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Home > Emails > How to respond to a thank you email (5 samples & templates)

How to respond to a thank you email (5 samples & templates)

Lawrie Jones
Written by
Lawrie JonesProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Jun 18, 2024

If someone has sent you a thank you email, you may be wondering how do you respond? Of course, you could just ignore it or say "thanks" back – but what kind of impression would that leave? (A bad one, obviously). Because you’re a consummate pro, you'll want to create engaging thank you email responses that will mean something to the person – and we can show you how.

In this guide on how to professionally respond to thank you emails, we go into details on the process, outline the standard format and follow up with 5 samples covering:

  • Thank you response email to a colleague
  • Thank you response email to a customer
  • Thank you response email to a manager
  • Thank you email response to an introduction
  • Thank you email response after interview

By the end of this article, you should be able to create inspiring thank you response emails suitable for all situations.

Utilize Our AI Email Writer for Your Responses

Before we delve into our email response examples, consider using our AI email writer to craft thoughtful and appropriate responses to thank you emails with ease.

Why respond to a thank you email?

Thank you response emails are professional messages sent after someone has taken the time to send you a message. They've taken the time out of their day to email you, so it's only right to email them back.

It's essential to acknowledge thank you emails. Why? Firstly because you're confirming to the person that the email has arrived. Secondly, that you have read it. Finally, it's about saying what that thank you means to you personally.

You can see some examples of how to respond to thank you emails professionally with these 5 samples:

5 thank you email responses

In this section, we provide 5 samples to show you how to respond professionally to a thank you email.

Response to thank you from a colleague

Getting a thank you email from a colleague is a great reflection on you, so say thanks back! In this sample, we acknowledge receipt of the message, then say what it means to us and how we'll use this positivity to power us forward.

Dear [Colleague's Name],

Thank you for your kind email. It means a lot to me to receive such thoughtful recognition from a valued colleague like you. Your words of appreciation have brightened my day and motivated me to continue doing my best.

I truly believe that positivity can fuel success, and your gratitude has fueled my determination to achieve even greater heights in our work together. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with someone as talented and dedicated as you.

Once again, thank you for your kind words. Your support and encouragement are invaluable to me.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

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Response to thank you from a customer

Customers recognizing your high standards and saying thanks is a big deal for you and your business. The same principles apply to writing a professional response, but you may want to share this email with a manager. In this sample, we restate your commitment to delivering a high-quality service!

Dear [Recipient's Name],

Thank you for taking the time to recognize our high standards and for your kind words. It is always a pleasure to provide you with our high-quality service.

We truly value your business and are committed to delivering excellence in every interaction. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Thank you once again for your appreciation. We look forward to continue serving you and exceeding your expectations.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

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Response to thank you from a manager

It's a great manager who takes the time to thank you for something you have done. Accept the thanks, express what it means to you, and how you'll use the kind words to boost your performance!

Dear [Manager's Name],

Thank you for your kind appreciation. I truly value your recognition and it means a lot to me. Your words of encouragement have motivated me to continuously strive for excellence.

I assure you that I will use your positive feedback as a driving force to improve my performance further and contribute more effectively to the team and the company.

Once again, I appreciate your gratitude and I am grateful to be part of such a supportive team under your leadership.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Thank you email response to an introduction

Introduction emails are a great way to build connections, and if someone has done this for you (introducing you to a prospective client, for example), then be sure to say thanks! This sample provides a professional template to acknowledge thanks and express gratitude.

Dear [Recipient's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for introducing me to the prospective client. It was very kind of you to make the introduction, and I greatly appreciate it.

I am excited about the opportunity to connect with the client and discuss how we can potentially work together. Thank you once again for your support and for thinking of me.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Thank you email response after interview

After an interview, you may receive a thank you for attending. Should you reply to this thank you email? Absolutely! This sample says thanks for the opportunity, restates your enthusiasm for the post, and pushes for the next steps!

Dear [Recipient's Name],

Thank you for reaching out and expressing your gratitude for my attendance at the interview. I appreciated the opportunity to meet the team and learn more about the position. I want to reiterate my strong interest and enthusiasm for the role.

