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Home > ChatGPT > How to Fix ChatGPT Login Not Working Issue?

How to Fix ChatGPT Login Not Working Issue?

Nicole Willing
Written by
Nicole WillingProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Jun 18, 2024

Whenever you want to use ChatGPT to answer questions or write content, the first step is to complete your ChatGPT login to start chatting. Once you enter your credentials, you'll be then be allowed to use the GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and GPT-4o powered chatbot.

But what if you can’t log into ChatGPT? What can cause this problem, and what can you do about it?

Read on to learn more about ChatGPT login not working errors and how to address them.

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Why Could the ChatGPT Login Not Working Issue Occur?

The first step in resolving any OpenAI account-related login issue is to understand the cause. In most cases, the ChatGPT login not working issue is mainly due to the server being overloaded. Too many people might be attempting to log in at the same time, which can make the system crash.

Another reason you can’t log into ChatGPT may be that you’re stuck in a so-called login loop. You enter your login credentials on your ChatGPT login page and press “Login,” but nothing happens. The software keeps returning you to the login page.

In this case, the login issue most likely has to do with a faulty authentication process. The server doesn’t recognize your credentials, which is why you can’t log into ChatGPT. Alternatively, there could be an issue with your browser cache that may prevent you from accessing OpenAI’s server, or the issue may extend to other websites, not just ChatGPT.

Here are a few rounded-up reasons for the ChatGPT not logging in issue:

  • The ChatGPT server is under maintenance, which is usually accompanied by the 503 server error.
  • You’ve typed in the wrong password or email.
  • There are connectivity problems, especially if you are using a VPN to access ChatGPT.
  • The browser has corrupt cookies or malfunctioning extensions that prevent OpenAI’s logging verification.

How to Fix ChatGPT Not Working Issue?

If you still can’t access ChatGPT after entering your correct credentials or you have a similar issue (e.g., ChatGPT sign-up not available altogether), don’t hit the panic button just yet. You can’t try several workarounds to solve the problem and say goodbye to your ChatGPT login error:

Solution No. 1 – Check the Server Status and Be Patient

If you’re 100% sure you typed in the correct ChatGPT login information, the cause of your “ChatGPT cannot log in” error may be on the server end.


To verify if that’s the case, visit the OpenAI server status website. If the server is functional, the page should say “All Systems Operational” with a bunch of green bars after each function line. If not, there should be an alert about possible server outages, such as maintenance.

Too much traffic can also cause the server to malfunction, leaving you with the infamous “ChatGPT not working” problem. If too many people are trying to access the server, your only option is to wait for the load to reduce, which normally takes about 15-20 minutes.

To avoid staring at your screen waiting for the ChatGPT login page to return to normal or refreshing the page often (which won’t help), click “get notified when we are back.” OpenAI will email you when the service is up and running.


Note that when checking the server status, you may notice that the web ChatGPT status is separated from the API status, meaning that you can actually consider using the official API to access the ChatGPT chatting services if you are not able to access the web interface of ChatGPT.

Solution No. 2 – Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Fine

ChatGPT is advanced but not so advanced that it can work without an internet connection. You can’t even log in to your profile if you’re offline, let alone utilize the engine to answer queries or generate content.

You can expect similar problems if you try to log into ChatGPT with a slow connection. If so, the website will send your login information to the OpenAI server and delay the transmission because the page isn’t receiving enough data. This leads to slower loading and timeouts, resulting in a failed ChatGPT login attempt.

Thankfully, there are a number of workarounds for ChatGPT not logging in due to connectivity issues

Manual Hard-reboot

You can first try manually hard-reboot your router by turning off the power. This hard-reboot process is to ensure full shutdown of the current internet sessions and to establish a refreshed, new connection to resolve the issue.

Check Router Status


You can also check the router connection status using the default gateway to access the router dashboard, which is typically You can obtain your default gateway by using the “ipconfig” command in “cmd” on Windows, or checking the internet connection details on MacOS.

