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Home > Writing > How to Write a Presentation Speech?

How to Write a Presentation Speech?

Nicole Willing
Written by
Nicole WillingProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Apr 26, 2024

Most people run from tasks that require them to write a presentation speech. However, whether you're in school or the workplace, you will inevitably have to prepare for a presentation at some point.

Many challenges come to mind when thinking about how to write a presentation speech. However, if you can get some basic steps right, you will learn to start writing your presentations like a natural wordsmith.

This guide will teach you how to make a script for a presentation that will educate and entertain your audience and some tools to take most of the stress of writing off your shoulders.

Explore the Types of Presentations and Speeches

One of the first things to consider when thinking about how to write a presentation speech script is the type of speech you will be writing. There are different ways to prepare a written presentation, and the one you use depends on exactly what topic you are writing on, the audience you are speaking to, and similar factors.

Persuasive Presentation

Persuasive presentation writing aims to convince the audience with logical arguments. If you are writing a speech for a debate, this is the writing style you should be interested in.

In this type of writing, you are trying to convince your audience to believe your point of view on a specific topic. Writers use emotional appeal, statistics, and logical reasoning to persuade their listeners that their perspective on the topic is correct.

Informative Presentation

An informative presentation is meant to educate or break down a complex subject for the listeners. Academic presentations, Training workshops, or any presentation requiring you to enlighten your audience on something you have worked on will need informative presentation writing.

When writing an informative presentation speech, focus on how to share your information in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. Good writers also include relatable examples and remove complex words to ensure the audience understands.

Sales Presentation

Sales presentation scripts are used in business to convince potential investors, clients, or customers to get in on your offer. In this type of presentation script, writers market a clear value proposition by identifying a problem and presenting the solution supported by data.

Features of a Good Presentation Script


A good presentation speech script must have a logical structure that listeners can follow from beginning to end. The audience should be able to identify the premises the writer put forward and reach a rational conclusion together. There should always be a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.


Every writer needs to master writing with simple words when learning how to write presentation speech scripts. You will lose their attention if you use sophisticated words they can’t understand. However, with simple words and a good structure, they can follow your arguments as much as you need them to.

Clear Objective

Have you ever listened to a speech and needed help understanding what the presenter was trying to say? If yes, then that is an example of a poor presentation speech. Your goal as a writer is to pass a message across; your speech should make that message crystal clear to your audience.

A good presentation speech example for this is a sales pitch written presentation. When preparing this script, you should clarify your value proposition and make the call to action very clear to the potential clients.

Use HIX AI Writer for Writing Persuasive Presentations and Scripts

Irrespective of your writing level, writing presentation scripts can get tricky because anyone can run out of ideas at any time. This is why many writers use AI tools like HIX AI Writer to give them that necessary push when they need it.

When endeavoring to create a compelling presentation, various tasks such as paraphrasing, proofreading, translation, and grammar checking may be required. HIX AI Writer emerges as a reliable solution, offering a diverse set of tools to alleviate these pressures on the writer.

Beyond its array of writing assistant tools, HIX AI Writer introduces a speech generator, further simplifying the process of generating presentation speech scripts. This feature proves invaluable in seamlessly crafting speeches that align with the specific requirements of your presentation, ensuring both engagement and clarity.

How to Write a Presentation with HIX.AI's Speech Generator?

One problem with AI tools is that they create generic content that doesn’t match the writer’s needs. However, if you follow the proper steps, you can make this speech generator create content that is perfect for you.

First, you need to visit the HIX.AI speech generator webpage. You can register an account if you will be using the service a lot, but if you want a presentation script example, you can just use the service for free without logging in.


HIX.AI allows users to input a topic for the speech to guide the machine. You can use up to 500 words to add sufficient context to your topic so the generated content matches what you need. Users can also set the desired word count, target audience, tone of voice, and language for the speech before the AI machine gets to work.


Once everything is configured, simply click on the "Generate" button and let HIX AI Writer work its magic, delivering a speech tailored to your specifications.

How to Make a Script for Presentation on Your Own?

Preparing a script presentation from scratch can appear overwhelming, but following these basic steps will make the task much easier. First, identify the type of written presentation you will write and develop a rough idea of the points you will use in your work.

How to Start a Presentation Script

The intro for a presentation speech is the most essential part of your work as the writer because it determines whether the presenter will have the audience’s attention. To make your presentation more engaging, consider adding captivating intro videos that grab the audience's attention and set the tone for a memorable experience. The best writers start their speeches by engaging the audience with an exciting story, a shocking fact, a question, or a meaningful quote.

There are many techniques to use when writing the introduction for the presentation script, but what matters is that it grabs the listeners’ attention. Using an engaging hook effectively will help the audience to follow the logic as the speech progresses.

Structure Your Points

Whether you are writing a sales pitch, an academic presentation, or a speech for a debate, you need to identify your points, separate them, and arrange them logically. If you mash all your points with no order, your presentation speech script will be hard to follow, and you will most likely fail to convince your audience.

If you are doing a slideshow presentation, use different slides for each point. If you are giving the speech without a visual guide, use separate paragraphs for each point and start with a clear topic sentence. This technique allows you to drive each point home in the listener's mind and keep them following your arguments logically from start to finish.

Connect With Your Audience

Every form of presentation writing aims to pass a message to the listeners; to do this, you have to connect with them through your speech. The average human attention span is 8.25 seconds, so you can quickly lose everyone's attention with the wrong technique.

If you present your speech with slides, use attractive slides and visual cues to keep your listeners glued to your presentation content. Also, use relatable stories and analogies in your speech to make it relatable to your audience and keep them hooked as you progress.

Use a Compelling Conclusion

When you end your presentation speech, the final impression you leave on your listeners is the one they will most likely remember. Your conclusion will be more natural to your audience if you use some cues to let them know that your speech is reaching its end. Phrases like “to conclude” or “to sum it up” are good examples of frequently used conclusion cues.

Finally, the concluding content should leave a final thought in the listeners' minds that questions the topic or sums up the entire speech interestingly. For a persuasive speech, you can add a call to action or some point you want the listeners to consider as you conclude.


In conclusion, writing a presentation speech becomes more manageable when you understand the type of speech, structure your content logically, and connect with your audience effectively. Whether using AI tools or crafting your script, following these guidelines will help you create impactful presentations.


How can I choose the right tone for my presentation?

The right tone to write your presentation script in is determined by factors like what the speech is meant for, the people you will deliver it to, and the type of speech you are writing. Consider the appropriate tone similar speeches usually take and use it for yours.

How to start a presentation speech?

Your introduction script for the presentation should always have an engaging hook. You can use a short story, a catchy quote, a shocking start, or something similar that will grab your listeners’ attention.

How does the HIX.AI's speech generator work?

Our speech generator takes information from the user on the topic to write on, the desired word count, the tone of the speech, and the target audience. It then uses a specially trained AI language model to generate a presentation that matches the user's request.

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