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Home > Emails > Expert guide to email opening & starters (20 examples)

Expert guide to email opening & starters (20 examples)

Lawrie Jones
Written by
Lawrie JonesProfessional Tech Writer
Updated on:Jan 04, 2024

You've nailed the subject line, now it's time to start your email, and you're stuck. Whether you call it brain freeze or writer's block, we've all experienced the frustration of staring at a blank page as the words fail to flow.

One tactic involves writing something (anything!) and starting from there. That works if you know where to start. But what are effective email openers?

We're glad you asked. In this in-depth article on email openers, we'll show you how to craft cracking starter sentences for all situations. You'll get the theory, as well as the practical, with 20 (yes, 20!) email openers.

Boost Your Email Game with AI

Before we jump into our curated list of email openers, streamline your communication by leveraging our free AI email generator, designed to kickstart your emails with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

What is an email opening?

First, let's begin with what email openers aren't. We're not talking about email greetings. The greeting is how you engage the person. In most cases, a simple "Hi" or "Hello" and their first name is fine.

Agreed? Let's move on to email openers.

The email opening is the first sentence or two sentences that start your email. These are the most important part of any message. Get it right, and the person will read on. Get it wrong, and they'll ignore, discard, or delete your emails.

So, what makes a great email opener?

  • Short – Email openers should be one or two sentences maximum.
  • Express gratitude – We all love a bit of flattery, so start each email positively.
  • But be professional – You can be warm and welcoming, but maintain your professional distance and detachment.
  • State the purpose of the email – Tell the person why you're emailing.
  • Tell them what you want – If you request something (confirmation, invoice payment, etc.), then make this clear.
  • Include details – Ensure you add names, dates, numbers, and details if they're relevant to the rest of the message.
  • Explain and introduce the rest of the message – The intro sets the context of the entire communication. Use the opening to provide an introduction to the rest of the message. This is particularly important if you're sending a long and detailed message.

If your email openers stick to these rules, then they'll be a success. We've helped you build up the basics of a great email opener, not it's time for us to show you 20 email openers.

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20 email starters for any situation

At HIX.AI, we're all about helping you to write better formal emails. It's easier to grasp concepts when you can see them put into practice. Here we've created 20 email starters for some of the common situations you might encounter at work or in your personal life.

There are no right or wrong ways to approach this, as we demonstrate here with two examples for each email type.

Job application email opening

  • I hope you're well. Please find attached here my application for the post of (job name).
  • My name is (your name), and I'm applying for the post of (job name) at (company details). I've attached a copy of my resume and listed my relevant skills for the post below.

Learn about how to write better job application emails.

Interview confirmation email opening

  • I received your interview invitation, and I'd love to confirm my attendance. As requested, I've provided all the information you asked for below.
  • Thank you for your email inviting me to interview for the (job name) role. I have a diary clash, and I wondered if there was the possibility of rearranging for a different day?

Learn about how to reply to interview invitations.

Vacation request email opening

  • I hope you're well and having a great week! I'd like to request vacation for the dates of (insert dates).
  • I'm hoping to book a holiday this weekend and wanted to request a vacation! The dates I wanted to book are (insert dates). Is that OK?

Learn about how to request a vacation via email.

Business complaint email opening

  • I would like to make a complaint about the service I received from your business.
  • I recently received my order (insert details), and there are some problems. I would like to make a complaint about (insert details).

Sales email opening

  • Are you smashing your sales targets? We can help you to boost profit. Want to know more? (We bet you do!)
  • We're launching a new range of products that your customers are going to love. Can I share some details with you?

Meeting request email opening

  • I'm contacting you to arrange a meeting between you and my manager (person's name). Can you let me have your availability?
  • My name is (your name), and I'm contacting you from (company name). I wanted to request a meeting to discuss (whatever you want).

Learn about how to request a meeting in an email.

Meeting confirmation email opening

  • Thanks for your meeting request. I can confirm that I can attend and am looking forward to it.
  • I've received your meeting request and accepted it. Please can you share the agenda and all materials as soon as possible?

Learn about how to write a confirmation email.

Acknowledgment email opening

  • Thanks for sending (whatever they've sent). I can confirm that we've received it and will review it shortly and get back to you.
  • I can acknowledge receipt of your email. I'll check the details and let you know if everything is in order.

Learn about how to write an acknowledgment email.

Thank you email opening

  • I wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. All of us at (company name) appreciate the effort and commitment you have shown.
  • Thanks for all your hard work! We wouldn't have been able to achieve as much without you being part of the team.

Learn about how to write a thank-you email.


Does that blank email still cause stress, or does it look like an opportunity to do something special? Effective email openers in business aren't flashy or funny but functional and focus on explaining what your email is.

By now, you should have nailed the basics, but if you're struggling to start, then try HIX.AI's email generator. It's the (not so) secret way to write results-driven messages. Tell it what you want, and you'll have a pro email in seconds. Optimize your email game today!

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