I believe my skills and experience align well with the requirements discussed during the interview. I am confident that I can contribute to the success of your organization. I am eagerly looking forward to the next steps in the hiring process and would be delighted to discuss any additional information or provide any further clarification you may need.

Thank you once again for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

How to respond to a thank you email

The samples above are a great place to start. Still, you must understand the process of writing a professional email, which begins with the format!

When planning how to respond to a thank you email professionally, there are 3 parts:

  • Subject line
  • Body copy
  • Sign off/next steps

We go into each section to show you how to professionally respond to a thank you email.

Thank you response subject line

Every email starts (and succeeds) by having a great subject line. The subject line is front and center of your reply, so take the time to craft something that will stand out.

Subject lines should be short, simple, and basically say everything you want to (but not enough to stop them from opening the email, naturally).

These are a few thank you subject lines to get you started:

  • Thank you for your kind words
  • Appreciate your last message
  • It was great to meet you
  • Your words mean a lot to me
  • Wanted to reach out and say thanks
  • Thank you for your thank you!
  • Thank you for today’s interview

Thank you response body copy

The body copy is where we build our message. Again, the principle here is to keep things relatively short and straight to the point.

Why? Because the purpose of a thank you response is to express gratitude for an email you've received. It's not to restate that email again.

We begin with a positive greeting, using the person's first name and professional title. (As they've emailed you, we'll assume you have these to hand!). "Hi (person's name) is perfectly fine in a professional thank-you response. You can also learn more about opening sentences here.

Straight away, you should acknowledge you've received their thank you email. This example is a response to a thank you email to a small business owner.

"I received your thank you email and would like to express my gratitude for sending it to me."

Short, simple, and effective! You can build on this message to include some additional details.

"I really value your kind words. Your message means a lot to me and has inspired me to keep working hard to build a better business."

You can also add a message to ask for feedback if you want or extend to offer more help.

"If you ever have any feedback on how we work and how we can improve, please feel free to share it with me."

Of course, you can add more detail here, but this is enough for this thank you email response sample body copy.

Thank you response sign-off/next steps

We're at the end now, so it's time two wrap up and send it! Obviously, you'll know the person, and they should have your contact detail, so you don't need to include that, but you can express gratitude again before you wrap up:

"Thanks again for your kind words; I and the team really appreciate it."

Now, wrap up with a positive ending (many thanks, cheers, kind regards, etc.), and it's almost done. Before sending your email, add your name, signature, and contact details.

Check out how to end an email here.

Essential checklist: 10 principles for writing great thank you email responses

  1. Address the person directly: Use a person's first name and address them directly. This is a thank you email, so you don't need to be overly formal.
  2. Make it personal: You're saying thank you, so keep things personal and positive. Don't be overly formal, and focus on building a connection.
  3. Find a professional tone: OK, so you can be personal, but if you're writing at work, you should also be professional. Avoid slang, jargon, or being overly familiar. Keep it professional!
  4. Keep it short: Our samples illustrate the best thank you replies are brief. There's no need for long emails; say thanks, follow the format and send.
  5. Check spelling and grammar: Errors can undermine your message and potentially embarrass you (especially in business), so always proofread and check. Use online checkers if you're worried.
  6. Don't delay sending it: Don't leave your thank you emails languishing in your inbox; send your thank you email replies as soon as possible. Within 24 hours is ideal...
  7. Your subject line matters: Always spend time ensuring that your subject line is clear, concise and provides an insight into the content inside your message.
  8. Build a connection: If someone has said thanks, build on that connection! Stay in touch and build your relationship.
  9. End positively: Close the email with a positive message. Explain how you'll use their kind words, feedback, or positive sentiments to spur you on to achieve more.
  10. Review before you send: If you're worried about your writing, read your email out loud to catch any errors or awkward phrases. Alternatively, why not get the power of AI to produce it for you with HIX.AI?


Thank you for reading this far and learning how to respond to thank you emails! Your commitment to the cause is appreciated by all of us at HIX.AI.

See, it's simple to say thank you. When writing thank you emails for your business, following the format and keeping things professional is best. If you get stuck, write about what the thank you message means to you personally, and put that into words. If that doesn't work, copy and paste one of our thank you email replay samples!

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