Obtain IP Addresses Automatically


It is also a good idea to check local internet settings. It is generally recommended to use an Automatic device IP receiving instead of a Manual setting for more stable internet performance.

Connect to Your Mobile Hotspot Instead


If your local network is simply not working at all, you can also use a different connection, for example, activate your smartphone’s hotspot using mobile data to access ChatGPT.

Solution No. 3 – Turn Off Your VPN


Using ChatGPT via a VPN is great from a privacy standpoint, but it can also explain why you’re receiving the “ChatGPT can’t log in” message. That’s because a VPN reroutes your connection through a secondary network and server, which can wreak havoc on the login pages of certain websites, including ChatGPT.

That’s especially true if ChatGPT has restricted your VPN provider. Likewise, the VPN might be lagging or experiencing issues on its own, which can be checked on your VPN’s status page.

To rule out VPN as the culprit for your ChatGPT login troubles, disable it and try logging into ChatGPT using a direct internet connection.

Solution No. 4 – Clear Your Browser Cache & Cookies

Your browser cache is the information the browser stores when visiting a website, including cookies and small files. These generally provide a better surfing experience, but they can spell trouble if they’re outdated or corrupt. One of the ways these problems manifest themselves is by preventing you from logging into particular platforms, such as ChatGPT.

The good news is that it’ll only take a few seconds to empty your browser cache. Take the following steps to do so on Google Chrome:

  1. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right part of the screen.
  2. Select “More Tools.”
  3. Choose the “Clear browsing data” option.
  4. Select the information you wish to remove by checking the corresponding boxes and press “Clear data.” For best results, check every option to eliminate all corrupt files.
  5. Let Chrome purge the cache and head back to your ChatGPT login page to see if you can access the platform.

Still Can’t Log In to ChatGPT? Try a More Reliable Alternative


If none of these methods work, and you still can’t log into ChatGPT, it might be time to switch to another platform. Meet HIX Chat. This cutting-edge ChatGPT alternative is always stable and more easily accessible than ChatGPT. In fact, you don’t even need to sign up for the service – it’s free to use from the get-go.

Best of all, HIX Chat is a web-based application available on any device, and you can even utilize it via HIX.AI’s Chrome or Edge extension. Once you’re in, feel free to ask HIX Chat for pretty much anything. Thanks to the specially developed Web access feature, it’ll fetch answers from up-to-date resources to deliver fresh, relevant, and accurate responses.

But that’s not all. HIX Chat can even read your uploaded text files including TXTs, DOCs, or PDFs, and answer any related question, making it perfect for reading, explaining, and summarizing content. HIX Chat can also read and fetch information from web page URLs as well, so you won’t have to manually input the content by yourself.

Speaking of summaries, you can also use a YouTube video as a starting point. Simply feed the system with the YouTube URL and ask it to sum up the content for you. Using this amazing feature, you won’t have to watch lengthy videos and instead rapidly glean the key points or necessary information in just a fraction of the time.

ChatGPT Is Powerful But Not Almighty

ChatGPT can be a valuable asset, but all those ChatGPT login issues can hinder your productivity. That’s why you should understand different ways to bypass ChatGPT login errors as an ace up your sleeve. Better yet, using a more reliable alternative, like HIX Chat, means you can keep your projects on track and not worry about outages.


Will paying for ChatGPT Plus resolve the Login Not Working Issue?

It might. ChatGPT Plus subscribers may have priority access to the server, but this doesn’t guarantee a 100% reliable ChatGPT login process and server connection.

Is there any way to bypass OpenAI’s regional lock?

You can use a VPN to bypass OpenAI’s regional lock, but this can trigger login issues. HIX Chat is a much better alternative since it doesn’t have geographic restrictions.

When is the best time to use ChatGPT?

In general, you’re least likely to experience login issues at midnight and before 7 am ET due to lower access traffic.

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