your trip to your liking. You can then choose from what you like and adjust it.

2. Ask ChatGPT for Job Advice

Got your eye on that dream job but fear your resume might drown among thousands of other job-seekers? One of the cool things to ask ChatGPT is to write your resume and make it a star. Though you can't upload a document and use your information, at least you have something to work with and refine.

3. Ask ChatGPT to Summarize an Article

Time is money. If you're looking for the gist of an article or a book without having to read it all, ChatGPT is your best friend. Copy and paste the article, ask ChatGPT to summarize it, and you can even ask it to break it down with bullet points. This way, you can save time and quickly get to the heart of any new subject.

4. Ask ChatGPT to Explain Complex Topics

Aliens and extraterrestrial life never stop to fascinate humans. Ever wondered yourself? Go on and ask ChatGPT to answer that for you. It will spit out quite a direct answer that there is no direct evidence. But, it goes on to say scientists have discovered some indication about life on another planet, which is similar to what Scientists have discovered.

5. Ask ChatGPT for a Delicious Recipes

If you're ever stuck about what to eat for lunch or dinner, why not ask ChatGPT to give you a recipe for your next meal? When you input this prompt, ChatGPT can provide step-by-step instructions on making grilled chicken sandwiches.

Too lazy to go out and get ingredients? No problem. Ask ChatGPT to give you a recipe based on what you have in your pantry.

6. Ask ChatGPT to Write a Code

In the past, learning to be a programmer seemed daunting. If you want to write code for a simple kid's game, you can ask ChatGPT to do it. When given this question, ChatGPT will write the script for Python, unless you specify which programming language, and ask you to run it in the Python environment.

7. Ask ChatGPT to Translate a Text

Traveling to a foreign country whose language isn't English can be scary. Lucky now, you've got ChatGPT as a traveling buddy. Ask ChatGPT to translate the text into your preferred language, and you will get a reliable translation result. It can even add a tad bit of information on words being translated so you will not be lost in translation.

8. Ask ChatGPT to Become a Tutor

A tutor could be a valuable asset to have by your side. Whether you are learning to increase business revenue or simply want to understand a school subject better, ask ChatGPT to become your tutor. The best thing about ChatGPT explanation is that you can further refine your prompt and ask it to explain it in simple terms or even as if to a child.

9. Ask ChatGPT to Write a Song

If you have soul music in you, you'll appreciate how ChatGPT can inspire you to write a song. One cool thing to ask ChatGPT is to write a song in any genre, and it will write it seamlessly. Want to try it out on an instrument? ChatGPT can come up with the accompanying chord for the song as well.

10. Ask ChatGPT to Become Your Personal Trainer

Need help to be healthier and exercise more? Ask ChatGPT to become your personal trainer and create a 30-day workout plan. You can even ask it to target specific muscles or tailor it for beginners. It will create comprehensive exercises you need to do for 30 days as if you have a gym personal trainer.

Want to add a meal plan to that? No problem. Ask ChatGPT, and it will generate a meal plan to complement your exercise.

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As you can see, ChatGPT can be a fun companion to have. However, to get the best result you can:

  1. Be more specific in your questions.
  2. Ask it to act as a specific expert.
  3. Ask it to explain in simple terms.

These 10 best questions show what a powerful tool ChatGPT is, but its information should be complementary and not viewed as the most reliable. As an alternative, HIX Chat can be another choice of powerful AI tool as it can generate answers live from the web.

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